Title: Darker Waves Of Proton
Author: Agentstarlight
Rating: NC17 
Category: P/K, Angst, Bondage, spoiler to Vis-A-Vis
Warning: I know this story doesn't exactly start out perfectly, but I'm just getting warmed up on my slash fics. Tom dominates Harry in this one, but is it really 
Tom, and does Harry really hate what happens? Set during the episode Vis-A-Vis. They never showed enough of that one! 


 Harry stood on the holodeck chained in dark grey shackles. The knot of nervousness in his stomach tightened, and the black and white scene of Chaotica's 
realm around him wavered a bit. He swallowed the feeling that rose in him that something was wrong.
 'God, Harry!' He thought to himself harshly. 'Can't even enjoy a holodeck program with your best friend without being uptight?' But then, B'Elanna had 
warned him that Tom wasn't acting himself lately. Being chained to the holodeck with nobody to save him except Captain Proton was just a tad disturbing. Then 
the young ensign snapped out of it, remembering his line.
 "You'll never get away with this, Chaotica!" Right after the words left his mouth, Harry saw the side door hatch slide open, and Tom entered with a plume of 
steam and smoke. Just as dramatic as ever, chewing his gum, giving his helpless friend a cocky grin, a ray gun extended from his hand. 
 "Enjoying yourself, Buster?" 
 "It's about time you showed up!" Harry hissed.
 "Captain Proton!" Chaotica sneered.
 "Of course! Who were you expecting, Superman?" Tom snickered, suddenly pulling the trigger and blasting the chains from Harry's shackles.
 "Watch it! I don't wanna lose a hand!"
 "The safeties Har, remember?" Tom taunted. "I think we need some excitement around here, this is growing boring."
 "Tom?" Harry asked questioningly.
 "Computer, initiate program Paris 69-Alpha, and activate privacy locks, authorization Tom Paris only." The computer beeped in response, and the scene
materialized from the old fasioned black and white to a big sandy beach, spread under a night sky filled with stars, which were the only other occupants, besides a 
few seashells. 
Harry looked down to see that his attire had been changed, along with Tom's, to a casual tshirt and jeans. Only the sound of small waves slapping the sand could 
be heard, until Harry cleared his throat nervously.
 "Uh, Tom? What's this all about?"
 Tom just glanced at his friend with a hint of annoyance, and continued to gaze at the choppy water for several seconds before answering. "Harry... I had to 
bring you here. I had to show you now, because I made this one just for you, my friend." Tom's voice took on a strangely cheerful turn, and he slapped his arm over 
the young man's shoulders before he could react. "See..." Tom continued. "I noticed how much time we've shared together lately, and how much closer we've gotten... 
I was curious, if you felt the same way?"
 Harry was stunned silent, the arm over his shoulders was too heavy, and the skin against  his neck was hot. He walked dazedly beside the older man, his head 
spinning. The 
familiar knot of dread tightened again, harder to ignore even through his racing thoughts. "What's this about Tom?"
He choked out, his voice tight with concern.
 "Harry, Harry, Harry... Do I have to spell it out? I love you!" Tom's words made Harry stop dead in his tracks.
 "What?!?!" The young Asian cried, shocked. Tom spun him around, gripping his arms tightly enough to make him flinch.
 "Listen to me, Harry! I knew you wouldn't understand! There's no way you could!" The lightning flashing in his eyes burned Harry to the core, making him 
feel totally exposed.
 "You're not Tom..." He said flatly. "Tom wouldn't do this! Tom loves B'Elanna!"
 "No, Harry! B'Elanna was just an excuse, a cover up... Because I love you!" When Harry didn't reply, the pilot pressed his lips against his friend's forcefully, 
his grasp on the frightened young man's arms making resistence difficult. But then Kim twisted his face away before Tom could plunge his tongue inside. Paris growled 
roughly and slapped his captive's face hard. 
 "Fine! You want to be difficult, you've got it!" He spat, pushing Harry to the ground. He kicked the trembling figure as hard as he could half a dozen times, 
stopping only when the whimpers died down. Reaching down, Tom grabbed the battered man by the hair and turned him over. A trickle of blood came from his mouth 
and nose. Tom cursed, knowing there must be a punctured lung. 
 "Harry... You know I don't want to hurt you. Please, don't fight it..." Tom said softly, wiping away the blood gently. Harry groaned and gasped in pain, now 
barely conscious.
 "Go to Hell..." He said in a strangled whisper. Tom grew furious, rage flying from his eyes. He shoved Harry's face in the sand and started ripping off his shirt, 
the buttons flying in all directions. Then he stripped his captive down to his underwear before he started to regain consciousness. 
