Always Tomorrow: Second Life
By Erin Alpert

Okay... sorry to leave you hanging like that in the last one.. And, isn't
there a K/T story like this? I haven't read it, so, I'm not trying to copy
it.. anything the same = Coincidence.

"Kee? Can I call you Kee?" Erin asked impatiently.
"Sure.... I guess... I'll call you Erin... wait... what about ET?" Keela
"Yeah... Erin Torres," * Or Extra-Terrestrial, * Keela thought, but dare not
say aloud.
"Torres? I guess that's what my last name is."
"You guess?"
"Yeah, well, isn't it customary for the kid to take the father's last
name... or am I delirious?" Erin grinned.
"I think, but, who * is * your father?"
"I don't know!!!" ET shouted, throwing her hands up in disgust.
"That's why your ET," Keela laughed.
"Did you ever notice that your initials are you parents' names? Kes and Kim?
"I never did; your very perceptive."
"Yeah right," she snorted.

"My daughter? How!!??" Paris nearly shouted at the Doc in sickbay.
"I don't have an explanation for that yet, Mister Paris. For now, I will
allow you two to leave, maybe talk with the girl."
B'Elanna glanced over in Tom's direction, and he nodded. She frowned as she
and Paris left sickbay, to go find.... the girl.

"Kes, come here," The Doctor had a serious expression on his face.
She slowly walked over to where he was going over some scans, "Yes Doctor?"
"How do you think this child came into being? Paris and Torres have not even
known each other for the amount of time she has been alive; it's
"Alternate universe?" Kes suggested. She was thinking about her and Harry's
daughter. If Paris and Torres' "daughter" was like theirs, it wouldn't be so
strange. Keela was not even a year old, but she and the other child looked
the same age."
"Perhaps, we'll have to question her later. Kes, your shift has ended, you
may leave."
"Thank you, doctor."

"Have you heard about what happened to Tom and B'Elanna?" Kes questioned her
"No, what?" Harry answered.
"They found a kid on an away mission. The Doctor took some scans; she's
their daughter."
"Weird. Keela had a friend over, I wondered where the kid came from. I got
nervous, I didn't think there was another one that was equivalent to her
Kes laughed softly, "I hope there taking it okay..."

"What is your name?" Torres asked the kid.
She sighed, "Erin R'Syia."
"R'Syia is your last name?" Tom questioned.
"No, it's my middle name."
"Why were they chasing you on the planet?" B'Elanna pressed, remembering
that when they first saw her, she was running from someone, or something..
"This could be a long story," Erin sighed, and began to explain. "I was born
12 years ago, on Earth. It wasn't this universe, though. Your alternate
counterparts are my parents. It's a weird place where I come from. Janeway
and Chakotay have a daughter named Fern; Kes and Harry have Keela still. I
have a half sister, who's nearly a year younger then I am, Holly Paris. It's
a lot different there. I got caught in some..... thingy... I don't know what
to call it... about 2 years ago... and I came to this universe, and landed
on that planet. They welcomed me with open arms, gave me a second life,
but they didn't know anything about me. Just a few days ago, they found
out I was from somewhere else, and they wanted to.... kill me... I ran away,
and they found out... that's when I met you two."
Torres exchanged a puzzled glance with Tom, "Why didn't you tell us before?"
They got the stupidest answer ever, "You never asked."


Agg!!! This story will probably be really short, like, 4 or 5 chapters, less
then 10 for sure.

Copyright 1997, Erin Alpert, Part 2.
Via-dudes own Tommy, Lanna, Kim, Kes, Doc, etc.... I own Erin R'Syia (weird
name, huh?) And Natalie owns Keela, Sharon owns Fern, and Laura owns
Holly.... kinda