The Power of Love
By Erin Alpert

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Married.. finally.. after 7 years.. they were finally married.  They had a
nice small ceremony... but the party was huge..

Both Tom and B’Elanna had changed from their dress clothes that they had worn to the ceremony.  B’Elanna now had on a pair of nice, dark pants, and a white blouse-shirt like thing.  Tom had on nearly the same thing, but a less dressy shirt.

They were standing over by one of the tables, and everyone was giving them congratulations. B’Elanna and Tom were talking softly, and they both had small glasses of punch when Harry and Erica walked over.
“Congrats, you two,” Harry commented, looking at his best friend.. and his best friend’s wife...
“Thanks,” B’Elanna smiled, putting her hand around Tom, and leaning into his shoulder.
“So.... B’Elanna Paris... I’m never gonna be able to call you that, Maquis,” Kim joked.
B’Elanna looked up at Tom... her husband, “Should we tell him?”
“Tell me what?” Kim asked.
Tom nodded.
“You aren’t going to have to call me ‘Paris,’” B’Elanna explained.
“Why not?” Harry asked, confused.
“I’m gonna keep my last name the same, it’s easier.”
“But why?  Having the same last name symbolizes love, and unity,” Erica  * Kim * broke in.
“Maybe I’ll change it later, but for now.... it’s B’Elanna Torres.”
“Oh,” Erica looked over to Harry, as if asking a question. Harry nodded.
“Harry and I have something to tell you,” Erica said.
“What is it?” B’Elanna asked, taking a sip of punch, then leaning back
against Tom.
“I’m pregnant,” Erica said.
“WHAT?!?!” B’Elanna snorted, nearly spitting her punch all over Tom, who was grateful that she didn’t.
“Yeah, one month,” Harry added.
B’Elanna turned and faced Tom. She buried her head into his chest. “What’s next?” she breathed.
“Hey,” Tom smiled, lifting her chin up with his hand, “That’s my best
friend’s family you’re talking about.” He leaned over a touch and kissed her on the top of the head.
“Yeah, and you’re * my  * family,” she smiled.
“Scary..  isn’t it?” Tom asked.
“Yeah,” she sighed.

Harry and Erica had left to go mingle with the other guests.
“Newly weds,” Harry sighed, as he took Erica’s hand.

After the public party, Tom and B’Elanna had a little one of their own...
just 8 people total: Erica, Harry, Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, and both  Tom’s and B’Elanna’s dads.
Both fathers were eye-balling each other, as if approving of their kids
getting married, while the other 6 went into the other rooms.

“I still don’t believe it,” Kathryn whispered to Chakotay.
“I knew it would happen all along,” he joked.
“Sure you did. But seriously. I don’t believe they’re finally married.”
“Kinda makes you feel old.. Doesn’t it?”
“Oh? In what way?” Janeway smiled, because out of the corner of her eye, she saw the newly-weds, so happy, so much in love...
“It’s just that everyone younger then you is getting married, all the people you were close to, you worked with.. they’ve all gone and found someone perfect for them.”
“What about you?” Janeway teased.
“Me?  I guess, I’m still looking...”
“You don’t have to look far,” she gently touched his face, and pushed it so he was looking straight at her..
“No, I don’t.”

“God, Tom, you’re married,”  Harry spoke. The four others were gathered in B’Elanna and Tom’s bedroom.
“Yeah.. I don’t believe it,” he turned his head, and kissed his * wife *
“Neither do I,” B’Elanna sighed dreamily.
“It’s great,” Erica smiled, pressed firmly against Harry.
There was a quiet knock on the bedroom door.
“Come in!” B’Elanna called.
Janeway came in, with Chakotay standing right outside the door, “It’s getting late, we better go now.”
Harry looked at the time, “God! It is late. We better go too. Come on Erica. Bye Tom. Bye B’Elanna.”
Tom and B’Elanna watched as their friends left the room. And when the door was closed, Torres, got up and paced around.
“ ‘Lann, come and sit down,” Tom patted the area of the bed next to where he was sitting, beckoning for her to sit as well.
She smiled briefly, sat down, crawled into his lap and snuggled up against him, much like a child would do to a parent... but the parent probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much as Tom was now.
“How’s my favorite bride?” He asked, holding her in his arms, and kissing her lightly.
“Was there more then one?”
Tom smiled once more, “No..  silly,” he kissed her a little more, “you’re my only one.”
“I hope so,” she was getting into this, but then she heard voices...
undoubtedly, their fathers...
“I feel like a teenager,” Tom commented.
“Why?” B’Elanna asked.
“Cuz my dad is out there, while I’m in here with the most beautiful woman I ever met,” he smiled, teasing her.
“And you did this when you were a teenager?” she joked, pulling a little closer, tempted to fall backwards.
“No,” he smiled again.
“And you knew the most beautiful woman you ever met  back then?”
“She was back then...”
“Who is this person?” she smiled, feeling his warm breath in her hair.
“A fictional character,” he quickly replied, hoping to climb out of the hole he dug.
“Sure she was,” she smiled, kissing him quickly, then going back to pacing around the room.

After about three minutes of silence, she asked, “Are they gone yet?”
“Who cares?” Tom asked, standing up, now next to her.
“I do,” she gently pushed him away, avoiding his lips at all costs, then
slowly opening  the door a crack.
“Still there?”
“Yeah,” she frowned, and went back to pacing.

“Tom, they’ve been here for over an hour!”
“Do you want to tell them to leave?”
“That would be rude.... it’s my dad out there.”
“Do you want to leave?”
“I wish... but where would we go?”
“Oh.. Damn.. Good point.. do you want to ignore them?” Tom asked with an evil grin on his face.
“And do what?” She smiled back, the same evil grin.
He wrapped his arms around her, and walked around the room with her, “I’ll
show you...”

It was the beginning of the perfect marriage. Great people.. still young
lovers at heart, but mature enough to understand.. but there are still things not meant to be understood...


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