The Power of Love: The Name Game
By E.R.T-P (Erin Alpert)

HeHeHe... this is weird! This is for the Parisites! Thanks for everything!

A few months later, it had  been confirmed: a girl.  All that was left, was to name it...

"What about Erin?"  Paris asked.
"Erin Paris? Ikk!! I don't think so."
"Sounds like a month."
Torres made a disgusted face.
"Meredith? Kirsten? Serena?"
"Meredith Paris? Kirsten Paris? Serena Paris? I think not..."
"Lauren Paris? None of these sound right!!!"
"Sharon? Mary? Raberta? Dream?"
"What kind of name is 'Dream'?"
"I once knew someone with that name," Tom protested.
"It's.. weird.."
"Jessica? JoAnna? Claire? Chris?"
"I don't know.. Jessica maybe.. but not the rest.."
"Mindy? Roxann? Amy? Abra? Brienne?"
"Are you crazy?"
"Becca? Kate?"
"Wait.. what was the last one?"
"Kate Paris... Katie Paris.. I LOVE it!"
"Katie, something, Paris?  Sounds good to me!"
"What about a middle name?"
"Hey, I thought of the first name, you do middle."
"What about, Erica, after Erica, or Tyrana, or Ce..."
"I don't like any of those.."
"Wait... what about something Klingon?" Torres suggested.
"Klingon? Like what?"
"I don't know.. R'Syia... K'Helian?"
"K'Helian!! That's a great name! Where did you get it from?"
"I once knew someone named K'Helian.. the only other half-Klingon engineer I ever met."
"Another half-Klingon engineer? And all this time, I thought you were
"Watch it, Tom."
"Katie K'Helian Paris? Sounds wonderful."
There was a long moment of silence, the name had been chosen, what next?
"What about my name, Tom?" B'Elanna asked.
"What about it?"
"If we've got a kid, what about my last name?"
"Do you want to change it?"
"I think.. I could change it to Torres-Paris. That way, I could either be
Torres or Paris."
"That would work."
"I like it."
"I love it."
"I love you," B'Elanna Torres-Paris smiled.


*giggles* Hey P. People, did'ja see your names?

Copyright April 1997, Erin Alpert