 "I will have you, Harry! You're mine!" The older man growled, towering over a naked, smooth skinned ensign. "Finally..." Harry tried to curl up protectively 
into a ball, but Tom jammed his knee into the smooth, strong back, forcing his captive to remain face down on the sand. "Now, now... This won't do at all." Tom 
growled, holding Harry's wrists behind his back. He used one of the shirts to tie them in place, and flipped the young man over, working to pull off the last meager 
piece of clothing. Harry took advantage of the opportunity, and swung his leg up, kicking his attacker in the side of the head, knocking him down for just a moment. 
Harry struggled to his feet, but barely got upright before Tom charged him, knocking them both down, close to the water. Their legs tangled, and their feet were brushed 
by the cold waves. Harry felt fingers tangle tightly in his short black hair, and before he had a chance to do anything, his face was forced into the receeding water. His 
struggles lasted only a few seconds, as the oxygen in his one undamaged lung diminished too quickly. His heart pounding in his chest painfully, he heard a voice from far 
above him, full of regret and anger.
 "Harry, don't fight it! Please! You have to understand!" With that said, Tom pulled his friend's head out of the water, leaning down to his ear, he growled, "Tell 
me you understand..."
 Harry caughed and choked on the blood and water in his throat, trying to breathe the much needed air before he spoke. "I... Understand..." Tom turned Harry 
over again onto his back, and lowered himself down onto the young man's legs, leaning over and gazing into the fearful, dark chocolate eyes for a moment before 
lowering his head. Harry felt warm lips trailing down his neck and collarbone slowly. When he felt Tom sucking on the soft flesh over his shoulder, he shuddered and 
squirmed slightly. But something began to stir deep inside him, and it wasn't fear or pain or anger. His ribs hurt even more with Paris' weight on top of him, but the older 
man still continued to explore his chest with those warm, wet kisses. Harry gave a sharp gasp when he felt that hot mouth close over one of his dark brown nipples, and 
being teased with Tom's teeth. 
 "Tom, stop... Please!" Harry moaned, twisting and squirming with pain. But the stirring that was growing inside him was becoming too much to ignore. Growing 
into a fire that burned with passion. 
 Tom lifted his face when he felt Harry's erection growing against his back. "You feel it too, hey Har?" Ensign Kim felt a pang in his heart upon hearing the 
same cheerful, gently tone of voice that his best friend always used. But he knew, it would never be the same. Tom grasped his friend's face firmly with one hand. 
"Tell me you feel it!" He demanded. Harry just offered a small nod in response, not able to make himself say it. "Tell me what you want me to do, Har..." Tom ordered 
again. When Harry only replied with a look of confusion, his captor let go of his face and closed a tighter grip around his throat, making his tear filled brown eyes widen 
even more. "Tell me you want me to fuck you!" The words that assulted his ears made Harry light headed, but he knew if he didn't answer, he would pass out from the 
pressure on his throat. 
 "I... I want... You to, Tom..." He choked out, helpless to do anything more to loosen the death grip on his throat, almost welcoming the approaching blackness. 
 "To what?" Tom asked passively.  Harry had to reply, to get the other man off him. 
 "Fuck me..." He whispered roughly. When the hand at last released him, a tear escaped and slid down the soft, tan cheek into the wet sand. 
 Paris stood and took off his own underwear before he began stroking Harry's erection.
 "Tom, don't! This isn't right!" Kim cried softly, his struggles weakening.
 "Harry," Tom gasped heavily, his tongue trailing along the smooth, hairless skin of the young man's abdomen. "This couldn't be more right. Just... Let it happen..." 
Ensign Kim closed his eyes in defeat, but also because he found it incredibly difficult to sustain the moans of pleasure that threatened to escape. "I love you so much..." 
Tom continued between kisses. "Harry, you're so... So beautiful..." A sigh escaped Kim's lips as he felt the tongue trailing down the quivering stomach muscles, loosen-
ing the knot of fear inside, and continuing along the side of his hip. Then his breath caught in his throat when Tom's mouth at last closed over his erection. When Harry 
bucked his hips at the sudden warmth of the contact, Tom's face flushed in joy and growing desire. 
 Not being able to wait any longer, the lieutenant flipped his captive over and undid the bonds, making Kim get on all fours. The young man only quivered with 
dread, because he had never been with a man before. He felt humiliated and exposed, with his ass in the air for Tom's taking. 
