The Power of Love: Rhymes and Reasons
By...... you know (Erin Alpert)

I thought I finally had a hard question.. but NO! Claire had to go and get it right! Humph!! Congrats Claire, even though it was the second try... I give you credit!  Claire.... I hope Lauren and I can do a good Robbie report to... if we can actually see him through the huge crowd!!

Torres caught the hint of seriousness in his eye, and tone of voice, "What is it?"
"Well.... uh.... you know how we were talking about a more serious relationship?"
"Yeah," she nodded.
"Well, I was wondering....." he looked around, "Let's talk about this later, in my quarters."
"Okay," Torres nodded, and spent the rest of the party in suspense.

"That was a great party! What do you think 'Lanna?" Paris and Torres arrived back in his quarters, hand in hand.
"Yeah, it was great," she sat down, and beckoned for him to join her, "now, what was it you were going to ask me?" 
"Well, you know how we talked about a more serious relationship?"
"Yes Tom, I know... You're beating around the bush, what is it?"
"You know, you've always been so impatient..."
Torres leaned closer and put a finger up to his mouth, "Tom, what is it?"
"Well, 'Lanna, I was wondering, if, if, if, you think it would be a good idea, if, we, we, we moved in together...." Paris was stuttering, and Torres looked shocked, "If you think that's a terrible idea, forget I even mentioned it."
* Say yes, say yes, * "Tom, it's not a terrible idea... I just have to think about it, I don't want to be a fool and rush in."
"B'Elanna, anything we do now would not be rushing it. We've known each other for 7 years. Most couples would be married, and have a kid by now."
"Is that what you want? To be married now! And have a kid! You're more of a fool then I thought."
" 'Lanna, no, I wasn't talking about us! I was just talking about other people I knew... I heard of..."
"Tom, don't do anything more to make me have my doubts about us, I'll have my answer in the morning... good-night," and she slammed out the door.
"Bye," but she didn't hear him.

* Great going, Tom, you blew it now. She'll never say yes! *
* Well, I'm sorry. If she really loves me, then she'll say yes. *
He was talking to himself again.
* And why are you so sure? *
* Because I love, and trust, her. *
* Why? *
* Because I do. *
* I asked why. *
If that pessimistic part of his mind had been real, and there right now, he would have been seriously slapped.
* She is beautiful... *
* So is Erica.. *
* Shut up, I wasn't finished. She is intelligent.... *
* So is Kathryn. *
* I still wasn't done. She... I don't know... she's just who she is. *
* Well duh genius! *
* I know she'll say yes. *

* Oh, B'Elanna! How could you say those things to him? *
* Because I did. *
Talking to yourself could be disorienting sometimes.
* Are you going to say yes? *
* I don't know? * 
* Well, do you love him? *
* Of course! *
* Why? *
* Well, he's nice, and funny, and cute, *
* So is Harry. *
* Shut up, I'm not done yet... and he's so smart... *
* So is Chakotay. *
* Did I say I was finished? I don't think so! I guess, he is just.. he's just who he
is... *
* Woah!! How long did it take you to figure that out? * sometimes, she could be so rude to herself, and impatient, * What are you going to say? *
* You'll find out soon.... *

"Come in," Paris called, he wasn't expecting anyone.
"Hi Tom, I have my answer," it was Torres.

Tom got the sudden chills, as nervousness took over, "What is it?" he breathed.
"Well, Tom..... I think you better sit down first."
So Paris sat down, facing Torres. He took her hand in his, leaned a little closer and asked, "What is your answer?"
"Well, I think..... I think.. it wouldn't be a bad idea..."
" 'Lanna, is that a yes?"
"Yes," she smiled.
Paris leaned closer and whispered in her ear, "Fool."


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