Title: The Unknown
Author: Adam
E-Mail: adam_brittboy@yahoo.co.uk
Warnings: Some sexy scenes, relationship between two
men, and strong language.
Rating: R-Strongish.
Pairing: PK
Discliamer: Tom, Harry and who ever else mentioned
belong to paramount.
Summary: An artefact, bad attitude and some

Authors-Notes: You’ll think many things in this first
part I think. But do not take anything for what it is
yet. I have not written it <g> Take everything that is
mentioned into account before you think….if he’s gonna
be like this the whole story I’m not gonna read it.

Lets see, anything else? Nope…

Hmmm...dedicated to Lana. A good friend.

“Dinner, Harry?” No answer.

“Holodeck Harry?” No response.

“Bed-Time Harry?” Not even listening.

It had now been just two days since Harry had
discovered and brought back a mysterious artifact from
the planet’s surface.

Tom felt miserable Alone, empty and meaningless. He
hated how Harry could do this to him, by simply having
other interests. But he could, and, *Tom sighed* he

Sitting down opposite Harry, he looked to see what his
lover was doing and was not surprised to see him
working on the artefact that had been recovered from
the planets surface.

Tom studied Harry’s face, which could only be seen,
and described as, as 'perfect'. The chiselled
cheekbones, looking as though they were dreamed into
creation, not born. His obsidian eyes that could
pierce into your soul were set off further by his
thick, luscious jet-black hair.

Then, before he realised he was doing it Tom’s mind
drifted away from the silent cold room, of his
quarters, to just a week back. When 'said' cold
quarters were far from cold. Filled with pent-up lust,
passion, desire and love.

---Dream Sequence---

That night Harry had been impatient. Pulling Tom from
Sandrines infront of B’Elanna, Chakotay and even the
Captain. Boy was this gonna be fun in the morning. But
who else knew was wiped from his mind when, as soon as
they exited sandrines Harry immediately opened Tom’s
mouth and thrust his hot, needing tongue inside.

Passion didn’t describe this. It was beyond anything
they’d done before. Animalistic was the only thing
that come close.

Whilst stumbling down the corridoor Harry’s hands
grabbed and groped all over Tom’s back, then slid
lower, caressing Tom’s firm, smooth arse.

Still firmly stuck to Tom’s face, Harry began pulling
and ripping at Tom’s uniform desperate to tear it from
the flesh he so badly wanted to taste.

Neither knew how it happened, but they ended up inside
there quarters almost totally naked. Tom stood in
front of Harry panting. His lips swollen and cheeks
flushed. His pupils were dilated and an obvious
hardness stuck out through Tom’s cotton-white briefs.

“Harry!” Tom whimpered, standing in front of his
lover, desperate for the strong, possessive touch,
which he craved and only Harry could satisfy.

That one word.

His name been spoken through Tom’s still delightfully,
bitten into lips, set Harry’s fire into a raging

Harry tore away Tom’s shorts with a vicious flash of
movement. Pointing down towards his swollen and angry
looking cock, showing what he wanted, and needed. Tom
nodded, falling to his knees.

He almost bubbled with pleasure as he was finally
going down once more on Harry’s sweet cock. Moving
back to the head and sucking hard, whilst his hand
slowly pulled back and fourth on the rest of the
tender flesh which he had been given.

“Oh yeah, baby. That’s it Tommmieeeee, you’re soo
good. Take everything, it’s yours!” Harry screamed as
Tom went down on him fully, almost gagging at the
fullness inside of his wet and willing mouth.

//Oh no// Tom suddenly thought, his daydream ending
quickly. Sitting back on the sofa he came, for the
first time all week. His tight briefs soaking as Tom
came, and came.

“Tom! What the hell are you doing. Christ Tom!” Harry
yelled. “You don’t have sex for a few days and you
fucking come without even touching yourself?”

Tom was embarrassed. Despite his playboy personae he
was not confident, and embarrassed easily. So under
Harry’s fierce scrutiny his face was ablaze.

“I, I-I’m sorry, Har.” Tom tried to reach over and
touch Harry. Have some kind of contact so he knew how
mad Harry was but Harry leaned back, then stood up
walking away from Tom, towards the door.

“You disgust me you pervert. Thinking of the little
slut, B’Elanna were you, huh Tommy boy? Would she give
it to you good? Or maybe it was Chakotay this time. I
know you like him. All perfectly smooth, chiselled
chest, large dark nipples, huge uncut cock.” Harry
paused when he thought Tom blushed further.

“Oh yes, Tom. I know you’ve stared at him in the gym.
I know you want the big guy.” Harry continued with his
verbalisations, watching with glee and anger as Tom
once again got aroused.
“Oh look at yourself, you disgusting little fuck!”
Harry said nothing more, but turned and walked away.

Tom didn’t bother to change. He simply slid down into
the couch and curled in on himself. Scolding tears
pouring from his now puffy, red eyes.

To Be Continued...