You left the Toilet seat up

Disclaimer-- No! They are NOT mine!
Notes: Little message from B'Elanna to Tom.


You know what *Dear*? You left the toliet seat up. 

You know what *Sweetheart*? Your shirts still on my chair. 

You know what *Darling*? Your pizza is on my table...I can't blame you for that..but anyways 

You know what *Love*? You got water all over my bathroom sink. 

You know what *Sweetie*? You forgot to set my alarm

You know what *Pumpkin* I still think you love the Delta Flyer more than life 

You know what *Angel*? You should've let me break Seven's nose 

And You know what *Doll*? You do some really stupid, stupid things. 

But You know what's most important *Tom*? 

I Love you. 

Have a nice day.