The Power of Love: The Child

EVIL GRIN!!! Oh--Kay! Need to write moooore!! HeHeHe!! Real Life! Yes! Yes! Yes! P/T! P/T! Flirting! No excuse! No Vulcan Chemical thingy! And they were BOTH flirting! okay.. had to get that out of my system.. now.. This one is for Dream, one of the newest creepy-crawly-critters! A.k.a., Parisites! Cuz she keeps giving me GREAT ideas.... <eg>... but this one doesn’t have any of
them in it.. does it?

A few days later, last minute touch-ups were being made, little details.
 When B’Elanna and Tom got home that evening, there was a message from Harry and Erica...
“Hi, how’s life for you all? Erica had her baby today, her name is Kelly
Lillian Kim. She was born at 02:13 this morning. 8 pounds, 2 ounces. Talk to us when you get back! Bye.”
Tom looked over at B’Elanna, who was smiling, “They finally had a kid.”
“Yes, they did,” she looked over at him, and rested her head on his
“Have you ever thought of having a family?”
She jerked sharply, then said, “I haven’t really.”
“Do you think we’ll ever want to?”
She felt a sharp pain, and chose to ignore it, “Someday.”
“Lemmie guess, you’re just not ready,” he joked, and kissed her.
“Maybe I am,” she grinned.
“D’wanna call Harry back now?”
Tom called back Erica and Harry, and Harry answered, holding a little baby girl.
“Hi Tom, hi B’Elanna,” he said, hands full.
“Hey Harry, how’s it going?” Torres asked, snuggling up next to Tom. 
“It’s... hectic... to say the least,” they went on to talk for over an hour,
about Kelly Lillian Kim, and other things. Then Torres wanted to speak to Kim alone.

“Is something wrong B’Elanna?” he asked.
“Um... no.. I’ve just got a question.”
“Shoot,” he told her.
“Well.... um... how did you react when you found out Erica was pregnant?”
“Is something troubling you?  Are you --?”
“That’s none of you business, Starfleet, how did you react?”
“Well... I was nervous.. and I was glad... and I was excited... I was lots of things.”
“When did she tell you?”
“As soon as she found out... why?” he expected her to snap at him again, but she didn’t.
“Well... I’m pregnant.”
“Wha--? Does Tom know? For how long?”
“No, he doesn’t know... um.. I’m... only a week or so....”
“Why haven’t you told him?”
“I.. don’t know what he’ll say.. what’ll happen...”
“B’Elanna... If there’s anything I can do...”
“No thanks, Harry... I’ll handle it myself..”