Title: An Underestimation
Author: Adam- paris130@hotmail.com
Pairing: PK
Rating: PG-13
Archiving: PKelite, PKSP, Tom Paris Dorms, and Elisabeth‘s site.
Series: 8/?
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount. As do Voyager and any other crew members from any/all series mentioned.
Warnings: Devious minded characters, M/M relationship implied.
Summary: A complete surprise!

That night Tom explained why he did what he did, and was forgiven by Harry. They talked through the night about Jessica, and her obsession with his name and title. She wanted it and would stop at nothing to get it. Tom had, without sleep returned to his room at the academy to be met by an upset James.

"Tom, we need to talk..NOW!" James said, more forcefully than he meant.

"Okay James." Tom replied, not sure what had his friend so upset. As soon as the door shut, James slammed against Tom. Pushing him into the door, his lips meeting Tom‘s in a hot, passionate kiss. Tom attempted to pull away, but felt the obvious proof of James‘ arousal on his thigh.

"Mmph, James, please. We.mmmph, we can‘t!"

"Please Tom!" Tears escaped James‘ eyes. "I love you Tom, please let me do this.let me be with you!" James pleaded.

James was the same height and weight as Tom, had the same piercing azure-blue eyes, and his hair was although the same style, darker than Tom‘s. Tom could not deny the attraction he felt for this man. He had wanted him for years, and now he had finally found someone else, James does this. Tom would have laughed if the situation had been less serious. "God Tom!" James spoke in between the kisses he was giving along Tom‘s lean neck "You.*kiss*.don‘t.*kiss*.know.*kiss*.how long.*kiss*.*I‘ve wanted.*kiss*.I‘ve dreamed.*kiss* of this!"

Tom knew he should stop this, at least until he had things clear in his mind, but couldn‘t. What James was saying to him, and doing to him was what he needed. Someone to take all the thoughts from his mind. That night, Tom and James made love, Tom taking James as his first. Tom had made love to many people in his life, but had never been taken, by anyone. James had taken Tom slow, and gently. Reveling in the feeling of Tom beneath him. His smooth skin against Tom‘s covered in dustings of soft hair. The passion had escalated from kissing to a joining. James‘ love, and longing for Tom showing in his infinite generosity as they made love. "Tom, I love you."

"And I love you James, more than anything. I still love Harry, but not like this. Not in this way." Tom had his head against James‘ chest, occasionally he turned his head to lick, nip and chew on James‘ chest, causing a groan of approval from James.

James was in heaven. He had waited so long for love to finally take him, and now that it had he was overjoyed. Sure that his heart could be heard loudly in the silent room. "Tom, what will you tell Harry?"

"The truth! No more lying. I will tell my mother everything tomorrow, and my father."

"I love you Tom." James said proudly, trying to put all the love he felt into those words. "Oh James, I love you too!" The night drew on and both men fell to sleep in each other‘s arms. Content with the world.


After Tom told Harry, the obvious reaction happened. Harry once again burst in to tears cried and cried for hours, but in the end thanked Tom for being honest.

From that day, Harry‘s life revolved around his studies at the academy. Tom lived an intensely happy few months with James. Making sure he didn‘t show his relationship at the academy where Harry may see.

He saw Harry from time-to-time. Gave him a caring smile that was never once returned. Only lowering his head, struggling not to show his upset to Tom. Tom had been saddened by what he had done to Harry, and had the constant feeling of guilt buried deep in his heart that James never dare venture. Jessica had died the night she had gone for a celebratory drink. She had drank until barely able to stand, then attempted to transport herself home. After typing incorrect coordinates, her molecules were scattered across the planet.

Tom‘s mother had continued to decline this past few months, and was now on the brink of death.

(Hospital-Karen Paris‘ Room)

"T-Tom?" Tom‘s mother spoke, her voice croaking slightly. "Yes mum, I‘m here!" Tom said, grabbing his mother‘s hand and softly squeezing it.

"I.I love you son...Cough.promise me something.*cough*.always follow your heart!"

