Author: Adam
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Title: Who to Confide in
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: P/K.
Series: 1/?
Archive: PK Elite
Warnings: Some strong language.
Disclaimer: Tom, Harry, B'Elanna, and Voyager all belong to Paramount, I’m just borrowing them. Also has Non-Sequitur themes e.g. Toms insecureness.
Summary: Harry wants Tom, and Harry confides in the wrong person.

"Fine then, next time I won't bother."

"Please don't!  I think I'm able to get my own dates, Harry, without having Voyager's resident Samaritan's help."

Not wanting to push Tom away, Harry took a deep breath. Harry knew that he could get through Tom's defenses easily and, once through, he could quite easily crush him.

"Tom, I think I better leave, until we can both cool off."

"Yes. " Tom spoke bitterly. "I think that would be a good idea."

With that, Harry sadly left Tom's quarters, his head facing the floor, leaving a very angry, confused, and hurt Tom.

*Who the hell does he think he is? Just thinking that he can come in here and tell me what I'm going to be doing. Organising my night, as if I don't have any say in the matter. * Too frustrated to do anything else, Tom went to bed*

Harry's quarters

"What the fuck does he want from me? First, I offer myself to him, in not so many words and he doesn't even seem slightly interested!"

"So what do I do? I try to be nice and make him happy. If I don't make him  happy, I at least want someone else to."

'Breep Bop'

*Ohhh, god, not now.'

"Please, whoever you are just go away!"

"Harry, it's B'Elanna. Can I come in? Please, Harry!" Defeated, he opened  the door and dropped back onto the sofa. Seeing Harry look so sad made B'Elanna smile inside.

*Not now, B'Elanna,* She reprimanded her self. *You can have a good laugh later.  Now, you've got to play the 'I'm your friend and I just want to help' act.*

"What's wrong Harry?"

"Oh, nothing, B'Elanna.  Nothing at all," he said angrily.

"Did something happen? Did something happen between you and Tom?" B'Elanna could barely keep the smirk from showing on her face.

"Yes," Harry gave in. "Do you remember the other day, when I told you that Tom didn't seem interested?" Harry stopped, thinking of what he was going to say before he said it.

B'Elanna noticed Harry's pause and was desperate to know what had happened.

"Go on, Harry. Don't stop."

"Well, I arranged a date for him, with Megan Delaney, and suddenly he started shouting. Saying how he's sick of always being compared with me. Sick of being controlled by me."

Taken a breath before he continued, he looked at B'Elanna teary eyed.

"Maybe it's for the best."

"What!?" Harry almost screamed.

"I said that maybe it's for the best." B'Elanna, happy to repeat it, twisting the knife deeper.

"What?, what?, what do you mean for the best?" He gave B'Elanna a look half asking if she was serious, and the other wanting to know what she was thinking.

"Well, Tom's made it obvious that he's not interested in you, or men. It's just not for him. Why don't you just leave Tom alone, and go after someone more..."

She paused before continuing, wanting to savour the moment which was coming as soon as she said her next words, "...your type."

"My type?" Harry questioned, still in shock from what B'Elanna was saying.

"Come on Harry. You know. Your type. The more level headed, serious, close  minded kind of person."

The tears that Harry had managed to stop falling, started to fall, at hearing what B'Elanna really thought about him.

"Don't get me wrong Harry, your're an okay guy, it's just that Tom's not for  you."

Then, with an edge of bitterness in her voice she continued, "just leave Tom to someone who can give him what he wants!."

Harry sensed that B'Elanna seemed satisfied, and even a little smug. *Could B'Elanna want Tom, too?*
"B'Elanna, I think you better leave."

"Fine, Kim. Just remember...leave Tom alone! He is not yours. He will never be, yours.  Got me, Ensign?" B'Elanna never gave Harry a chance to answer before she stomped out.

Harry was shocked. *All this time,  while she listened to me describe my feelings for Tom, she wanted him too.* Beginning to panic, Harry forgot his recent argument with Tom, and headed right for his quarters.

"Kim to Paris. Tom, are you there? Please respond? Tom, Tom."

Tom was still angry, but hearing the panic, and maybe a little fear in Harry's  voice, told him, that he should respond.

"What can I do for you Harry?" Tom replied, trying to keep the emotions he felt for this man, out of his voice.

"Tom, can I come over, please?"

"Har, it's late, maybe we could meet up lat......"

"No!" Harry interrupted, before Tom could finish.

"Please. I need you now."

*Needs me? Something must be really wrong if he needs me! Come on Paris, how many times has the kid helped you out. You owe him  everything you've got.*

"O.K. Har. Come on over." Before Tom closed the comm, Harry walked through the door, tears filling in his bloodshot eyes, then spilling down his cheeks.

"Computer, put a level one lock on these doors, authorization Kim kappa 6-9."

