toDuj  'oS  rol  (PG-13)

Don't get excited this is not a DS9 story.  I'm simply using this image of Sisko because he's got a goatee!

Title:  toDuj  'oS  rol  [A beard is a symbol of courage]
Author:  Annie M
Series:  Voyager
Part:  NEW 1/1
Rating:  PG-13
Codes:  P/T, 7.

9 December 1998.

Summary:  I thought I was going to write a comedy but the characters hi-jacked my mind and THEY came up with this.

Disclaimer: Viacom/Paramount owns the ship and all characters, I'm just kidnapping them for a good time.  I always return them.

toDuj  'oS  rol  [A beard is a symbol of courage] by Annie M.

'Tom, that tickles'.


'I can't concentrate when you do that.'

'I'm not doing anything, Be.'

[Seven of nine to lieutenant Paris.]

Two loud groans.

'Paris, here.  What can I do for you, Seven?'

[You were expected in transporter room 1 five minutes ago.  Has there been a change to the away team, I was not made aware of?]

'Oh Damn...'


'Sorry, Seven.  I'll be there in a few minutes.'

[Very well.  Seven out.]

'I told you to get up, hot shot.'

'Yeah, yeah.'

Long pause.

'B'Elanna, where's my tunic?'


'You are not properly attired, lieutenant.'

'I don't need a tunic to fly, Seven.  Besides, I was under the impression you wanted to make a start.'

'I was referring to your unshaven appearance.  I do not believe the captain would approve.'

'It's not against regs to grow a beard, Seven.'

'I see.'


'Did anyone have a beard in the collective?'

'Hair follicles were irrelevant.'

'Of course, right.'

'All physical appearance was irrelevant to the collective.'

'What about now?'


'Yeah, how do you feel about physical appearances now?'

A pause.

'They intrigue me.'

'Oh really? anyone in particular?'


'C'mon, Seven.  What about Harry?'

'Ensign Kim?'

'You do like him don't you?'

'He is less irritable than some members of the crew, yes.'

'That's not what I asked.'

'Does lieutenant Torres approve of your beard?'

'It's just stubble at the moment.  Stop avoiding the question, Seven.  Do you find Harry attractive or not?'

'I find several members of the crew 'attractive', as you put it, lieutenant.'

'Seven, call me Tom.  Ok?'

'Very well....Tom.'

'Good.  Now, who do you find attractive?'

'Ensign Kim, is quite handsome.  So is commander Chakotay, Mr Neelix-'

'Neelix!' unrestrained laughter is heard for a few minutes.

'Do you wish me to continue or not?'


'Mr Ayala, commander Tuvok.  B'Elanna Torres and the captain are very attractive.  As are you.'


'You do not find lieutenant Torres attractive?'

'Of course I do.  But you you're.....'

'I am what lieut...Tom?'

'Sorry.  Nothing.  Go on.'

'Does it upset you that I find B'Elanna Torres and the captain physically attractive?'

'No.  Not really.'

'That is another aspect of humanity that I find intriguing.'


'I have noticed that some of the crew frown on same gender attractions, and yet they seem to flourish on board Voyager.  I would like to examine this phenominum more closely.'


'Perhaps I should attempt copulation with a member of each gender.'

'Maybe you 'ought to discuss this with the Doc.'

'Very well.'


'How was the survey?'


'Just fine? c'mon, Tom.  What happened?'

'Nothing.  It was routine stuff.'

'36 hours alone with, Seven, routine? ha.'

'Kiss me, B'Elanna.'

'I'm serious, Tom.  What happened?'

'Later, ok? come here.'


'I do like your beard, Tom.'


'Whatever.  It's beautiful and red.  Not as rough as I thought it would be, when you started growing this thing.'

'Thank you.  Did you know Klingon males wear beards as a sign of courage?'

'Must have missed that one in pre-school.  Are you going to keep it?'

'I don't know.'

Beep beep beep beep.


'Naomi, are you still playing with that vidcom, uncle Neelix gave you?'

'Mummy, it's stuck.  I want to hear what uncle Tommy was gonna say.'

'What do you mean, sweetheart?'

'I can rewind it, but it keeps getting stuck at the end.'

'Let me see, angel.'

Wer wer wer wer.  Tape crackles but there are no pictures only sounds.

'Tom, that tickles'.


'I can't concentrate when you do that.'


'Oh my.'

The end.

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