Those were Karen Paris‘ final words before a night of everlasting repose took her. Tom held his mother‘s hand, James by his side as he cried. Tom‘s father was on a mission along the neutral zone at the moment, and so, could not be there in the end. This more than any other thing caused the gap between Paris-father and son to widen.

Only James‘ continuing love got Tom through this. At the funeral Tom felt his first peace since his mother died. His heart melted, and his eyes softened upon seeing Harry at the funeral. Knowing Harry did not know his mother, Tom assumed Harry was there for him, and it added to Tom‘s recovery of living without his mother. (Three months later)

"Tom, Tom!" James dived into their bedroom, and pounced upon his lover. "James.something I should know?" Tom grinned, knowing full well what had his lover excited. He had arranged it. James was to pilot the U.S.S. Enterprise-E in three days.

James saw the grin and his excitement dissipated. "You arranged this?" he said sad. He didn‘t want his career to be good because of his lover‘s name and connections, but because of his own merit. "No James! I just gave them your names and piloting records, they chose you themselves. I didn‘t even use my name when I sent them!" "Oh Tom!" They made love like every other night, except with more passion than ever before. When James got excited, it showed ever more in his love making.

(Four Days Later)

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Tom screamed over and over again.

"I‘m sorry Mr Paris, I had to."

Captain John Luc Picard, like Owen Paris was very informal all the time.

Picard was the other strong name in Starfleet, and he was Tom‘s uncle. The Enterprise had encountered the Borg. James had been assimilated, and Picard, Tom‘s uncle had killed his lover.

"I had to do it Tom, I couldn‘t allow him to live as a machine."

The Captain left with those words, and let Tom grieve. But Tom did not cry.

He did not shed one, single tear at the loss of his lover.

He, instead turned back into his former playboy, personae. He brought shame to his family after the incident at Caldik prime, and then further shame after the Maquis incident.

The Voyager proposal was only too welcoming, and Tom hastily agreed to the conditions of the small, weak-looking captain. (DS9-Several Hours before Voyager‘s Badland Mission) Tom was in the local gambling establishment where, no matter who ran it, he felt at home.

He almost dropped his drink upon seeing Harry Kim. The no longer green-cadet, but it seemed, even greener Ensign. After getting Harry out of buying Lobayle Crystals, he left for Voyager. Tom had not seen Harry since his mother‘s funeral, and did not want to see Harry‘s eyes once he discovered what Tom had become. (Onboard Ship)

"SOUP!" Tom let his lip, pout out slightly. "HOT, PLAIN TOMATO-SOUP!" He shook his head at how advanced the Federation were, and yet they couldn‘t even make a bowl of plain, Tomato-soup right.

Harry was sat at a table, his back to Tom. This allowed Tom to sit somewhere else on one of the empty tables, but he didn‘t. Something drew him to Harry‘s table. He‘d just seen Harry sitting with the Chief Medical Officer, and First Officer, and Harry probably now knew, what Tom had become. "Is it true?" Harry asked.

Tom looked is to Harry‘s eyes. It had been too long. He didn‘t realise how much he had missed that sweet-voice until this moment. "Did I falsify reports? Yes! Pilot error but, it took me a while to admit it!"

Harry‘s eyebrows furrowed, and his eyes showed confusion, not the hatred, or disgust Tom had been expecting.

"But then you came forward and admitted it was your fault?" "I‘ll tell you a story Harry," Tom began. "Those three officers came to me in the middle of the night and taught me the true-meaning of Christmas." Harry and Tom shared a glance, where all around them paused for a moment. Tom blinked and shook away the familiar feeling he had missed for such a long time.

"Listen Harry, I know those guys probably told you to." Tom was stopped from any further speech as Harry placed a finger upon Tom‘s mouth. A very, intimate touch just to quiet him, but was successful never the less.

"I don‘t need anyone to choose my friends for me!" Harry said with force. Tom beamed a grin with him, and then the moment was interrupted as they were called to the bridge.