Big, isn't it?  NC-17

Author: Annie M
Series: Voyager
Rating: NC-17
Code: P/T

Summary: Tom and B'Elanna check out their new quarters more thoroughly.

I hesitate to call this a PWP as this story follows directly after the events in "Meanwhile, Back on Voyager..." Besides, I like to think there is a plot in here somewhere.
You don't have to read "Meanwhile..." to follow events here as this story (heh) can stand alone, but it wouldn't hurt to read that one first. Contains spoilers for "Drive."

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Thanks to Patti for helping me get into a little bit of the "naughty" stuff again, and for all of her invaluable beta-ing skills. :-)

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom etc owns the characters and by extension my obsession. The following is for therapeutic purposes only.

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7 November 2000

Big, isn't it? By Annie M

I couldn't keep my eyes off the bed.

Once we'd cleared away all our gifts from the mattress and had piled them onto our couch in the living room, the bed became hard to ignore--for me anyway.

It was massive, at least twice the size of our single bunks, offering B'Elanna and myself more room and... sleeping space than either of us had ever likely experienced in a long, long time.

Laughing and chatting, we'd shared the bottle of Ktarian Merlot, touring our new suite as we did so. I would stop every so often to point out an area or angle that would compliment a hanging picture or two and B'Elanna would suggest furniture layout that was both functional and cosy.

But my eyes never strayed far from our new bed.


B'Elanna had been watching his gaze, following it surreptitiously as it flicked back and forth from between their bedroom to her, or the walls, the large view port or the television. After every glance at a "neutral" item, Tom's eyes would shift back to the bed.

The wide, wide bed that seemed to hold as much fascination for her as it did her husband.

"It is big, isn't it?" B'Elanna said, conversationally as she noticed Tom's eyes linger on it yet again.


B'Elanna pointed.

"Oh. Yeah... I... I guess it is."

B'Elanna crossed the room gracefully; swinging her hips seductively, then turned and sat on the edge of the bed.

"So," she began in a sultry voice. "How long is it going to take for you to ask me..." B'Elanna paused to remove a boot. "If I want to give our new..." she removed the other boot and began stripping her outer uniform away from her shoulders. "Enormous... bed a... 'Shakedown'?"

Tom grinned back at her, and toeing off his own boots moved to join her on the bed. "Not long," he replied suggestively.


I love the feel of B'Elanna's skin. Right now it's silky, damp, warm and soft. I love the way the she feels around me, the way her body responds to me inside and out as I drive into her from behind.

The new bed is the perfect height for this position and B'Elanna is on all fours in front of me, moaning and rotating her hips as I hold her to me and push in deeply and sweetly.

I really do get off on the sounds of her breathless moans and howls; her voice, sometimes demanding, sometimes husky with need, urging me on and commanding me to take her hard, rough, fast, deep, slow... gentle.

I wipe sweat from my eyes with the back of my hand, desperate to put it back on her hip, so that I won't lose my rhythm. In out, in out, slow thrust down, quick thrust up.  Grinding against her, feeling the slipperiness of her skin against my thighs as I tilt her hips forward slightly, and move like an old-fashioned clock pendulum--swinging back and forth, left to right--buried in the heat of her.

I can hear my balls slapping against the skin of her thighs and buttocks as I speed up slightly, and this slapping rhythm is drowning out our gasping breaths.  But I want to hear her voice again.

I want to hear B'Elanna's voice screaming wild encouragement at me, so I let loose with several wild thrusts and dip my left hand lower against her. I stroke, tease and pinch the sensitive nerves there and B'Elanna arches her back as my fingers manipulate her and she explodes all around me, screaming out my name and calling to Kahless, driving herself forcefully against my fingers in front and my cock from behind. I can feel the flooding wetness of her orgasm channelling around me like a river ready to burst its banks. My own climax follows and I feel my self surge against the overflow, driving her moisture back the way it came like a barrier at high tide.

We collapse face first onto the bed and lay in sated exhaustion. I remain lying across her back, still buried within her and moving my hips a little. I bite her on the shoulder and B'Elanna moans something into the sheets as she grabs one of my hands, holding onto it like an anchor. We wheeze and gasp in some much needed oxygen for a couple of minutes before B'Elanna shifts slightly and turns her face towards me for a nice long, deep, wet kiss.

I could stay this way all night, all day if I could get away with it. I think B'Elanna would too.

I ease myself out of her, sliding my weight fully onto the bed, pulling her into me so that I won't lose contact with her wonderful flesh. B'Elanna kisses my sticky fingers and I use my free hand to caress between her damp thighs. I think about going to get something to clean us up a little but I won't; I enjoy our sexy odour too much to do anything about it... for now.