"Now wait a minute Har." Started Tom. Remembering his past, and not liking being locked in, but, after a glance at Harry’s gorgeous brown eyes, Tom was at a loss for words. So he just slumped back into his sofa, and waited for Harry to settle.

A few moments later, Harry sat down, right next to Tom, skin to skin.

Through that small but brief contact, Tom could feel the shivers coming from his best friend's body. Tom wanted nothing more, than to take Harry into his arms and make everything better, but Harry needed to get this out, so Tom did nothing but waited.

Instead of words which Tom had expected, he felt a warm, gentle hand rubbing and squeezing on his thigh.

"Hmmmmmm"  Harry sighed.

"You feel so good, so good."

"Har, please tell me what's wrong." Tom struggled to keep calm as he felt Harry slowly stroke  his leg.

"Har, what's wrong? Why are you doing this?" Toms confusion was evident in his voice, but when Harry looked into those cerulean eyes, and saw the pain in them, he just started to let everything out. His feelings, everything.

"Please, Tom, don't leave me for B'Elanna."

*B'Elanna?* Tom thought. Why would I leave this beautiful, perfect guy for someone who, in comparison with Harry, doesn't even come a distant second?

"B'Elanna? Harry, what are you talking about."


"Come on Har. I know that we had that argument earlier, but if something is upsetting you, you know I'm always here."

"It's you." Tom frowned at Harry, and then looked at him with an expression of sadness.

*Oh no.* Harry thought.

*He think that he, himself has done something"

"Tom, its..."

"Harry, you're going to have to give me more than two-word answers. "

"Well, after we had that argument, I went back to my quarters. B'Elanna arrived a few moments later.

*I wonder how she knows when I will be arriving back at my quarters.* Harry gave a few seconds thought, but then carried on. She came over, and I told her what happened, and she suddenly started saying that it was for the best that you didn't want me. That I should leave you to people of your own age, and that I should find somebody that is interested in men."

"Harry, slow down. Now, are you saying that you want me, wanted me? What?"

"I'm saying, Tom, that, yes, I want you."

"So why did you rush out of here, when you didn't even know how I felt?"

"I was afraid." Now Tom was really confused.


"Yes, Tom. I thought B'Elanna was going to come over and take you away from me." Harry gave a small scoff, feeling relieved that he had gotten everything out.

"What?" Tom asked. Putting his arm around Harry, relieved that Harry just snuggled into to Tom, and didn't pull away.

"Well, B'Elanna couldn't be taking you away from me, as you aren't even mine."

"Not unless you want me to be!"

"Huh?" Harry asked, with a hopeful tone in his voice, thinking that he had just imagined what Tom had asked.

"I said, I'm yours if you want me." Harry's lost control, and pulled away from where he had been comfortably nestled.

"Tom. I don't want you to just give yourself to me out of pity."

*Oh, so that's what he thinks.* Tom opened his arms, inviting Harry back before he began.

All the anger left Harry as he saw Tom, no masks in place. Tom was vulnerable now, and that in itself made Harry sit back down and listen.

"I'm not. God Har, I've wanted you for so long, I thought that I'd never be able to be with you." His face full of smiles, Harry opened his mouth to say something when interrupted with the beep of the comm.

"Torres to Paris." Impatiently she waited for Tom to reply

"This is Paris. What can I do for you B'Elanna?"

"Tom, can I come and see you? I have something that I need to tell you."

Knowing what Harry’s reaction would be, he leaned across the couch and gave Harry the sweetest and gentlest kiss he could. But it quickly got out of hand, as Harry urgently grasped the back of Tom's head to try and show Tom how much he needed this. The kiss became more passionate, but just before clothes began to fly off, they were interrupted.

"Tom?, Tom are you there?" There was a groan over the comm, as Harry planted gentle kisses along Toms neck.

"Ugh, yeah B'Elanna, I’m still here, what did you say?" Tom struggled to speak as Harry’s skilful lips travelled to Toms ear.

"I asked if I could come and see you? I need to tell you something!"

"Ehhh, I’m a little busy at the moment."

"Busy? Doing what?"

"Harry and I are going over some, aghhhhhhhhh" Tom shouted before he could

"Harry!" Tom mouthed with his lips.

"Just letting you know I was still here" Harry whispered.

"Like I could forget!"

"TOM!" B'Elanna shouted, tired of the interruptions.

"I wouldn't let that P'Taq near you."

"And why not?" Tom asked, curious with what B'Elanna would come out with.

B'Elanna couldn't answer. What could she say? That he shouldn't go near him because she wanted him.

"I'm waiting B'Elanna?"

"Oh, just forget it!"

"Will Harry and I be meeting you at breakfast tomorrow?"

"Tom!" Harry pulled at toms top. Not believing that he was teasing a very angry Klingon.

The comm link closed, but not before both Tom and Harry heard a angry growl.

"Now," Tom stated, his attentions now back to the task at hand.

"Where were we?"

The End