Two Things
By Erin Alpert

Hi people, it's me, Erin again. This story takes place after the end of
The Chute. Y'know, when Paris and Kim were blowing all of their
replicator rations. If you don't, you won't understand this story.

B'Elanna Torres cared too much about Tom, and Harry, to not see
how they were doing.
"Don't come in unless you have extra replicator rations," Paris called
through the closed door.
"Don't worry, I do," B'Elanna called back.
The door opened, and Tom was standing right in front of it,
"B'Elanna, always a pleasure to see you. Care to join us?"
Torres peered behind him, and saw more food than she could ever
imagine. *Wow! How could they even try to eat this much? I better
help them.*
"Sure," she said, and walked in.
There was Harry Kim, sitting on the Starfleet issue couch.
"Hi," he said.
"Hi. So, Tom, how are you feeling?"
"Fine, I guess. I mean, I'm feeling a lot better, since the Doc treated
me. And I'm feeling a lot better now that I know Janeway won't let
Neelix fly Voyager." Paris chuckled, and turned to face Torres,
noticing a smile creeping up her face.
"I'm feeling fine, also," Kim said from across the room, holding a
bowl of pudding-stuff that certainly looked better than Neelix's
*Damn. I almost forgot he was here," Torres thought, wishing for two
things. One, for Kim to leave Paris' quarters, and two, for some of
the delicious looking pudding.
She got one of her wishes. Kim stood up and left.
"Bye Tom, see you tomorrow."

"Well, I guess it's just you and me," Paris said, turning to face Torres
once again.
"I guess so. Hey, can I have some of that pudding?"
*Yup, that's my crazy girl, B'Elanna,* "Sure."
Tom went looking at his table, which was covered in food-like
things, trying to find the pudding.
"Okay, I found the pudding, but, one problem."
"No spoon. Computer one spoon."
"Tom, you didn't have to do that."
Paris handed her a spoon, "how else would you eat the pudding?"
"Good point," Torres responded, taking a *spoonful* of pudding.
"You like it?"
"Mmmmm....It's very good."
Tom was looking at her weirdly. She stopped eating, and looked
back at him, trying to match his confusing gaze.
"Tom. What's wrong?"
"Nothing, really," He wasn't very good at lying.
"Tom, what's wrong?"
"It's nothing, really."
"TOM, what's wrong!!!!?????"
"I'm sorry. I was just thinking. I thought I'd never see Voyager again,
see the captain, and Chakotay again. I thought, I'd never see you
"Oh, Tom, it's okay."
"I know it is. It is now anyway. I'm finally back here, back home,
with the people, *the person* I love."

The End :+)

Copyright 1997, by Erin Alpert
Yeah, yeah. I said it before, but for legal purposes, I'll say it again.
Viacom/Paramount <shudder> owns these characters, but the story
is mine, ALL MINE, <insert sinister laughter here> Comments are
welcome to me, at

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, since no one ever reads this legal junk,
I'd just like to say hi to Jessica, Taki, Q, Ceceliana (don't think I
spelled it right) and Sydrie (don't think I spelled that right either). For
the last four, Tyrana still is the only one with a clue. If you have no
*clue* what I'm talking about, it's okay, really. "Termination."