The Power of Love: Asking Again
By Erin (I got touched by Robbie :~P) Alpert

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Torres couldn’t believe it.  It had been almost four months since her and Tom got back together, after “the fight.”  They were living together, and hadn’t had any more big fights.

Torres had a big surprise for him.....

“It wasn’t often that we’d fight all,
It wasn’t often.
It wasn’t often, that we’d fight at all.
It wasn’t often, (Repeat 8 times)
It seems like yesterday, we were 16.
We were the rebels of the rebel scene.”
The Cranberries--The Rebels

She had just gotten ready for dinner.... nice.. romantic... alone.... and all she was doing was waiting for him.

She had on a short, black dress, which wasn’t usually, she hated dresses, and had her hair up in pony-tail, another rare thing.

When he finally came out, he was wearing a nice white shirt, a black jacket, and black pants.

“Tom, you look great,” she commented, kissing him.
“So do you.  Now, what’s our plan?”
“Our plan?  How about, to have no plan, to be... spontaneous,” she looked him in the eye, “sound like fun?”
“Lots,” he could always turn a comment into something... that would be considered sick by children.
“Tom! I don’t mean like that.”
“Awww, why not?”
She ignored that comment, “C’mon, lets have dinner.”

Dinner was great, and now, they were sitting on the couch, their couch... alone.. no one to disturb them.... just sitting alone... Tom had his arms wrapped around her... and she was just laying there... happy.. content..
“Tom?” she asked, wondering what he was thinking.
“Hmmm?” he replied, sitting up straighter...
“I have something for you,” she stood up, ran into her room, and grabbed something.
“ ‘Lann, I don’t have anything for you, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.. this is something... special....”
“What is it ‘Lann?”
“Thomas, Eugene, Paris.... will you marry me?”

Tom was in shock... * SHE * was asking * HIM * if he wanted to marry her.. the woman who wouldn’t marry him just four months ago.. was asking  * HIM *.
“Tom?  Do you have an answer?”
“B’Elanna.... of course I’ll marry you,” he wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her into a passionate embrace.
“Oh... Tom,” she breathed.
“‘Lanna, can I ask you a question?”
“What made you change your mind?”
She stared intently into his blue eyes, “lets just say, I realized that,
nothing could tear us apart, and that I always... always want to be with
“I love you.”
“I know.”


Y’all happy now?

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