Be Careful What you Wish For
By Erin Alpert

Okay, I've had BlOoD FeVeR fEvEr for months now, and will not
allow myself to go without a story.

I'd like to dedicated this to 2 new P/Ters, one, who shall remain
nameless for his/her safety, and 2, my brother, Brian, AKA, Bree, the
"Dead meat boy".

It wasn't a slow day in Engineering, not for B'Elanna, at least.
*Be careful what you wish for,* that's what she told him. Of all
things, that's what she said. She really needed to talk to him,
among others, but mostly him.

She needed to apologize to Neelix, for blaming him for nearly killing
her. She needed to apologize to Vorik, for being so mean, but
really, he deserved it.
She needed to apologize to the whole away team, really, just for
acting the way she did.
But mostly, she needed to apologize to Tom. And she would, as
soon as her slow shift was over.

She was nervous, wondering what he'd say, and was wishing she
was a tele-path, so she could know what he thought, but she
didn't, and she wasn't.

Tom Paris was sitting in his quarters when he heard the door-bell
ring. He had a feeling he knew who it was, but wasn't sure.
"Who is it?"
"Tom, It's me," ah, so it was Torres.
"Come in," Paris called, not knowing what to expect.

She uneasily walked in, shifting weight from foot to foot. Paris could
feel what she was feeling, and he was just as nervous.
"So, hi," Paris said, breaking the silence.
"Hi," she murmured.
Nothing was accomplished in those words.
"So, you wanna sit down?" Paris asked, moving over to make room
for her on the couch.
"Sure," she was mumbling again, and she sat down.

Then it was silent again, not a word was spoken, it was an awkward
Then they both began a sentence at the same time.
"Tom," "B'Elanna," the words were mixed together, so neither one
was truly understandable.
Paris stopped talking, "you go first."
"Okay," she took a breath, "I'm sorry."
"For what?"
"For everything," she was frustrated, and Paris could easily tell, "for
everything that happened on the planet. For being so, snappy. For
biting you.."
He smiled, and tried not to let the snort inside of him escape.
"Nothing, apology accepted," and he was solemn again.

It was quiet now, too quiet, and Torres didn't like it.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."
"You said that already, and I accepted it already."
"I know, but, about forgetting the whole thing, maybe that's not
such a good idea."
"Maybe not, and we will be here for a long time, maybe. Hopefully
not, but maybe."
"The thing I'm worried about is our friendship, if we let all this get to
our heads, who knows what will happen."
"Maybe. And don't get me wrong on this, I value our friendship
more than anything else in the world, but still, I can't help
wondering what would happen if we, perused this, and became
more than friends."
"Who knows, maybe, someday, we will," she smiled, and noticed a
slight grin on his face too.
*Who knows, maybe, someday, we will,* was now echoing in her
mind, and was much better than, *be careful what you wish for.*

The End :+)

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"It's hard to rely on my good intentions,
When my head's full of things that I can't mention.
It seems I usually get things right,
But I can't understand what I did last night."
Toad the Wet Sprocket- Good Intentions

I loved Blood Fever!!!!!!!!!! Much better than Resolutions, IMHO. But,
then again, back when Resolutions aired, I wasn't a J/Cer, or a
P/Ter. Yup, I just was assimilated a few months ago.

But, the best part of Blood Fever? The *kiss*, hahahahahaha, P/Ters
saw it first, sorry J/Cers, but, we won!!!!!!!!!

Copyright 1997, by Erin Alpert
Yeah, yeah. I said it before, but for legal purposes, I'll say it again.
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