The Power of Love: Long Talks
El Erino on Flambe <g> A.k.a. Erin Alpert

"You really think so?" Torres nearly choked.
Tom released her, and pulled himself up onto the biobed with her, "Of

"Your not mad?" She moved closer to him, and practically sat in his lap.

"Why would I be?" he wrapped his arms around her, and leaned over to kiss her.
"Hey! I will have none of that in my sickbay," Kavani Mur snapped.
Torres moved off of Paris, and snuggled up next to him  instead.
"Finish the exam, and your BOTH free to go," Mur barked.
Tom quickly finished it up, and rushed out of sickbay.

"We've got to tell Harry," Paris smiled, once in the privacy of their
B'Elanna looked nervous, "He, uh, already knows."
"I told him."
"Before me?"
"How many people know?"
"7, now.. Me, Harry, Kavani, Ceceliana, you, Tyrana, Bashir.."
"Bashir!?!? You knew about this on DS9??"
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Tom, it's a long story.."
"I'm listening..."

She explained it to him, and they went on to discuss other matters.
"We won't be able to do certain things anymore," Torres pointed out.
"Like this?" Paris touched her face gently, and kissed her softly, slowly.
"Something like that..." she frowned.
There was a long moment of silence.
"It needs a name," Paris stated.
"That should come later.."
And another moment of nothing, then, they had their typical long talk.

"All right, Ty, everything checks out, you're free to go," Mur pointed out.
"Thanks, Kav! Can I get back to work?"
"Sure," before she could finish the word, Ateki was out the door.

At the helm, Sidrie touched her face, as if she had a head ache.
"Commander, is something wrong?" The Captain asked.
"No," but thoughts that weren't here were echoing through her mind, 
* Shuttle, take the shuttle, go down to the planet, Kay, it's Kay, he's done it, he's done it. *  "Actually, there is something wrong, may I go to sickbay?"
"Do it."

But Sidrie didn't end up in Sickbay, she went to the shuttle bay, stole a
shuttle, and maneuvered to the planet's surface.

Ateki stood in engineering, banging on a console, cursing, and furiously trying to encrypt something.
"Is there a problem?" one of her engineers asked.
"No, everything's fine."

* What do I do now? * Sidrie thought.
* Just try, you'll find out soon enough, * the voice echoed back.

On the bridge:
"Tractor it, Taki!" Ceceliana shouted, referring to the shuttle.
"I can't, it's encrypted."
"What the hell?" she ran over to the Tactical console to see for herself.
"Captain?" It was Seriin.
"Yes, Taki?"
"Something is happening to the pink."
And sure enough something was, it was disappearing, and echoing through her half Betazoid head, Ceceliana could hear the faint voices, 
* I've failed, but I'll return. *

"Medical emergency in engineering."
Tyrana Ateki had fainted the moment the pink had disappeared, and was lying, out cold, on the floor.  A med team came in, and got her to sickbay.

"What the hell happened to you?" Mur asked.
"It's a long story, I'd prefer to tell it once, to the senior staff," Ateki

"Lieutenant Ateki?" Ceceliana's commanding voice broke the silence.
"Would you care to explain what transpired?"
Tyrana looked nervously to the Vulcan on her left, then to Seriin on her right.  Taki nodded to her friend, and Ateki stood up. "On the planet, when Seriin and I were attacked, and alien, Kay, invaded my mind. It didn't affect her, but maybe it's because of my telepathic abilities. I felt like I was a child, I needed my mother. This 'Kay' person was the mass of pink, and he was trying to take over the quadrant, then move beta, and alpha as well. All though those ships were hostile, the threat from Kay was greater, and he destroyed those ships. But, Kay couldn't detected Changelings, I use my telepathic abilities and used Sidrie to get down to the planet, and I encrypted the tractor, and other such facilitates. I'm sorry." She nodded, and took her seat once more.
"That was a long talk," Taki whispered to Ateki, who nodded her response.
"Is there anything else important to tell the staff?"
Paris leaned back into his chair, and recalled that he and B'Elanna had
decided to tell the crew that they were gonna have a kid. "Captain?"
"Mister Paris?"
"I just wanted to say, that my wife, B'Elanna, and I, are going to have a child."
Ateki and Taki exchanged happy glances, and Ateki smiled over at Ce, then at Tom, "Congratulations."
She started clapping, and before long, applause broke out in the ready room...

Everyone was happy for the couple..


Now that's over with.. who knows?
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