The Power of Love: Pages in a Book
By Erin Alpert

Waaa!!! One more chapter left!! Isn't that sad? Please excuse me, I didn't want to get into detail about childbirth.. it's kinda gross...

Nine months? Had it really been nine months since that night one DS9? Apparently... it had been... B'Elanna's child was due any day now, the middle of May... in Earth terms.
"Maybe we should change the name to May," Tom suggested, "After all, she'd remember her birth month easier."
"No, I like Katie."
Tom looked at B'Elanna, he had known her for over 8 years, and had never seen her look quite like that... sure, she was pregnant, but she still looked different.
"I can't believe it... I just can't believe it.."
"What?" she looked at him, then around where she was sitting in sickbay.
Kavani had been worried about some of the baby's readings, so she kept B'Elanna in sickbay until she had her child.
"All of this.. Married... pregnant... I'm almost a father," he leaned over
and kissed her ridged forehead.
She got a painful look on her face, and through heavy breathing, whispered, "I think you'll be one sooner then planned."
Paris got a worried look, and panicked, "Paris to Mur, report to sickbay,

Kavani Mur rushed into Sickbay, still in her sleepwear, "What's wrong?"
"I think.... she's having a child."
Mur  felt around on a table behind her, examining B'Elanna with her eyes, until Tom handed her the Medical Tricorder. "Damn, you're right," she turned to face Tom, "This could get messy, are you sure you want to stay?" Paris barely had to think about it, "Yes... I'm sure."

Tom stood next to B'Elanna's upper-body, and held her hand... which he later regretted. She had a strong grip, and used it... while trying to push the stubborn child out.

Paris's life with B'Elanna flashed before his eyes. Usually that happened at the time of death, but this was different.  Their shared experiences turned before him, like pages in a book. He closed his eyes, and remembered, and remembered, and remembered, * I can see it... * he heard Mur's voice... * It's coming... *  she kept speaking, but he was reading the book of his and B'Elanna's life..... * Congratulations.... *  Tom's eyes snapped open, and Torres let go of his hand, half-way sat up, and reached for her child.

Kavani Mur wrapped the baby in some blankets after cleaning it off a little. She gave it to B'Elanna, who held the little girl in her arms.
"I don't believe it 'Lann... a mother.."
"I don't believe it Tom... a father.." She smiled at him, and he kissed her softly.

The sickbay doors burst open, and two more officers burst in, one with
nightwear, the other in uniform.
"I heard you had the kid," Tyrana Ateki smiled, trying to fix her nightgown.  B'Elanna had noticed that Ty tended to smiled a lot more recently. She had just gotten a promotion, and everything was going well. "Good news travels fast," Captain Ceceliana smiled as well, she had been on duty, and had just gotten a report from Mur.  Ce had been offered a job teaching at the Academy, but turned it down, so she could be with her ship and crew, who she loved.
"I guess it does," Paris smiled, it was a joyous occasion, and everyone was smiling.
"Katie K'Helian Paris... May 17th... 0109..." B'Elanna sighed, holding her little girl in her arms...

A joyous occasion indeed...


Well.. 30 isn't needed.. it's just the wrap up!