Hagal to Sygel: A prequel to The Power of Love series
By Erin Alpert

Betcha y’don’t know what the title means. Anyway. I’m sick of writing the regular series for now.. so here’s a prequel.

B’Elanna Torres sighed.  She wasn’t sure if her life could get any better. Sure, she didn’t know if Voyager would get home, but after seven years, their goal wasn’t really “home”, but rather the Alpha Quadrant. The ship was “Home” to them now.  And now, her life was going great.   Hers and Tom’s relationship was progressing.. slowly.. but progressing.  They sometimes talked about moving in together, but they were always joking. They * did * spend most of their time together, and were starting to get noticed as a * couple *.  Things were looking up. But, when ever something like that happened, there was always a pitfall.....

“Captain.. I’ve found.. something..” Ensign Harry Kim’s voice was trembling with excitement.

“What is it Harry?” Kathryn Janeway pushed.

“It’s a wormhole.”

Torres shot her attention up from her Engineering console, and directed it to the main view-screen at the word “wormhole.”

“Where does it lead, B’Elanna?”

“Hang on,” she scanned it, and was shocked at the words that left her mouth, “The Gamma Quadrant.”

“After all these years,” Tom Paris commented from the helm, “We find one, but it leads to the Gamma Quadrant.”

Torres quietly left her console, and went to stand next to Tom, her Tom, took his arm, rested her head on his shoulder, and gently whispered, “It’s okay Tom, and shortcut helps.”

“I know.”

“Oh well, Lieutenant, take us through,” Janeway commanded, as Torres returned to her station.

As she felt the ship lurch forward, and being sucked into the swirling colors of the wormhole, she heard a voice.

“Hagal,” it said.

It wasn’t a familiar voice, she had never heard it before. It was young, and female, but that didn’t help her at all.

When the ship passed through, the same voice came again.
“Change, more often bad than good.”

“Where are we?” Janeway barked.

“The Gamma Quadrant, less then three light-years from the DS9 wormhole.”

Murmurs of Excitement rang over the bridge, turning to shouts of joy, into clapping, for the Captain who would bring them home, and all of her senior officers.

“Captain, a Cardassian Ship is approaching,” Kim called.
“Hail them.”

“Frequencies open,” Kim told her.

“This is Captain Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager, we mean you no harm, we just wish to travel through the wormhole.”

“You lie, Voyager disappeared 7 years ago,” and the  Cardassian cut the channel, and opened fire.

“Disruption,” the voice rang once more, only B’Elanna could hear it.
She heard a loud noise, and saw the helm console go up in flames.

“Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she shouted, running toward where he lay on the floor, motionless.

“Get him to Sickbay,” Janeway commanded, and a group of Ensigns rushed him into the turbo-lift, Harry and B’Elanna close behind.

In Sickbay, the Doctor was barking commands at Kes, but it seemed futile. When the blur of motion stopped, Torres carefully approached the Doctor.... and Tom.

“How is he?”

“He’s stabilized, but if he wants to recover, it’s up to him, there’s nothing more I can do.”

“Can we be alone?” she asked slowly, and Kes nodded, and pulled the Ensigns, Harry included, out of Sickbay, and the Doctor deactivated himself.

“Tom,” she breathed in, trying to hold back all emotions.

“Tom, I know.. you’ve always been... strong.. and I know.. that you can.. do... this.. just.. rest.. and be strong.. like you always.... are.. Tom,” she choked out... mind now flooded with mixed emotions.

“Sygel” that voice! It returned.

“Doctor!” she called.

The holo-gram flickered to existence, and asked her to “Please state the nature of the Medical Emergency.”

“First of all, I’m sick of you saying that. But, I am hearing this weird
voice, I can’t describe it really.”

“Do you think it’s hallucinatory? Or something else?”

“I’m not sure, you better take a look at me,” she hopped up on the bed that was next to Tom’s, and the Doc smiled weakly.

“Wholeness,” it came back.

“There it was!” Torres exclaimed.

“There what was?”

“The voice,” she said, and rolled over onto her side to face her motionless Tom.

The Doctor scanned her, and saw of nothing wrong with her, “You might want to stay here for the night, in case this ‘voice’ comes back.”
“Thank you.”

Voyager had escaped the pursuing Cardie Ship, and was beginning to pull into the wormhole, there was no turning back.

“Tom?” Torres whispered, “I’m gonna tell you something, okay?”

There was no answer.. there probably never would be.

“No protest? Fine.  You will! get better, hear me? You can’t leave me...
now.. after.. all, that’s... happened.. to us... I  need you here Tom...
don’t go.. you.. just.. can’t... leave.. me.. Tom.”

“Rest,” that damn voice was still there, but it was right, she needed rest, and closed her eyes, no turning back now.

Deep Space Nine turned gracefully around, spinning tiny circles.

“Hail them,” Janeway ordered.

“This is Captain Sisko, of Deep Space Nine Space Station, how may we help you?”

“I’m Captain Kathryn Janeway, our ship, Voyager, has been missing for 7 years. We’re back, and are requesting permission to dock.”

“Kathryn Janeway?  We’ll notify Starfleet, and clear up a docking port for you.. welcome home.”

“Lieuntenant, good morning,” the Doctor was as cheery as ever when B’Elanna finally woke up.

“I’m fine Doc, can you leave me alone for a little while longer?”

“Sure,” and he was gone once more.

“Tom?” she asked, hoping for an answer. But there was none, so she leaned over and gave him a kiss. Why? She didn’t know, but it felt like the right thing to do.

“Recovery,” that voice, once more pounded into her head.
She was about ready to scream, but she caught the hint of motion out of the corner of her eye.

“Tom?” his eyes fluttered open, slowly.

“Doctor!!!!!” she called, and he came back.

“What is it?”

“Tom.. he.. he... he came back.”

Paris looked around slowly, “Where am I?”

* I’m talking’
  I’m talking’
  I believe in the power of love. *
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The Power Of Love Series-Would Begin Here (But it’s after Tommy gets out’o’Sickbay)

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