The Power of Love: Learning Experience
By Erin “I Wish I could Spell” Alpert

“What’s terminating, Ty?” Kavani Mur pressed.
The same terrified eyes peered up at the doctor, “Coming... they’re coming.”
“Who’s coming?”
“Tele... tele... tele..” 
“What are you saying?”
“HELP!!! HELP ME, MOMMY!!” she squealed.
“Your ‘mommy’ isn’t here, Tyrana.”
“Get... come.. they come..”
“Who’s come? Who are they?”
“Senior staff, report to the briefing room, immediately,” Ceceliana’s voice interrupted the... conversation.. between Mur and Ateki.
“B’Elanna, can you watch Ty for a while? I have to go.”
Torres nodded.
“Call me if something happens,” and Kavani hurried out the door.


“We’ve detected hostile warships of an unknown species,” The captain
informed her senior staff: Kavani, Paris, Sidrie, Taki, and one ensign.. Ateki was part of her staff as well, but was confined to sickbay. “Sidrie?”
“Yes, Ma’am?”
“I need you at the helm. Taki?”
“I’m gonna need you at Tactical. Ensign?” 
The Vulcan dipped his head, nodding.
“I’m taking you from security for now, help out in engineering. Mur?”
“Get back down to Sickbay, monitor Ateki’s condition. Paris?”
“Yes, Captain?”
“How much medical training do you have?”
“I have some.. I helped out in sickbay on Voyager sometimes...”
“Good, help Mur is sickbay.”
Tom was hurt, he had never helped out in sickbay during a crisis, and let someone else take the helm. But he nodded.

As they stepped onto the bridge, it shook violently, and debris floated in the view screen.
“What the hell happened?” Ceceliana asked.
“The ships have been destroyed,” Taki answered, glancing at the Tactical station.
“Who authorized that?”
As if in response, a pink cloud made it’s way toward the ship, rocking it
slightly... and Tyrana Ateki burst through the doors.
“Mommy!!” She exclaimed, and ran up to hug the captain.
Ceceliana flashed a confused glare at Mur, who shrugged her response.
“Ateki? Stop it!”
“Mommy!! Mommy!! Pink!! Pink!!!”
“Yes, Tyrana, I know about the pink.”
“Ships? Where are ships, Mommy?”
* How the hell did she know about the ships? * “The ships got destroyed.”
“No, it’s not okay, Ty, we don’t know what happened.”
“Mister Kay!!! Mommy... Mister Kay!!”
“Is ‘Mister Kay’ your mommy?” The captain asked.
“No, Mommy.. Mister Kay!!  HORRIBLE PINK!!!”
“Ships, mommy. Source, mommy. Get me ships, mommy!”
“You can’t have the ships.”
Tyrana jolted to the front of the bridge, and fought Sidrie for the helm.
“Tyrana!?!?!?” Sidrie nearly barked.
“Nooo...” it was a prolonged and painful scream, as the waves colors changed from pink, to other colors, “HORRIBLE PINK!!! WANT SHIPS!!! MISTER KAY!!
Them.. back.. ships.. want.”
No one could understand a word she had said.
“What about blue?” Taki tried.
“No blue, lady!”
“What about yellow?” Mur offered.
“No yellow, lady!”
The game continued for a matter of minutes, until all the colors that would be thought of were guessed.. but then, the ensign tried pink once more. 
“HORRIBLE PINK!!!” was Ty’s screamed response. “The ships...”
The captain got fed up, “Mur, Paris, take her back to sickbay.”
They both nodded, and dragged Tyrana, kicking and screaming, back to sickbay.


“Paris, I’ll take care of her.. you attend to Torres.”
“B’Elanna?” he snorted, not knowing any reason for his wife to be in here.
“Yes, your wife, B’Elanna Torres.”
“Why is she here?”
“I’m not going to explain it.. check the PADDs.. or something,” Mur frowned, pressing a hypo to Ateki’s neck, calming her down for the moment.

Paris walked over to Torres, and picked up the PADD next to her biobed. He read it to himself. 
She hung her head slowly as his face formed a concerned expression.
“B’Elanna?” he was worried, * Is she really pregnant? *
“Are you---?”
She looked slowly up at him, “Yeah.”
His concern turned to a smile, and he hugged her tightly, “That’s


He knows.. now what?

Copyright April 1997