Just Another Day
By Erin Alpert

I bet your pretty sick of reading my stories by now,  <grin> so this one is a
little different, no time travel.  I got my idea from Tracy’s story,
Valentine’s Day, hehehe, that’s why I didn’t call my story that.  But don’t
worry Tracy, mine’s a lot different.
Ahh, I do love to write these long messages. Hmmm.. who do I say hi to today?
Hi Kirsten. Tyrana (yes, Q, that is from Tyrant) and Chakotay, honestly,
hmph... could’ve choosen someone younger.. Kim...Paris.. <grin> Agg... better
than Ce and the Doc... How ‘bout Syd and *Vorik* hehehehe... hope she isn’t
reading this... do Taki next, or Sydri.... torture Sydri!  (or is it Sidri? I

It was just another day, a long, boring, tiring day.  B’Elanna sighed as she
punched the last few buttons of her final shift.  It wasn’t that late a
night, but she’d been working since 0200 hours, and it was  about 1900 now,
17 hours on the job, straight.... long and boring, long and boring.
“Good night, Ensign,” she told the young woman who was taking over for her.
“Good night, happy Valentine’s Day.”
Torres nodded. She wasn’t one to get into all of those old Earth traditions
and holidays, there were to many to remember, and it got confusing.  So she
sighed once more, and returned to her quarters.

Torres just wanted to relax, who wouldn’t? But the doorbell interrupted her
peace and quiet.
*Aggg... Can’t anyone get any time alone on this ship... Aggg*
“Come in,” she called, not even bothering to ask who it was. Personally, she
didn’t care.
Torres was sitting on her couch, when Paris walked in.
“Hello? B’Elanna, you okay?” he asked her.
“Yeah Tom. I’m fine! I’ve only been working for *17* hours, with no breaks...
I’m just peachy-keen,” she was getting irritated.
“I’ll leave, if you want me to,” Paris offered.
“No, stay, what ever, I don’t really care anymore,” she flailed her arms,
making some random gesture, then shrugged with irritation, “What do you
His hands were still behind his back, hiding some thing, no doubt.
She smiled, “What do you have?”
“Nothing... except this,” he pulled out a rose, just one, but it broadened
her smile.
“Oh, Tom... Thank you,” she paused, then her expression changed, “I’m sorry,
I didn’t get you any thing.”
“That’s okay, B’Elanna,” he looked into her brown eyes, and smiled.
“Thank you, for every thing.”
Paris just laughed, “Happy Valentine’s Day, B’Elanna.”

Apparently, it wasn’t just another day, it was Valentine’s Day. And he wasn’t
just another Starfleet officer, he was Tom Paris.

End :+)

HeHeHe!! I’m giddy.. the VLT is over! AhHa!  Paramount/Viacom (Vacuum) owns
characters, story is MINE! No one can take it! MINE! <hehehe>  Lemmie know
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