The Power of Love: New Beginnings
By :::sniff:::: Erin :::sob::: Alpert  :::sniffle::::

The last chapter... it's sad to end a long series.. isn't it? At first I
didn't know where to end it.... how to end it... and then I realized... it
isn't over until you die.... so.. this isn't really the end... it's just all
I'm covering of the couples life... there is so much more... This  is for
everyone who kept reading this to the end... and it reading it now
{{{{ALL}}}} Thanks for your support... You guys are the greatest.

* A mother, * The thought raced through B'Elanna's head faster then warp speed... * a mother, a mother. *  That's what she was, and forever would be.. she had gotten congratulations from many, Harry, Erica, Janeway, Chakotay, the Vulcan Ensign, Ce, Kav, Sidrie, and Ty. 

Speaking of Janeway and Chakotay, they were now engaged to be married, and that made things even better... Harry and Erica's daughter was a bright young girl, who had walked and talked already, before she was even a year old.. Ce still loved her crew... Kavani was still the best doctor... Sidrie was still the only full changeling in Starfleet.. and Ty.. well... Ty was many things.. still the only one to encounter 'Kay'... still a damn good engineer... and still B'Elanna's best friend..

Katie was beautiful, though, as Tom said, not quite a beautiful as B'Elanna. Even at her young age, you could see the faint ridges she had... marking her as part Klingon..

Tom was doing a wonderful job being a father... staying up late nights with Katie.. and still making all the senior staff meetings... though B'Elanna still was on leave...

They still loved each other, and always would... Ty would come sometimes to watch Katie, while they got out of the house... Sometimes Ce would too... and, if Tom and B'Elanna were lucky, some of the captain and engineer's traits were rubbing off on the young girl.

Together, the couple was happy, loving.. but still the same Tom and
B'Elanna... maybe she wasn't as violent anymore... maybe he wasn't as 'arrogant', as people had once said.... but they were the same people..

It would be perfect if Katie grew up to be like them... but who knows... 

It would be perfect for Tom and B'Elanna to live 'Happily ever after'... but who knows...

It would be perfect for the USS Infinity to be a prosperous ship.. but who knows...

I would be perfect for everyone to live in happiness... but who knows..

Only time can tell... time tells all.. and it says that it's time for new



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Copyright April 1997, Erin Alpert--Part 30 and end.. ::::Sniff::::
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