Title: An Underestimation
Author: Adam- paris130@hotmail.com
Pairing: PK
Rating: PG-13
Archiving: PKelite, PKSP, Tom Paris Dorms, and Elisabeth‘s site.
Series: 7/?
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.
Warnings: Devious minded characters, M/M relationship implied.
Summary: Jessica, you‘re really going to hate this character more! <G>

Jessica‘s snickers escalated to a loud, evil laugh attracting James to her room.

Although James was Jessica‘s friend, he was a lot closer to Tom. Everyone noticed, and knew that James was attracted to Tom, but not for the reason everyone thought. The rest of the Blue-Alphas all thought that James‘ attraction was purely to the Paris name.

No one had disputed it, mainly because of all the one-minded people in the group, but James knew what really attracted him to Tom. He loved him, wanted him, needed him.

He was attracted to Tom for more than his looks, although James thought to himself, his looks do A-LOT for me James wanted Tom for the man inside. Knowing Tom was not as sex-orientated, and selfish as everyone, including his father, thought.

So when he entered Jessica‘s room, after hearing Jessica‘s loud almost cackling laugh, he was shocked to see a computer screen displaying a household with several people in the room. James noticed the guy Tom‘s life seemed to revolve around lately. The man whom, had been at the root of James‘ jealousy. James did not feel as good as he thought he would when he saw the young man, who seemed to be crying. "Jessica, what are you doing?" Looking at the screen again, he spoke again. "What have you done?" "Oh James." Jessica paused to laugh. "No more of that filth with our Tom, I‘ve seen to it!"

"How, Jessica?" James asked, his voice firm.

"With a small amount of persuasion, I managed to convince Tom it was for the best."

James new she was lying. Tom had not stopped talking about Harry in his journals. It was something Tom and James shared since they were children. They had one journal, which they both wrote in day by day. It was a 20th century journal. Thousands of crisp, sharp-white pages, over &frac34;‘s filled with the etchings of both of their lives. It was bound in a leather jacket, worn from age, and locked with a Ferengi sealer. Tom and James had it custom made. Tom suggested a Ferengi lock, thinking it would keep anyone out, and James added the leather casing, thinking it would finish off the journal perfectly.

When James had read the journal lately, he noticed the name ‚Harry‘, with phrases like ‚I think I‘m in love with him,‘ and ‚mothers getting worse‘ coming up a lot.

James thought he knew just how Jessica had persuaded him, and was not happy, at how HIS-Tom was been treated.

"Now look here Jessica." James spoke angrily. Jessica had seen the anger flare up in James‘ eyes, and was not happy about it. Her father was way up in rank to James‘ and she knew what she could do. "James, you forget yourself. You are not a Paris, and you will not be able to do anything to stop me, understand?"

James ground his teeth in defeat, and stood down.

"You may want Tom, James, but I think you know that he does not want you!"

As James stormed out with tears in his eyes, Jessica resumed her laughing. Two men who wanted Tom for who he was, and not his name were not going to have him! And, laughing at the irony, Jessica continued to think, But I, who want his name and nothing else am going to get him. Her cackling continued into the night as she walked off, going for a drink to celebrate her triumph.


"Oh, Harry!" His mother ran to her son and hugged him as he burst into tears. The rest of the Kim household remained at the table, trying to take in what had just happened, and what was happening now. "Mum, I love him! I love him so much and he doesn‘t want me!" "Oh Harry, I don‘t think he meant what he said." She trailed off upon seeing her son‘s blood-shot eyes. "What?" Harry asked, confused. "You noticed how he was shivering when he spoke? How he stuttered whilst saying it, and how he ran out? If it meant nothing to him, Harry, it wouldn‘t have affected him in such a way."

"Bu-he said."

"Shush" Harry mother paused him. "What has he done for your brother and sister? Helped them in a selfless act, probably giving them much more than they could have expected in the next five, even ten years!" "But why did he say those things?"

Before Elisabeth had a chance to speak a loud sobbing was heard from outside the doors of the Kim house.

A curious Sebastian opened the door, with all the family watching. A sobbing Tom Paris was sat on the front step. His head in his hands and his entire body shaking.

"Tom?" Harry asked, his voice still unsteady.