Can you eat it? (NC-17)

Summary:  B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris are reunited after B'Elanna returns from an away mission.  Set near the end of the fourth season.

Disclaimer: Viacom/Paramount owns the ship and all characters, but not their reactions to certain stimuli.

Warning: This story is pure PWP.  Sexual activity is described in detail, between consenting adults. You have been warned.

Can you eat it?  (NC-17) by Annie M

B'Elanna Torres was licking the tip of Tom Paris' penis, again.  Lapping at the pre-cum that oozed spasmodically from the large, erect organ.  Tom's groans of pleasure were occasionally replaced by such sounds as; 'Yesss.....', 'Right there.' and 'B'Elanna....oh God!'.  They had been indulging in these carnal delights for the best part of the evening.  Taking turns at taking each other, in every which way that took their pleasure.

They had spent the last twelve days apart.  B'Elanna had lead an engineering away-team to mine and process some essential dilithium crystals Voyager had discovered on a planet in this system.  This evening was part of Tom's welcome home present to her.  At least that's what she had assumed he'd been giving her all night.

As B'Elanna's mouth worked overtime on the Paris shaft, Tom had three fingers and a thumb investigating the never ending mystery of his lover's vagina.

Tom pulled at B'Elanna's hips, that were straddling his chest.  Her rounded, tanned bottom shook with the movement.  B'Elanna turned to look at the man who had come to mean more to her than.....she let the thought drift, she still found it hard to admit certain things to herself, never mind others.  But she did know that she loved him, and had at least told him so.  Looking back into his passion filled eyes she knew what he wanted.

She let him ease himself up into a sitting position on her bed, and then returned to her work on his engorged member.  As B'Elanna took the length of him into her mouth, Tom shuddered and snatched at the rumpled bed-linen to gain some control over his senses.  Groaning loudly with the effort of not shooting off into Be's mouth was warring with his desire to bathe his own lips in her exotic juices.

Finally gaining some measure of control Tom bit lightly into B'Elanna's
backside, first one cheek then the other.  All the time his hands massaged her thighs, and around her hot, dynamic, opening with his fingers.  B'Elanna's low growls of approval really weren't necessary at this stage.

Leaning in and spreading her with his sensitive and sticky fingers he started to lap at her opening.  Tasting, nibbling and drinking in all of the moisture of her arousal, and the residuals of their last coupling.  He wanted to lose himself in those slick folds.  He really loved doing this to her.  Tom really loved being with her, she was so damned sexy, beautiful and smart, vulnerable, unpredictable, passionate, and caring.  And when she wanted to be, she was also incredibly funny.

She was calling his name now, in breathless whispers, between her licking and sucking on Tom's twitching penis.

The atmosphere of her quarters were filled with the heady smell of their love-making and their harsh, exited breathing.  Pillows, sheets and articles of torn clothing were strewn around the living area.  Trails of their bodily fluids were now drying or dried throughout the chief engineer's apartment; from the entry-door to the dining table, the bathroom, obviously, the bedroom - which they were utilising now, and even in her closet area.

Tom pushed his nose into her opening and inhaled deeply, rubbing his face into the rush of warmth, now escaping her centre.  Gently biting and blowing on her clitoris, covering the nub with his lips and working on that sweet spot with the tip of his tongue.  All the while his sensitive fingers pulled and twisted at B'Elanna's nipples, occasionally rubbing them against his textured stomach.

Their mutual delirium continued as B'Elanna nibbled and licked around Tom's erection, fondled his balls and blew on his thighs, making the curly reddish hairs stand-up on his sweat soaked body.

Eventually B'Elanna decided she had to have him fill her properly, so she pulled away from his masterful tongue and twisted around so that she made herself ready for re-entry.  Caressing the red-gold hairs of his chest with her fingers and biting his nipples as she moved to straddle him.  Tom flipped her over on to her back, and pinned her with the weight of his groin and hips, just above her own.  He grinned down at her, his face covered in her musky discharge.  Tom licked his lips, then kissed her deeply, both of them moaning into the sweetness of it and at the anticipation of the release still to come. With one of B'Elanna's legs wrapped high around his waist, he entered her and they both gasped in relief at the feeling of being joined once more.

They started to rock with each other slowly at first.  Tom easing in and out of B'Elanna's slippery passage with slow thrusts.  Working her crotch into a frenzy of need, by pulling out of her to the tip of his penis, then rubbing it around her vulva and slowly pushing back inside of her.  She responded by bucking up into him, urging him on with her hips.  Their pace started to quicken and Tom's thrusts became as mindless as B'Elanna's heaving and writhing body below him.  But he knew she wanted him deeper, harder.

Carefully, so that he would not slip out of her, Tom hooked B'Elanna's legs under his arms so that his shoulders were pressed to the back of her thighs and her toes were pointing in the direction of her shoulders; then he really started to fuck her.  Slamming into her sweet centre with everything he had. She immediately started groaning, growling, screaming his name, clawing at his shoulders and chest, begging him not to stop as he continued his incredible onslaught.

Tom was just as vocal, only totally incoherent, even when he thought he was screaming B'Elanna's name over and over.  Their heated, passionate mating continued like this for several minutes, with little cessation.

Both unable to stave off the inevitable for long, they reached the pinnacle together and their climax was so intense they both thought they might die from the pleasure of it.  Their shuddering release lasting minutes after the first shockwave had overcome them.


'Be, are you ok?'  Tom asked her much later, after they had both returned from a light slumber.  She was now lying with her head pillowed onto Tom's chest, arms and legs wrapped around each other contentedly.

'I don't think I will be able to walk for a week, Paris.'  B'Elanna said, with humour.

'I'm surprised I can move at all.' he countered grinning.  They had been together, as a couple, for over a year and sometimes it scared Tom that their feelings and need for each other was still so intense.

'Do you think we will always be like this?' he asked her.

B'Elanna lazily drew circles with her fingers across Tom's hairy chest.  Gently stroking at the welts and bites she had given him throughout the long evening.

'I don't know.  It scares me sometimes, Tom.  What I feel for you.'

'I know.  Me too.' he answered honestly, while playing with her dark hair.

'Let's not analyse it though, ok?' B'Elanna said, raising herself up to look into his blue eyes.  'Can we just enjoy what we have, here, now, with each other. We've both wasted too much time in the past and I don't want to do that anymore.  Do you?'

'No.' Tom answered, leaning down to place light kisses against her ridged forehead.

'I love you, Paris.' B'Elanna said simply, curling back up against him.  Her usual prelude to sleep.

'I need you, Torres.' Tom whispered against the top of her head.

Deep sleep soon descended on their exhausted bodies, where they dreamt of things they would not remember in the morning, except how much he loved her and how much she needed him.


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