 "Computer, one tube of lubricant." Tom said huskily, still holding the ensign's hips, until he was sure the man would stay put. Harry felt some movement behind 
him for a moment, and then hands caressing his butt. He was just about to speak, but then the sudden plunge of two fingers inside him stopped the words from ever 
coming out. The ensign had to choke back his sobs as the fingers probed forcefully, brushing his prostrrate gland over and over. 
 Harry lowered his head into his hands, trying to restrain his cries and the sickness that welled up in him, but tears still trailed down and fell from the tip of his 
nose. As the force of the pummeling wore on, Harry felt his broken ribs shift painfully, sending a searing pain through his side. He nearly fell over from the weakness 
the pain caused, and his strangled cry seemed to startle Tom for a moment. But the older man just pulled him back up without a word, and Harry obeyed, squeezing his 
eyes shut tightly with effort. This time Tom started with three fingers, making the ensign draw in a tight, hissing breath.
 "You're a virgin, Harry." Paris finally spoke. "But now it's time, and I'll be the first one to take you. You can finally feel what I once felt..." With that, Tom 
slowly eased his hardened shaft into Harry, releasing a deep breath. Once he was all the way in, Tom leaned over and grabbed the ensign's left arm, twisting it behind 
his back. "I love you, Har..." Tom's hot breath blew in Harry's ear, making his heart skip. He could feel Tom filling him, and it seemed to open up a longing he never 
knew existed. A desire that was so strong, it couldn't be ignored, and it demanded to be fulfilled.  Despite the situation, Harry Kim was quite aroused.
 For a minute, Tom was still, and the only sound that was heard were the small waves lapping at the shore, and both the men breathing heavily. Then Tom spoke 
 Harry, I'm going to make you beg for it... I know you will." His captive shivered at those words, and he laughed. "Tell me you love me, Har..."
 After a moment of silence, Kim said in a very soft but strong voice, "I do, Tom. I love you so much... I just wish we could do this right..."
 "Do you really, Har?" Tom asked softly, then said, "I wish I could believe you..." Tom ran his hand up and down Harry's thigh, and trailed his tongue up the silky 
smooth skin of Harry's shoulder and neck, then in the crivices of his ear. The young man shivered with pleasure, and opened his mouth to respond.
 "Tom, you can trust me. I do love you, and now I regret never telling you... I don't want our first time to be like this. You're hurting me, Tom... My ribs are 
broken... Please, can't we do this right. so we can both enjoy it?"
 Tom laughed, but it held a lot concern and uncertainty. "Har, this is the best feeling I've ever had. And this is the way I love you... It's the only way I know..." 
He released Harry's arm, and lay out on top of him, wrapping his arms around, teasing one of the young Asian's nipples, which were already partially erect, and grasping 
his dick with the other hand, stroking it slowly, and making him tremble and gasp. Tom's own erection was still throbbing inside Harry's virgin hole. 
 "Tommmmm!" Harry moaned, the sensations of all three stimulated areas assulting him beyond comprehension. He'd never felt anything like it. "Tom, please!... 
Please, faster!" He panted.
 Paris laughed in passionate joy. "If you insist, Harry..." He wrapped his arms down around Kim's, and grasped the slender wrists tightly, before pulling back a 
little and entering him again with a hard, quick thrust. Harry screamed and both of them nearly came right then, so Tom continued with slower thrusts, stretching their 
climax out longer. Their pants and moans and incoherent murmerings reverberated through the holographic night. The pain in Harry's chest and sides dulled to an ache 
that was nearly drowned out by all the other sensations assulting him. 
 "Tom... Oh, God Tom! Faster! Pleeeeeease... More, faster..."
 "Can't, Har... Lasting, longer... For you... My sweetheart... Love you... I'm sorry... So sorry, Har..."
 "No, Tom... I wanted... Love you... Like this... Only, not... It's okay now-" With these last words, Harry came with a shout, and Tom followed right after, 
exploding into his best friend. Before he could even finish trembling from release, Harry collapsed under him, and Tom rolled off, panting. 
 "Har, that was... You are so perfect... Love you, Harry..." Tom gasped, wiping the sweat from his eyes. It was when there was no reply that Tom realized with 
a shock of dread that something was very wrong. He turned to find the young, battered man laying perfectly still, not trembling or panting, as he was. 
 "Shit! Computer, end program!" He shouted, kneeling beside Harry. The darkness of the beach dematerialized, and he felt his heart jump to his throat when the 
light came and illuminated a battered, bleeding ensign. "God, Harry! Please wake up, Har!" Tom cried, checking for a pulse and finding a faint, erratic beat. But the 
young man's chest was still. "Paris to sickbay, medical emergency!"

To be continued...