Author: Adam-
Pairing: PK
Rating: PG-13
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Series: 9/?
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.Warnings: Devious minded characters, M/M relationship implied.
Summary: Ahhh, the Delta Quadrant? The Borg?
Beta‘d By Ren!!!

The mission to the Badlands had gone terribly wrong. Voyager had been sucked 70,000 light years away from their position, into the Delta Quadrant. A Borg conduit had opened and unexpectedly pulled themin. Upon getting the view screen operational, they had seen a shuttle ahead of them. (Two Day‘s Later)

The occupant‘s of the ship ahead of Voyager was a friendly trader, and a petite, gentle woman. Requesting permission to join Voyager was granted almost immediately by the Captain after a quick consideration of their undermanned ship.

Janeway ever the scientist had made several attempts to discover how to re-open the conduit.

Chakotay her new first officer and herself had discovered that the Conduit was a trap made specifically for them, but for what purpose was still undiscovered.

Harry and Tom were slowly becoming reacquainted with one another. They had not told anyone else onboard barring B‘Elanna, that they knew each other previously.

Deciding to wait and see if the friendship would work before adding more pressure and questions to their already-tense and uncomfortable situation. (Seven Months Later)

Tom and Harry had grown much closer in the seven months that they had been stranded in the Delta quadrant. They were now best friends, along with B‘Elanna who had also become close to both of them. Chakotay and the Captain had not discovered how or why the Borg had done what they had done, and had given up four months previous. (One Night In The Holodeck)

"That‘ll teach you to wake me up in the middle of the night Tom!" Harry fell to the ground in hysterical fits of laughter.

Tom had dragged him out of bed at 0200 hours to bring him to a Holodeck program of a Seedy-Bar in Paris.

Harry although immensely impressed with the program, was also tired, so decided to get his own back on Tom for all these late night wake ups. Tom had carefully programmed snow for outside the bar, as it was winter in the old Earth calendar, and Tom wanted to have the program as authentic as possible. Harry had let an evil grin plaster his face upon seeing the snow, and thoughts began to form in his mind.

Moving up close to Tom, he held out one arm in a shaking gesture, giving the idea that he wanted to congratulate Tom for a fine program. The other contained a snow-ball, behind his back.

"I have to give it to you Tom, this is a fantastic program!" Harry‘s devil-grin grew as Tom seemed to buy it, and held out his hand in a welcoming gesture.

Tom‘s defenses lowered and Harry moved quickly shoving the cold, icy-wet snow-ball in Tom‘s face.

Then he ran seeing Tom‘s blue eyes flare up to the challenge

"That‘ll teach you to wake me up at midnight. AGAIN!" Was what Harry said as he ran from Tom, his laughter causing him to stop, and fall to the floor in hysterics.

"Now you‘ve done it Harry!" Tom said playfully, pouncing on Harry. Holding Harry‘s hands above his head with his own Tom rolled with Harry. First Harry on top, then Tom. They continued to roll back and fourth, the only sounds in the holodeck that of two men play-fighting. Both men finally stopped rolling, leaving Harry on top. Both men were panting heavily and noticeably flushed.

After just a moment of indecision from Harry, he leaned down until his lips met Tom‘s.


Harry had heard of what had happened to James. Although the feeling of jealousy and anger that he felt towards the man who had taken away his Tom from him, no one deserved what he got.

The way he died, and the circumstances made it even worse for Harry‘s anger to hold, and one day he found himself no-longer angry, and just sad. Sad for Tom, sad for James, and sad for the situation which surrounded everything.

After the kiss, there was a moment of silence between the men, and then as always the ‚Red Alert Sounded‘ and the Captain‘s voice came over the comm.

"Senior officers to the bridge. All hands to battle stations." Both men blushed upon standing, Harry‘s bronzed skin hiding the his blush for the most part, but Tom‘s showing up only too well, causing Harry to stifle a laugh.

"Computer End, and Save program."

"Acknowledged." Chirped the toneless computer voice. Both men, deciding to put this moment on hold, headed straight for the bridge in silence.

