The Power of Love: First Impressions
By hmmm... I wonder (Erin Alpert)

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Well, about the wedding in here... please forgive me! I've only been to one! I was the flower girl, I was three, I don't really remember it.
Yeah! Oopps! I almost forgot! Congrats to Lauren... go Lauren, go Lauren, gogogo Lauren. She guessed what B'Elanna was gonna tell Tom, but she also guessed something that would come later on.... Well, she was the first Kianna and Psyce also guess correctly.. and about a total of 4 people guessed something coming way in the future....

"Well, what is it 'Lanna?" Tom asked impatiently.
"Well, while I was on Earth, I met, well, I think you should meet him."
* Him?!!? * Paris didn't like the sound of that one bit, "Okay," he swallowed.
Torres stepped outside, then came back with an older man.
"Tom, this is my dad."
"Yeah... so you must be the Tom she wouldn't stop talking about," Mr. Torres said.
Paris blushed, "You were?"
"C'mon Tom, we've got a wedding to go to," B'Elanna said, trying to get them off the subject.
"Wedding?" Mr. Torres choked, "You never told me you were getting married?"
"We aren't," * Not yet, * "It's a friend of ours' wedding," Paris explained.
"Oh," Mr. Torres said, "You guys better hurry up."

B'Elanna had talked to Harry and Erica with Tom. They had all the details worked out, and the wedding was almost ready to begin. There were, of course, a few last minute changes, among other things.
"So, Harry, you nervous?" Paris was helping his best friend putting the finishing touches on his tuxedo.
"You bet," and with Kim's last word, there came a knock.
"Who is it?" Tom called.
"Me," Torres replied.
"Oh, come in," Kim sighed, "I thought you were Erica." 
B'Elanna wandered in, "hey guys."
"'Lanna, you look great," Tom told her, referring to her dress. It was long, and a nice shade of pink, short sleeves, and perfect for the maid of honor.
"Yeah, well I don't feel great. Who ever picked these out should have to wear them, they so uncomfortable!"
"Woah, Torres in a pink dress," Kim noted, "We'll never see that again."
"You bet," B'Elanna agreed.
Tom smiled, the looked to Kim, who was also smiling.
"And you, Tom, look great to," Torres said, "you too Harry."
"Thanks," the replied in unison.

"I don't know how I got talked into being maid of honor," Torres snorted.
"Probably the same way I got talked into being best man," Paris commented, now that Kim was out of the room, they could comment on the terrible decisions  about the wedding he was making, among other things...
"So, Tom, I never thought we'd be at a wedding."
"Well, we are, it isn't ours... but we are," Paris chuckled.
"Yeah," B'Elanna agreed, smiling herself.
Tom gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Maybe someday."
There came a knock at the door.
"Come in," Paris called.
It was Janeway, "C'mon you two! You're gonna be late!"
"What?! Oh, shoot! Hurry up," Torres said, and rushed out the door. 

The isle was long, and rows and rows of people lined it. Torres stood at the base, looking up toward the alter. She began to walk. It felt funny.. no, that wasn't the right word. Ridiculous was much better. She could feel the eyes of all the people staring at her, but she tried to ignore them. She just looked straight ahead, but saw eyes there too. She closed her eyes, hoping her feet would lead her in the right direction, and they did.

She ended up with several other woman in the front of the room. Whoever was marrying Erica and Harry was speaking. Although B'Elanna was happy for her friend, she paid no attention at all. Torres shifted her gaze over to where Tom was standing, who looked awfully bored as well, and tried to catch his glance with her eye. 

Tom noticed Torres staring at him. He looked back, and rolled his eyes. She smiled. But, Harry, had also caught the gesture, and looked sharply at Tom. Paris immediately stood up straighter, and flashed a warning glare at B'Elanna, who was now snickering to herself.

Torres was finally paying attention to the ceremony. It was time to exchange rings. She sighed. She wished that were her and Tom, not that she wasn't happy for Erica and Harry or anything. Someday, she thought about asking Tom to marry her, but always got too nervous, and figured she shouldn't, for the good of their relationship. Maybe someday she would.

Paris was finally paying attention to the ceremony. It was time to exchange rings. He sighed. He wished that were him and 'Lanna, not that he wasn't happy for Erica and Harry or anything. Someday, he thought about asking B'Elanna to marry him, but always got too nervous, and figured he shouldn't, for the good of their relationship. Maybe someday he would.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Torres looked over at Tom again. She felt like giving him a kiss, but nixed it, they were standing on opposite sides of the room. Instead, she just smiled

It had been the perfect marriage, and hopefully, a perfect life for Harry and Erica Kim....

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