The Power of Love: The Swing of Things
By........ you know.. really.. you do... Erin Alpert

Sigh...... I’m too tired to write a dedication today....

The smell of something in the air woke up B’Elanna. She didn’t know what it was, but was now  sure she was still dreaming. She pulled herself out of the bed, and nearly fell to the floor. 
She wandered into the main room, and stopped short when she saw Tom. Forgetting everything that hadhappened in the past few days, she gave him a evil glare.

“Tom Paris, what are you doing here?” she shot.
“I live here, remember?” he got a worried look.
“Oh, yeah, I knew that,” she looked as if the thought stuck her like lightening.  Torres looked around, and finally went over, sat next to Paris, and rested her head on his shoulder.
“I think you need some more sleep, ‘Lanna.”
“No, I have my big meeting with Captain Sisko today.”
“ ‘Lanna, he’s not going to take you seriously if you look half dead,” he smiled.
“No, I guess not, I’m gonna go back to sleep after you leave.”
“So, how do I look?” he asked.
“Great, as always.”
“Oh, bite me,” he mumbled, then realized what he said, “I didn’t mean that literally.”
“Why not?” she smiled, and was obviously kidding.
“I have to go now,” he said, gave her a kiss, and hurried out the door.
“Bye,” she sighed.

Torres sighed and fumbled back into her bed. But no sooner then she did that, a call from Starfleet Command came in.  B’Elanna hobbled out of bed, and took it.
“B’Elanna Torres?” the Admiral asked
“Yes,” she answered.
“We are commissioning a new starship in a year or so, we are looking for engineers for it, we would like to know if you could serve aboard it. We already have a Chief Engineer, so you could not serve as that, but, we still would appreciate you skills.”
“A new ship? Can I know a little about it? Like the senior staff, and ship classifications.”
“The captain is Ceceliana, half changeling, half Betazoid.”
“Very. The tactical officer is Bajoran, Seriin Taki.Her heas of sucriety is 
Vulcan, but due to the circumstances, we cannot release his name.”
“Is he spying? Oh, never mind, continue.”
 “The Chief of Engineering is Betazoid, Tyrana Ateki, and the Helmsman is Sydri, another Changeling. The ship is Defiant Class, USS Infinity, NCC-59132. Would you like the position?”
“Yes, I’d like that very much.”
“Very well,  we will send you more information at a later date,” and the Admiral signed off.

Later, Torres found herself in Captain Sisko’s office.
“You’re B’Elanna Torres, right?” he asked.
“Yes, how’d you know?” she smiled.
“Rom told me all about how he got to meet Voyager’s Chief Engineer, and how he would be
 honored to serve with her.”
“Thank you sir.”
“Don’t thank me, I would love to have the senior staff of Voyager on my station. When can you start work?”
“I’d like you to be an Engineer here, when can you start?”
“Tomorrow, I guess.”
“Great, report to Chief O’Brian at 07:00,” Sisko led her out of the office.
“Thank you sir,” she gestured over toward Tom, who was sitting at his post, “May I talk to Paris for a moment?”
“Go right ahead.”

Paris caught a glimpse of Torres out of the corner of his eye. He also noticed her pointing at him, then the Captain nodding.  She was walking over to him, and tapped him on the shoulder.
“What is it ‘Lanna?” he asked, now standing up.
“I got a job on DS9, and on a ship that will be commissioned in a year or so, a Starfleet one.”
“Hey ‘Lanna, that’s great,” he almost leaned down to give her a congratulatory kiss, but felt the eyes of assorted bridge crew on him.  She stared at him with confused eyes, then gave * him * a kiss on the cheek, and left.
“Lieutenant,” Sisko’s comment was directed toward Paris.
“Yes sir?”
He watched as his commanding officer’s face drew into a broad smile, “That’s one hell of a girlfriend you’ve got there.”
Tom turned a shade of bright red, “Thank you sir.”

Tom looked back to where Torres had exited, and smiled again.  They had settled in, and now were finally getting back into the swing of things.


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