The Power of Love: Without Love
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     This is the song that I got my title inspiration from, with Lauren's help, of course!
      The Power of Love. 
     By Celine Dion (sp?)
     The whispers in the morning
     Of lovers sleeping tight
     Are rolling like thunder now
     As I look in your eyes
     I hold on to your body
     And feel each move you make
     Your voice is warm and tender
     A love that I could not forsake
     (first chorus)
     'Cause I am your lady
     And you are my man
     Whenever you reach for me
     I'll do all that I can
     Lost is how I'm feeling lying in your arms
     When the world outside's too
     Much to take
     That all ends when I'm with you
     Even though there may be times
     It seems I'm far away
     Never wonder where I am
     'Cause I am always by your side
     (repeat first chorus)
     (second chorus)
     We're heading for something
     Somewhere I've never been
     Sometimes I am frightened
     But I'm ready to learn
     Of the power of love
     The sound of your heart beating
     Made it clear
     Suddenly the feeling that I can't go on
     Is light years away
     (repeat first chorus)
     (repeat second chorus)
     B'Elanna was left with no other choice than to sit and sulk in her quarters, so she did, until the bell rang.  She almost called, * Come in Tom, * but then reality hit her again, "Come in."
     "B'Elanna, I have to talk to you."
     "Oh.... hi Harry."
     "Please! Don't sound too excited," he got his terrible sense of humor from Tom.
     "Don't worry, I won't."
     "Any way. B'Elanna, what do you have against Erica?"
     "Then why don't you want her and me to get married?"
     Torres lowered her head so Kim couldn't see the expression on her face, but he knew, when she did that, something was wrong.
     "B'Elanna? What's wrong?"
     "Nothing really, I just miss him so much, he hasn't even been gone for an hour..."
     "Whoa! Hold it for a sec. Who do you miss?"
     "Where is he any way?"
     "Didn't he tell you?!" she was shocked, why didn't he tell his best friend.
     "Tell me what?"
     "He left for Earth....."
     "This morning.... He took a ship...."
     "He never told me...."
     "I know..."
     "What the Hell are you talking about? Your kidding, Harry?!"
     "No, Erica.. he's really gone...."
     "I don't believe it! We can't get married until he gets back."
     Kim really didn't want to put it off, he was too anxious, but he nodded in agreement.
     "We won't wait too long, Erica, we'll get him back."
     The shuttle was crowded. Paris found himself sitting next to pretty little dark haired woman, who seemed around Kim's age.
     Paris was bored so he tried to start a conversation, "Hi, I'm Tom Paris."
     She looked uneasily at him, "My name's Libby."
     "Libby huh?"
     "Yeah, Libby."
     "No.. sorry, my best friend had a girl friend named Libby. When we got stuck in the Delta Quadrant, he wouldn't shut up about her for threes years."
     "You were on Voyager?"
     "Yeah. Why?"
     "My boyfriend, well, he was my boyfriend seven years ago, was there."
     "Really? What's his name?" This was getting interesting.
     "Harry Kim," she smiled.
     Paris nearly choked, "Your Libby?!!?"
     "Yes, I'm Libby."
     "No, I mean, your Libby... Harry's my best friend."
     "He is?! Oh, great! How's he been doing?"
     "Well, he's" * don't say getting married... don't say getting married *, "Engaged," * Oh no!! Listen to your brain more often Tom. *
     "Engaged you say? Well, who is this lucky woman?"
     "Her name's Erica Johnson."
     "Oh, I see. I'm glad to know that, I gave him up for dead about four years ago. Well, Tom Paris, what about you? Do you have someone 'special'?"
     "Yeah," he let out a sigh.. he missed B'Elanna already.
     "Well, where is she?"
     "Back on Deep Space Nine."
     "You going back to see her soon?"
     "Not that I know of."
     "Well, you better.  Or she'll meet some cute blond and fall in love with him, and forget about you."
     "Are you saying I'm not a cute blond? Any way, B'Elanna wouldn't do that."
     "Just, visit her often.. for me... okay?"
     "One more thing."
     "Say hi to Harry for me."
     And the transport ship was quiet for the time being.

     "Un-do this hurt you caused when you walked out the door,
     And walked out of my life again.
     Un-cry these tears.
     I've cried so many nights. 
     Un-break my heart."
     Toni Braxton--Un-Break My Heart
     "This is just my luck!" Torres sarcastically shouted.
     "Calm down B'Elanna, what's wrong?"  Janeway was still as clam as ever.
     "He's gone, and it's all my own damn fault!"
     "Who's gone?"
     "Tom Paris? He's gone? Where'd he go?"
     "Oh, I'm so sorry, I know how it feels..."
     "You don't know anything. Chakotay is still here for you, and probably always will be.. you don't know  a goddamn thing about this!"
     "B'Elanna, it's okay...."
     "Hell no, it's not okay.  I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, but now he's gone and there isn't a damn thing I can do about!"
     "Shut up, and calm down, unless you want to try something brave and bold, that will probably kill you at the least."
     "I do."
     Continued :+)
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