-Darker Waves 2-  By: Kris

Rated: PG13
Summary: The events after Tom 'rapes' Harry on the holodeck...
The characters belong to Paramount, but the plotline is all mine! :) Feedback much desired!

~Darker Waves 2~

 "Mr. Paris, explain this!" The EMH shouted angrily while he ran a medical tricorder over the naked, battered ensign
Kim. The young man's face and hands had turned deathly pale, and blood trickled from his mouth and nose.
 "Um, we-I mean.. I was..." Tom stammered, not moving his eyes from Harry's lifeless face.
 "Now! Quit stammering and explain, or I will call security up here in a second!"
 "It's my fault! We were a little too rough. I mean, I was... I didn't mean to really hurt him! Is he okay?" Tom cried
in a genuinely worried voice. He stood erect beside the biobed, gripping the side until his knuckles were white.
 "Don't concern yourself," The Doctor spat angrily. "He will live. Lucky for you. I can't know if Mr. Kim will want to
file a rape report until he regains consciousness. For now, I think you should remain here until Liutenant Tuvok arrives."
 "Please, Doc! I want to stay and make sure Harry's ok. Please?"
 "I can treat Mr. Kim perfectly well without your attendence. You have commited an act of rape, and will be properly
detained! Please step away, I need the room to treat him." The Doctor cut between Tom and the biobed, administering another
hypospray, and running another scan of the now trembling figure. Tom looked about ready to fall to the floor crying, but he
remained silent. He didn't even protest when Tuvok came and reprimanded him, dragging him off to the brig.

 Tom wasn't sure how long it had been, but he knew it was the next day. He held the data padd in his hand, again going
over the readings displayed on it. The Captain had made him read the reports of Harry's condition and injuries. She had also
decided to keep him in the brig while she went over what happened with Harry. The padd listed close to a dozen injuries, incl-
uding two broken ribs, a hairline fracture to the nose, a sprained wrist, deflated lung, broken tooth, and torn rectum. Tom
felt such a deep hate towards himself, he was not even thinking of ever getting out of the brig. If it were up to him, he'd
keep himself locked up for life. His best friend! He'd raped his best friend...
 For the third time in one day, Tom hung his head and cried.

 Harry groaned in pain and opened his eyes as slowly as he could, thinking it might make the headache assult a bit 
less painful. Blinking away the fuzziness, he wasn't surprised to see the Doctor looking down at him.
 "Ah, you're awake, Ensign. How do you feel?"
 "Like shit." Harry replied, moving to sit up. The Doctor was about to push him back down, but before he could, Harry
fell back, gasping from the searing pain in his side. "As you must have now noticed, you suffered several mild injuries, one
being two broken ribs on your right side. I recommend you stay still for the next twenty four hours, until the bones are
fully healed." The Doctor explained smugly. "And, if you are feeling up to it now, Liutenant Tuvok has some questions for you
regarding... The source of the injuries." Harry sighed slowly in frustration and worry, but nodded anyway.
 A moment later, the sober Vulcan stood beside Ensign Kim's biobed with a data padd in hand. "Ensign Kim, I must first
ask you if you wish to press formal charges against Mr. Paris for sexual assult."
 Harry closed his eyes for a moment in thought, then shook his head and opened them. "No... I don't think so."
 "Alright. Please tell me, did Mr. Paris rape you?"
 Again Harry was silent a moment. "Yes... I mean- No... I wouldn't say that."
 "So this was consensual?" Tuvok asked, raising an eyebrow. When Harry didn't reply, he asked again, "The injuries 
weren't consensual, but the sexual assult was?"
 "Yes... It was." Harry said silently, swallowing hard. "I didn't try too hard to stop him."
 "But under the circumstances, you could not have stopped him anyhow. He clearly had the advantage. Correct?"
 "Yes, but... I don't want him to get in trouble for this. It was me, too."
 "Mr. Paris recieved no injuries. You, on the other hand, were severely injured as well as violated. Yet you wish not
to press charges?" Tuvok asked, clearly speculative.
 "No, no charges."
 "Very well, then. I hope you are soon feeling well again. Doctor." Tuvok said, turning and leaving the room. Harry
closed his eyes and sighed again, hoping his friend would be okay.

 Tom looked up when he heard Captain Janeway's voice ordering the force field be lowered. "Tom, get up." She said in
a hard voice, as cold as Tom's spirit felt. She stared at him just as coldly for a moment, then said, "Lucky for you, Harry
decided not to press charges. Frankly, I can't figure out why. He is your best friend. Why did you do this to him? Got bored
of your usual pleasures?" Janeway's words hit Tom like a slap in the face. A very hard slap. 
 "Ma'am... I'm sorry. Is he okay?" Tom asked in a quiet, ashamed voice.
 "You can go see for yourself. If Harry lets you near him, anyway." With than, the Captain stormed out, leaving Tom
with a very embarassed crewman near the brig.

 Tom paced outside Harry's quarters, contemplating weather or not to ring for him. He hadn't been this nervous and sick
to his stomach in ages. Finally, he took a deep breath and decided, the sooner he got it done, the better. Just a second after
pressing the signal key, he heard Harry's voice inside calling for him to enter. The doors slid open to admit him inside. The
lights were set at half illumination, and Harry lay accross his couch, sipping from a mug, a leather bound book in his hand.
 "About time you showed up." Harry said suddenly, making Tom's heart skip. After a minute of silence, he said, "You
don't have to apologize, Tom. Although, the intense pain and three days in sickbay wasn't the best part of this relationship.
I hope I passed the initiation, 'cause I'm not doing it again." With this, Harry closed the book and glanced amusingly at his
friend's shocked look. "You're gonna be stuck with a flytrap, you stand there like that much longer."
 "Uh... Um, you- You're not mad? You don't hate my guts because of this?" Tom stammered.
 "I don't hate your guts. I hate the way you decided to come about this, telling me you loved me, that way. There are
much less painful ways, and I frankly still don't know why you did it that way."
 "Well... Me either, Har. I- I don't know what to say. I AM sorry for this... Could you ever forgive me?"
 Harry sighed. "I suppose I could. As long as we agree to no more violence in this relationship."
 "Relationship? You mean...?"
 "Yeah, Tom. I still love you. Nothing can change that. Everyone has a wierd side."
 "Oh Harry!" Tom cried, running to his friend, and falling into his arms in broken sobs. "I'm so glad. I promise I'll
only show you the best love from now on! I love you, Harry!"
 Harry smiled slowly at his friend's muffled words against his neck, and tightened his hold. Closing his eyes, one tear
slid down his cheek. "I love you too, Tom."

The End

I know, short, corny, nothing but mush. It's late, what can I say?