B'Elanna came out of a light sleep to the feel of Tom's mouth caressing her left nipple; his teeth were grazing over her slowly and his tongue was lapping rough circles around the erect bud.

They were laying across the width of the bed now, with Tom's body over her. B'Elanna couldn't remember how they'd got into this position, but she had to concede it was a nice feeling to wake up to.

"What kind of mushy stuff is this?" she whispered, lacing her fingers through his sweat-dampened hair.

"Umm..." Tom shifted himself slightly to give her a quick grin then dipped his head to flick at her other nipple with the tip of his tongue. "More kissy stuff?" he answered hoarsely. He took the nipple in his mouth and sucked heartily.

B'Elanna gasped and clutched Tom's head closer to her chest, arching against his strong body. "You think?" she managed to rasp out.

Tom continued to suck, nip and lick at B'Elanna's breasts and used his leg to nudge her thighs open. He moved his left hand against her and lightly rubbed around her moist and freshly aroused vagina. Breaking off his assault on her chest he moved lower and began to cover her chest and belly in light kisses and nips.

"Actually," he whispered against her hip, "I think we should call this the sexy, kissy stuff."

"Yes," B'Elanna hissed. "I like that."

Tom explored lower with his lips, tongue and teeth, whispering soft moans from deep in his throat. He softly traced his fingers around her thigh, pulling it up and away, spreading B'Elanna wide for his intentions. Tom stroked his long fingers lovingly up and down the inside of her upper thigh, stopping to place more kisses there and work himself in toward her centre.

B'Elanna raked her nails across Tom's back and shoulders in silent assent and drew her other leg up and curled it around his back.

"I like the sexy, kissy stuff," she breathed.

Tom's "Me too," was a muffled groan against B'Elanna's pubic hair.


"Tom, can I ask you something?"

"Sure," I murmur. I'm somewhere between sleep and exhaustion with B'Elanna lying on top of me, resting her cheek on my chest.

"Why didn't you ever ask me before?"

"Ask you what?"

"To marry you."

I didn't expect that question, but maybe I should have. I still can't believe she didn't know how I felt... feel about her. I remembered the look in her eyes, when we were on the Flyer and she asked me that question the first time.

I know I haven't been very forthcoming, in terms of telling B'Elanna how I really feel about her, but I figured that she knew....

Hell, I thought I had told her... in the past... when she came back from the Malon freighter... when I sat with her in sickbay while that alien slug tried to steal the life from her... when she came back from the Borg.

I guess, maybe, I took it for granted that she would know what was in my heart.

The truth is I don't know how to answer her question, I didn't know then and I don't know now. I mean, I'd thought about it; thought about asking her casually over breakfast in the mess hall, or while I was watching her run a diagnostic in engineering, her face a picture of concentration as her fingers flew over the control terminal. I'd thought about asking her after a briefing in the captain's Ready Room, we'd been dismissed and B'Elanna had turned her chair towards me, giving me a crooked little grin before whizzing back to her post. I'd thought about it so many--ahh.

"Well?" B'Elanna prompts me, making sure she has my attention by taking my nipple in her mouth and raking her teeth over it.

I move my hands from over her buttocks and caress her back and hair. "I don't know," I admit. "I wanted to, but I didn't know how to ask..."

B'Elanna seems to think about that for a minute, rubbing her cheek against my chest once more.

"Were you afraid my tough, Klingon exterior was showing?"

We both laugh at that, and I already know that this is going to become a standing joke between us--that and the mushy stuff.

"Something like that." Or maybe I was afraid that she'd turn me down cold and tell me I wasn't good enough for her, that I didn't deserve her....

...and that might have killed me a lot quicker than a warp core breach would have.

I hold her tighter against me and sigh heavily. B'Elanna starts to plant soft kisses all over my chest and neck while her fingers reach lower and squeeze my quiescent erection.

"You know something...?" she says between kisses. "I'm going to really enjoy sleeping in this big bed."

"You actually think we'll ever get any sleep in this?" I guess big beds turn us both on.

"Oh," B'Elanna drawls sweetly. "I might let you catch the odd cat-nap, just to be sure you won't pass out on me during our lovemaking."

"You sound pretty sure of yourself."

B'Elanna rubs the length of her body seductively against mine.

"Think you can resist me, Mr. Torres?"

No I can't, not even in the caves of Sakari, though I tried my damnedest not to screw things up between us then, before we'd even had the chance to begin.

I roll us over on our big, enormous new bed and set my whole body to the task of massaging B'Elanna's delectable form.

"I've learned, Mrs. Paris, that resistance with you is futile."

B'Elanna gives up a throaty laugh. "You're right about that!"


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