The Power of Love
By Erin Alpert

Well, now we leave this Voyager or DS9 thing.. and go to a new ship!! Goody! This one's for Sydrie, Ceceliana, Seriin, Kavani and nameless Vulcan guy. (Hint! Hint! Mark!)

Tom and B'Elanna strolled hand in hand to their new quarters and got settled in.  But all B'Elanna could think about was how much she trusted that stranger... and now, all she hoped was that Ateki wouldn't tell everyone about it.. especially not Tom.

They went to the Bridge of the new Defiant-Class ship, to talk to the
Captain, Ceceliana. When they were there, Ateki was speaking to her, and there was a puddle of goo on the helm seat. Tom went over to look at it, and nearly jumped across the bridge when it formed a head and welcomed him to the bridge.
"What the hell!?!?!" he shouted.
"Hi, I'm Sydrie, the other helmsman, though I don't think you could call me a man.... or even humanoid," she was slowly changing from the goo to a sleek, female figure, with blue, sucked-in eyes, and long, brown hair.
"Hi," he said, still in shock.
B'Elanna laughed softly, and that got Ateki's attention.
"Ce, this is B'Elanna Torres, I met her on the way here. And that screaming one up front is her husband, Tom * Paris, *" She introduced them.
'Ce' laughed, "Welcome, B'Elanna.  Ty was just telling me a little about
you. I'm Captain Ceceliana, half-Betazoid, half-Changeling... so don't worry if there's a big glob on the Captain's chair... don't call the clean-up crew."
Torres looked nervously at them, "Okay, I won't."
Ateki and Ceceliana laughed for a moment, the Captain apologized, "I'm sorry... talking with Tyrana sometimes makes people a little... abnormal... welcome aboard... you should check with the doctor and make sure she's got your medical information."
B'Elanna nodded, "Thank you."

She nervously made her way to sickbay.  The doors whisked open, and the doctor snapped to attention.
"Name?" she demanded.
"B'Elanna Torres."
The doctor looked through a pile of PADDs, "Ahh.. B'Elanna Torres, yes, you came aboard with your husband this morning," she looked through the pile of PADDs once more, "Funny... I don't see another Torres.."
"You shouldn't... his last name is Paris."
"I kept my own last name..."
"Ahhh... well, I'm Kavani Mur, if you have any questions or concerns,
please, feel free to ask.. I'll need to see you later also.."
B'Elanna nodded, "Okay."
She looked around nervously, still thinking about her secret.. if Tom would ever find out... the doctor knew... the other doctor knew.. Tyrana knew... when would Tom?


Mine!!! Copyright April 1997, Erin Alpert!
Tommy and Bella belong to o'evil Para-dudes and dudettes, and the 
Via-people.  The Infinity and her crew belong to the creators, me, Laura, Nat,  Sharon, and Kirsten. (And Ensign nameless Vulcan belongs to MARK!!!!)