The Simple Things Remain

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Voyager and the characters, I'm just screwing them up a bit...    *evil grin*

Rating: PG13

Synopsis: It's short enough, just read!


 Why do I have the right to be tormented??? Tom thought, his own voice screaming to be let out of his head. I feel 
real! I think, I talk, I act real, I eat, I argue, I even cry, for God's sake! What is happening to me??? Tom Paris had been 
pacing his quarters for over an hour, tears of anger, sadness, regret, and lost passion sliding mercilessly down his cheeks. 
The tears landed on the grey carpeting, turning to tiny silver spots that went unnoticed by their slowly deteriorating owner. 
I am a clone. I'm a fake... Why even bother trying to survive??? I will be welcomed by no one if we do make it to Earth. 
Everyone will see me as just another traitor, a cocky pilot, a useless blob of silver matter. That's all I am!!! That's all 
she was, too!... But then why do I love her so much??? How can I love someone who was a fake? How can I have all these emot-
ions in me, if I am nothing but a pool of bio-mometic matter? And how can feelings that don't even exist hurt so very much??? 
Tom sat on the edge of the big double wide bed that was in the middle of the bedroom of his new quarters. It was their new 
quarters. Until B'Elanna died. Now his own thoughts kept him away from everything else. He was unaware of the small patch of 
silver that was forming on his left leg, and slowly spreading. Nor was he aware of the much more dangerous spot on the back 
of his head that was slowly eating at his brain. Will I ever see her again? How is it even remotely fair that I wasn't even 
allowed to spend one day with my wife? This angel that I loved so much, she didn't deserve to die!!! I would have died a 
thousand deaths for her! A thousand and more, painful, slow, if only she could have lived... God, please, I pray she went in 
peace. Without pain... I held her hand, at least. I hope she was happy... Now it's... Now, I think it's... Coming... 
'Lanna... Hold on, my sweet 'Lanna... Won't be...

 "B'Elanna!!!" Tom Paris jolted up in bed, sweat pouring off his face and back, his heart racing. He tried to gain 
composure while telling himself the whole time, it was just a dream. "Computer, lights!" He shouted, not being able to wait 
any longer. He had to tell her now... Hurrying into the bathroom to change, Tom glanced at the clock. It was 0600 hours. 
Almost time to be up anyway. Grabbing a fresh uniform, he bent over the sink to splash cold water on his face, and screamed 
at his own reflection. The sweat on his face was spotted with silver, and there were little silver tracks running down his 
cheeks. Blinking hard several times, and rubbing his eyes, Tom looked again. This time, there was no silver. But still, his 
heart was pounding furiously with fear. Throwing on his uniform as fast as he could, Tom ran out and headed for B'Elanna's 

 "Come in!" B'Elanna shouted groggily after the third beep of the door. She groaned and rolled over, forcing herself 
up, and found herself face to face with Tom. "Tom! You're up early! Is something-" Her scratchy voice was cut off by Tom's 
less than gentle good-morning kiss. He held her firmy by her arms and she could feel the fear radiate from him. When he 
broke the kiss, B'Elanna saw tears in his eyes. "What's wrong, Tom?" She asked with concern.
 "Nothing. You're alive. It's okay now..." Tom whispered, a single tear sliding down his cheek. "I love you, B'Elanna. 
I want to spend every last moment with you. I can't let you go..." 
 "Don't worry, Tom..." B'Elanna said softly, brushing away his tears. "I'm not going anywhere without you."

The end... pretty corny, huh?