The Power of Love
By Erin Alpert

This one.. is interesting too.. on the PG scale though...

After five days, the attacks had stopped, and both Tom and B’Elanna had taken the day off, to be with each other.
“B’Elanna, wake up,” Tom gently touched her.
“Hmm... what?” she was mostly asleep.. she had the tendency to sleep in, her shift always started later, and ended later, but Tom’s was earlier.
“Starfleet called while you were sleeping,” he helped her out of the bed, and kissed the top of her head.
“What did they have to say?”
“The Infinity is ready to be commissioned, you need some current medical records, and you haven’t had a check-up in a while,” he looked down at her, kissed her, “You need to go see the doctor.”
“On my day off?”
“Yes, you’ve got a new ship, ‘Lann, you want to be in perfect health.”
“Being with  you makes me feel healthy,” she argued.
“C’mon, your appointment is in an hour.”
“You made me one?”
“Thanks,” she kissed him quickly, and ran to get dressed.
“Hey? What are husbands for?”

B’Elanna cautiously walked into the doctor’s office.  Dr. Bashir came out
almost immediately.
“Name please?”
“B’Elanna Torres, I have an appointment.”
“Ahh.. yes, your husband called.. wait, Torres?”
“The man who called was ‘Paris,’” he said.
“Yeah, he’s my husband.”
“I kept my last name.”
“Oh, have a seat, I’ll be right with you.”

The doctor had run test after test after test on B’Elanna, and finally had the results.
“You’re perfectly healthy, but there is something you should know.”
“You’re pregnant.”
“It’s okay, there’s nothing to worry about.. you’re only a few days pregnant, in fact, it’s amazing we could even detect it. Ahh.. modern science.”

“Damn,” she muttered, thinking back to a few days ago....
“Would you like to talk to your husband in here?”
“No, thanks, I’m going right home, I’ll talk to him there.”
“Okay, be sure to check in with the doctor on your new ship, I’ll send this information, but you’ll have to check in every once and a while.”
“Thanks,” B’Elanna said, and scurried home.

“Hey ‘Lanna! That was fast,” Tom took her into his arms, and kissing her lovingly.
“Yeah, Tom, we need to talk.”
“What about?”
“I’ve got a.. surprise for you.”
“Oh, wait, before I forget, I just got another call from Starfleet, they’ve
transferred me to the Infinity, I’m gonna be on the same ship as you.”
“Oh!! That’s great.”
“Now, what did you need to talk to me about?”
She stopped dead in her tracks, “Never mind.. it’s not important.”


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Copyright April 1997

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