Title: What Nerve!
Author: Jennifer L. Adkins (jladkins@iglou.com)
Series: Voyager
Part: 1/1
Rating: NC-17
Codes: C/P
Summary: A PWP written during the great sh*ttl*cr*aft smut "controversy." After Chakotay picks Tom to come with him on a mission, everyone gets some enjoyment out of the trip.

NEW: What Nerve! (VOY, C/P, PWP) [NC-17] 1/1

I post this PWP only with the greatest of misgivings. Although I don't want to offend anyone, especially anne, this story cried out to be told. We have to face filth like this head-on, or it will always haunt us. Anyone who gets upset at the mention of t*rb*l*fts, sh*ttl*cr*ft, or c*v*s, save yourself the anguish and skip this story. This story is not meant as an infringement on any of Paramount's copyrights. It involves m/m sex (slash) and watching, so beware!

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What Nerve! Jennifer L. Adkins (jladkins@iglou.com)

***** space for the faint of heart **Torres to the Captain.****Janeway here.**
**Captain, Harry informs me that the planet does seem to have enough dilithium to keep the ship going for months to come. However, he can't seem to get a lock on it with the transporters.** **We'll have to send down a shuttlecraft, then.** **Looks like. Can Harry and I go?** **I was thinking maybe I could talk Chakotay into coming down with me.**
Janeway looked hopefully at the man sitting beside her. However, Chakotay was looking elsewhere. "Too dangerous, Captain. Mr. Paris, you're with me."

Looks of disappointment were evident on the bridge, as well as in engineering. "Are you sure, Chakotay?" "Positive, Captain. Tom?" Chakotay gestured toward the turbolift. "Coming, Commander." Tom transferred the conn to a lowly ensign as he hurried to Chakotay's side. As the doors closed, Chakotay rubbed his hand against Paris' rapidly swelling erection. "You will be coming, have no doubt." "Promise?" Chakotay used the turbolift keypad to send the 'lift in circles for a few minutes, since it looked less suspicious than just halting it mid- ride. "Sooner than you think." Chakotay worked his hand into Tom's pants until they were skin to skin. Tom's left hand snaked around to cup Chakotay's butt, while he held his head for some *very* intense kissing with his right.

B'Elanna had fixed the internal sensors to alert her when turbolift rides took longer than necessary, and was currently getting an eyeful.

When the doors opened, no observer could see any sign of what had just happened. Chakotay and Paris had straightened their clothes, and were now headed toward the shuttlebay. Years ago, Neelix (morale officer extraordinare) had equipped every turbolift with a hidden compartment to take care of any needs a couple (or more) might have while in a turbolift. The sonic shower was especially appreciated.

Tom keyed open the turbolift door. "After you, Commander." "Thank you, Lieutenant." After they were closed inside the shuttle, Chakotay pulled Tom close. "I hope you meant 'after me'." Tom grinned. "Do you want to get in space first? We should probably head toward the planet." "Yes, let's *head* toward the planet."

In the ready room, Janeway glanced toward the screen that showed the transmission from the camera that she had personally installed in every shuttlecraft. "Looks like this flight is about to get off the ground," she whispered to herself.

As Tom got the trip underway, Chakotay stood behind him, massaging his shoulders. "We have 45 minutes until I need to take care of the landing, Commander. What ever shall we do?" Chakotay turned the pilot's seat around, unfastened his pants, and raised his eyebrow in the form of a question. Tom reached a hand under the tunic to rub the hair around Chakotay's belly button. After pushing the pants out of his way, Tom caressed Chakotay's hips, thighs, everywhere around the one place that most wanted to be paid attention. Finally, Tom leaned forward and barely touched the end of the penis with his tongue. He then worked his way, licking, around and over Chakotay's member. All the while, Chakotay kept his hands to himself. Tom loved doing this with no interference. Chakotay knew that he would get plenty of chances to do some touching once they landed.

In less than an hour, the officers had landed and made preparations to find the dilithium. The sooner it was found, the sooner they could tell the ship that they needed a few more days to find it, and *really* get down to business. "The tricorder says this way, Commander." Ahead of them was a cave. A very unstable-looking cave. "Is it safe?" Tom grinned. "Who knows? Let's check it out."

Soon. Harry used the sensors that he had installed in every tricorder to see what the landing party was doing. No one on board had yet figured out that he'd rigged the tricorders to cause a collapse to occur in any cave that would isolate a couple. Usually these 'trapped' people provided some interesting recordings to break up the boredom. Besides, sometimes he and B'Elanna were sent down in a shuttlecraft to rescue the victims. He could only hope.

The End?