Title: An Underestimation
Author: Adam- paris130@hotmail.com
Pairing: PK
Rating: PG-13
Archiving: PKelite, PKSP, Tom Paris Dorms, and Elisabeth‘s site.
Series: 6/?
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.
Warnings: Devious minded characters, M/M relationship implied.
Summary: The relationship between Tom and Harry...is it too good to be true?

"Harry.stop.I‘ve.got to.go" Tom managed to say through kisses as he pulled back.

"Where?" Harry asked, pouting his lower lip at Tom‘s withdrawal. "I have classes this morning, and my friends will start to get suspicious if I don‘t start hanging around with them more." Tom saw the pout on Harry‘s face and just couldn‘t resist, leaning into take Harry‘s pouting lips in a searing kiss.

Minutes Pass...

"Mmm.mmm" Tom struggled to pull back. His pale face flushed, and his hair ruffled.

"I really have to go now, Harry." Tom turned and headed for the door. "Maybe see you at lunch in the rec.-room?" Harry asked, his innocent eyes, boring holes into Tom‘s neck.

"Oh, yeah.maybe." Tom said, exiting quickly. Once again thanking Mrs Kim for everything and running out.

(Tom‘s Quarters-Ten minutes later)

" Made it!" Tom said out loud upon entering his quarters. He still had another half-hour until his class, and wanted to take a shower. "Yes you did Tom." A voice from behind Tom spoke, freezing him in his place.

"Jessica?" Tom spoke quietly, spinning around.

"Yes Tom. Sit down, we have some things to talk about. Tom fell back to the bed behind him. Watching Jessica closely as she approached and sat beside him.

"You‘ve got everything Tom," She began, her voice sinister. "Everything you could possibly want and you go to that no body." Tom assumed she was going to ask why, and opened his mouth to begin, when Jessica put a finger to his mouth, silencing him. "Don‘t want to know." Her voice grew darker with every word she spoke.

"Well then."

"What do I want to know?" She finished Tom‘s question for him. "Nothing Tom. It‘s what you‘re going to do."

Tom felt shivers run through him at her words. Though he had known her a long time, he knew she would turn on any friend in an instant, if it got her what she wanted.

Quickly focusing back on Jessica as her voice grew louder, he gulped at what she was saying.

"I will tell everyone Tom. Not just your friends, not just every cadet at the academy, everyone!"

Tom knew she was implying his father, and he felt ill at the thought. "What do you want from me?" He asked, trying to hide both the fear and anger he was feeling.

"You Tom. I want you."

Tom‘s eye‘s betrayed him, and allowed her to see the pain she was causing, making her power increase.

"You will have nothing more to do with that loser. Nothing at all Tom!" She repeated, thinking she had seen his mind working at ways to get around her. "Remember I am good with engineering. I know where Harry lives now. I can find out if you transport there!"

Struggling to hold the pain he felt from his voice, as he spoke he began.

"Y-you want me?" Tom stuttered.

"Yes Tom, completely. You don‘t have any idea what it‘ll do to my image if everyone knows I am engaged to a Paris."

"Engaged!?!" Tom shouted.

"Tut-tut!" Jessica chastised. "No shouting. Not for a few months at least, but yes Tom, we will get engaged, and maybe married, depending on how far I excel in how much time."

"You can‘t do this!" Tom attempted not to shout, but was just too angry. His entire life, Thus far, had been decided by his father.

He had thought, that after graduating the academy he would be free at last.

Now it looked as if his entire future was being decided for him. "The other option, of course Tom, is for you to let me tell everyone. I‘ll watch with a smile on my face as your father gets you alone." She watched his eyebrows rise in question.

"Oh yes, Tom." Jessica spoke once again. "I know what he has done to you in the past, and continues to do now..." Jessica drifted off a minute. Allowing thoughts of how she could devastate him all in one go. Yes! She finally thought.

"Tom, I hear your mothers not doing too good? I know you rely on her to calm your father, would be a shame if she got worse when I just let your dirty little secret out!" The last few words were spat in disgust. "You leave my mother out of this!" Tom shouted, a deep pain flooding his heart as his mother was mentioned. Everything Jessica was saying was true, but it hurt so much to think of his mother getting any worse. "Alright." Tom spoke softly, his voice showing the defeat he felt. "Excellent. Now, you will be allowed to see that loser once more. Tell him you don‘t want anything to do with him anymore. You couldn‘t love someone with a family like his. Tell him you were playing him along to get him in bed, but finally realized that he wasn‘t worth a minute of your time. Then." Jessica trailed off, allowing darker thoughts to consume her. "Tell him you want me instead."

Tom‘s mind was racing. The agony mingling with pain, desperation and terrible pain. He was trying to think of what he would say before Jessica‘s demonic voice interrupted his thoughts once again. "If you‘re thinking of what you will say instead don‘t bother. I will be sure I am monitoring Tom‘s communications systems. You will go to his house, tonight and tell him then!"

With that, Jessica left the room, a noticeable bounce in her step as she walked away from Tom‘s room.

Tom did something he had done in his own room at home, many times before.

He cried.

Put his head into his hands, and cried.

(Harry‘s house)

All Harry‘s family, were sat around the dining room table, enjoying breakfast Elisabeth had made before anyone else had woken up. "Have fun this morning Harry?" Christian asked, a glint in his eyes, causing Harry to blush.