(The Bridge)

"Captain?" Chakotay asked, just arriving on the bridge, looking half dead.

"Commander, it appears a seven month riddle may be answered."

"Captain?." Chakotay asked once more, confused. But as his, still hazy from sleep, mind cleared, his eyes opened wide in shock.

"Yes commander." Janeway answered his unspoken question. "A Borg ship is approaching us. It exited a conduit approximately two hours ago, and was picked up by our senses just before I ordered the red alert." "Time until they intercept?" Chakotay asked, concern showing evidently on his face.

"Approximately ten minutes. We cannot outrun them, so we are going to fight them!"

"Captain," Tuvok‘s voice chimed in. "A Borg ship is a lot stronger than the average Federation ship, and it would take an entire Fleet of Federation ships to destroy one."

"I am well aware of that, Mr Tuvok. But Voyager is a new vessel, top of the range. I plan to out-think them, as we try to fight them." Nothing else was said as Harry worked busily at his console, Janeway and Chakotay sat at their positions, and Tuvok readied the ship for battle. Tom was simply sat there with no where to fly to and nothing to plot, just waiting.

(Ten Minutes Later)

Those ten minutes passed too quick for everyone, including Tom who was now lost to thought.

"Mr Paris!" Janeway shouted for the second time, bringing Tom out of his day-dream.

"I said be ready for evasive maneuvers!"

"Aye Captain!"

"Captain." Harry said, looking at his readouts again to be sure.

"Mr Kim?" She asked.

"The Borg a-are hailing us!"

"On-screen!" Janeway said, hoping that they wouldn‘t have to fight after all.

"We are the Borg. You will be assimilated." Janeway was just about to respond when a single voice came from the Borg ship. One no one recognised. No one that is, besides Tom.

".unless Tom Paris is given to us.ME!"

Janeway made a signal at Tuvok to cut transmission to the Borg for a few moments.

"Why do they want Tom?" She asked anyone.

"James.JAMES.JAMES!!!!!!" Tom continued to call, whimpering slightly and his eye‘s flashing with pain.

Continuing to call the same name to the blankscreen. Hearing his once-lover‘s voice over the channel asking for him. "Tom, what is it? Do you." She stopped as Tom turned and stared at her. His Cerulean eyes full of emotion.

"Beam me over!"

"I give the orders around here Mr Paris, now answer my question." She was annoyed but her annoyance was very small compared to the shiver she felt at what the Borg, one singular Borg had requested. "Captain," Tom continued as if Janeway hadn‘t even spoken. "Either we get destroyed and the Borg take me, or, I beam over now and the Borg leave you alone!"

"Captain, they‘re hailing us again."

"On screen."

"James!" Tom screamed.

"It‘s agreed! Beam me over." Tom gave the now-emotionless James a confused look as he did not get transported. The comm link was cut by the Borg this time, and Voyager shuck with weapons fire.

"Weapons, fire! Photon Torpedoes, full spread."

"No effect Captain." Tuvok spoke his voice, now louder yet still calm. "Shields at 31% and continuing to fall Captain! 21% 14% 3%.shields are down Captain!"

"All hands, prepare to be boarded. Arm yourselves!" The bridge was suddenly filled with 5 drones. Four were taken out before their weapons frequencies were no longer any use. Tuvok took the final Borg out. Snapping the half mechanical neck as if it were nothing. Another wave of three Borg, this time beamed on to the Bridge. Whist Tuvok struggled with one, and Chakotay and Harry the other, the third stood beside Tom.

It was James.

"Tom, we-will-be-one!" James spoke for himself, and his eyes were the same and his longing for James still burnt brightly. They disappeared in a shimmering green beam. The rocking of Voyager stopped, and the Borg disappeared. It was only after everyone was once again standing that they noticed Tom was gone.

"Ayala," Janeway spoke in a pained voice.

"Set a pursuit course for that Borg ship. Maximum warp, engage!"

"Aye Captain." Ayala acknowledged.

"Senior officers in the Briefing room, NOW!" She spoke in her no-nonsense voice.´