"Who told you?" He asked quietly, aware everyone was listening intently. Christian‘s eyes responded to Harry‘s question before he himself could respond. They darted to Anne.

"Anne!" Harry groaned. " Did you have to?"

"What? You have one guy in your room, albeit a very hot, popular and very rich guy, and I‘m not supposed to tell anyone?" She asked, humor in her voice.

"Check your messages this morning, Chris?" Anne asked, the humor in her voice still present.

"Did he."

"I checked it for you after I checked mine!" She said excitedly. "In three weeks, prepare to become famous!"

"Where is he?" Chris asked, hugging a grumbling Sebastian next to him, for no other reason than been ecstatic.

"He had classes this morning and had to go back to the academy. I‘ll ask him if he can come tonight." Harry sounded more cheerful than his parents had heard in a long time, and were happy with the effect Tom and his good deed‘s, were having on their family.

"How about we have a nice meal to celebrate? Invite Tom round at about eight, okay Harry?"

"Sure mum." Harry answered.

The Kim‘s continued their breakfast, unaware of a devious, dark-minded cadet listening in.

This is perfect! Jessica thought to herself. He‘ll have to tell Harry in front of his family, at a dinner practically in honour of him! She laughed out loud at the situation.

(The Kim‘s House-almost eight)

When Tom had been told earlier about the party, he had seemed more saddened than happy. Which, in turn made Harry feel a little hurt. "My family really like you Tom." Harry spoke, attempting to get his mind away from the sad thoughts going through his mind. He wouldn‘t allow them to destroy the night though. So dismissing the slightly disturbed thoughts, he lead Tom into his house, and to his waiting family.

Tom was instantly pulled into a crowd of arms, first Christians, followed by Anne‘s. Next came Grace‘s, Sebastian‘s Elisabeth Kim and even Harry‘s father gave Tom a warm- hearted hug.

"Everyone ready for dinner?" Mrs Kim asked cheerfully.

She was answered by several, yes‘s, uh-huh, and mm‘s. The table was quite large. Three people could sit at either side of the large, ancient earth oak table. Leaving a seat at either end for another seat each.

Rupert Kim sat at one end of the table, and a place was left for Elisabeth, after she had finished serving.

Sebastian, Grace and Christian sat at one side, Harry, Tom and Anne on the other.

Tom‘s mind was continuing to race as dinner began to get served. His face was noticeably, though not by much, paler. His eye‘s slightly blood-shot from all the times he had cried and thrown up throughout the day. Doing this would probably be the hardest thing in his life. When he had learnt what Harry and his family had planned for that evening-of all evenings-he had attempted to thank Harry, before returning to his room and being sick some more.

"Tom?" Harry mother repeated, holding a bowl of mashed turnip in front of him.

"Huh?" Tom asked, his thoughts still far away from the dinner table. Harry gave Tom a worried glance, and kept it just long enough for Tom to notice as he came out of his trance.

"Harry." Tom leaned into Harry‘s ear and whispered. "Can we go to your room a minute and talk?" he asked, desperately.

"After dinner Tom. My lips are still swollen from this morning, when we...talked." He grinned knowingly at Tom, turning away before Harry saw the sad stare.

The dinner went on pleasantly for everyone but Tom. Conversation, though mostly directed at Tom, seemed to continue; though Tom answered nothing that he was asked.

Jessica listened from far across the planet, in her room at the academy.

Allowing herself to laugh at what Tom still had to do.

Desert came all to quickly for Tom. Deciding he had to do it, not wanting to hurt his mother. His friends were a minor concern. His father knowing, although caring Tom, did not make him feel the pain of his mother getting sicker, and his father beating him so severely that he couldn‘t see her without her noticing.

"Harry, I have something to tell you."

"Sure Tom." Harry spoke cheerfully. That, combined with the fact that all eyes were on him, only helped increase the pain scraping at his heart. "I.I." Tom couldn‘t get the words out, he tried, but they wouldn‘t come. "Tom, what is it?" Harry ‚s concern evident in his voice. "Is it your mother? Is that why you‘ve been so down tonight?" Harry‘s concern was growing every passing second.

Harry mentioning his mother was what ironically pushed Tom to say what he had been told to.

"I can‘t see you any more, Harry."

"What?" Harry said, his voice barely a whisper. "I...I never loved you Harry, never could love." Tom drifted off, but continued as images of his mother dying alone filled his mind. ".Love" He repeated. "Someone as unimportant as you!"

"What? W-why are you saying these things?" Harry began to stutter as tears begin to flood in his eyes.

"I.I only wanted you for sex, Harry."

"No!" Harry knew it wasn‘t true. "Look at you Tom, you‘re shivering!" "I...I‘m going to be going out with Jessica." Tom finally finished his shaking increasing.

"Get out!" Harry screamed, not caring at how his entire family had been, and was still watching everything.

"Harry, I‘m."

"Get out." Harry said, softer this time, the fight gone from his voice. The tears continuing to flow from his eyes, although Harry didn‘t even seem to notice.

Tom ran out of the Kim household, running no-where. The thoughts of how much he had hurt, the one person he might actually care for was engulfing everything.