Title: An Underestimation
Author: Adam- paris130@hotmail.com
Pairing: PK
Rating: PG-13
Archiving: PKelite, PKSP, Tom Paris Dorms, and Elisabeth‘s site.
Series: 4/?
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.
Warnings: Growing Relationship between two men.
Summary: What will Tom‘s dad do?
Beta‘d By Ren

The loud voice separated both men instantly causing Tom to fall off Harry‘s bed in the confusion.

Harry was left laid on the bed, his lips swollen from the kiss, and his eyes still slightly dazed.

"D-dad." Harry stuttered, an embarrassed blush spreading across his face.

"Who‘s your friend son?" His father asked, no apparent emotion in his voice. Harry struggled to see if his father was angry, annoyed or upset, he just couldn‘t tell. Then realising that his father has spoken, he answered.

"This is my.friend, Tom." Harry said, getting up to stand beside Tom, who was struggling to fasten his shirt which Harry had ripped open a while ago. "I-it‘s nice to meet you Mr Kim." Tom spoke nervously, his pale skin making his blush even more apparent.

"Looks to me that he‘s more than a friend, son?" His father commented, both as a statement and a question, wondering what kind of relationship his son had with this man. He knew the boy‘s face was familiar, but like his wife earlier on, could not place it.

"Well, umm he is.I mean he was.I mean Tom was just leaving." Harry finally said, thankful to finally finish his sentence. Harry‘s father laughed a little inside at his son‘s nervousness, but was saddened a little as Tom‘s face fell at Harry‘s words. "Oh, please," Harry‘s father began again, looking towards Tom as he spoke.

"Don‘t leave on my account. Where‘s your mother Harry?" Harry was focussed once again on Tom, looking like he was going t o pounce at any moment. "She‘s in the garden still I think, dad." Harry said as he continued to look at Tom.

Tom was looking anywhere but Harry, remaining silent. "It was nice meeting you Tom."

"Good to meet you too Mr Kim." Tom said, turning to look at the medium sized man, who was Harry‘s father. Like Harry he had well-defined cheek bones, beautiful warm, brown eyes, and broad shoulders. His hair, Tom thought to himself, must have come from Harry‘s mother.

Harry‘s father nodded towards Tom, and turned in search of his wife. "Well." Tom began, breaking the silence. "I‘m sorry for embarrassing you, Harry." Tom began to edge for the door as he continued to speak. "Sorry again about what Jessica did, I‘ll do everything I can to make sure she leaves you alone." He finally stopped speaking when Harry turned to look directly at him.

Brown eyes gazing into Blue.

Harry‘s eyes were glazed slightly with unshed tears, causing another ache in his stomach.

"Tom," Harry began, moving forward until only inches from him. "You‘re forgiven." With that Harry moved forward, slowly this time, his arms going around Tom‘s neck. His fingers began to run throughthe sandy-blond hair, as he pulled Tom‘s face forward until Tom‘s lips met his. "Harry, are you sure?" Tom asked, moments before their lips met, the warm breath from Tom only heightened Harry‘s arousal. The two men kissed, the only sound in the room was the sound of lips on lips.

(In the garden)

"Liz?" Rupert Kim called, using the shortened name for his wife.

"I‘m over here Rupert!" Elisabeth Kim called from behind a Willow-tree. "Who‘s this boy Harry‘s with, honey?" He asked, curiosity obvious in his voice.

"His name is Tom Paris. He‘s a new friend of Harry‘s from the academy. He came to apologise for an incident today, involving Harry."

With that, she began to explain everything she had found out from Tom.

(At the academy)

"WHERE IS HE?" Jessica asked in anger, pacing the rec.-room. "Jess, calm down. He said he was checking out the new programmes, you know how long he takes." James spoke, attempting to calm Jessica. "Still," Nick began. "It does seem a little strange, I mean he left in such a hurry, and he hadn‘t even mentioned going before today." James, Tom‘s closest friend, had an idea where Tom had run off to. James also knew that, if it was, where he thought it was, Jessica would be very angry.

"Just give him some time." James said, hoping they would forget it. "Hey, anyone up for some Parrises Squares?" He asked, knowing after they began they would be playing for hours and Tom would hopefully be back by then. "Sure!" Nick, Susan and Doruce all agreed eagerly. Jessica shrugged her shoulders, and agreed.

James let out a silent breath, thankful she had agreed. "Okay, we‘ll have two teams of two, and one person judging. Then, after every game, we‘ll rotate the judge."

Helen quickly ran to Nick‘s side, grabbing his arm. Everyone knew she wanted Nick, except Nick it seemed, who smiled at her.

Nick was oblivious of his own looks, and how they attracted others. He had dirty-blond hair, darker than Tom‘s. It was cut short, and went with his light, blue eyes. He wasn‘t as tall as Tom, but his skin was a little darker due to the holidays spent in his summer home in Hawaii. His voice held an English accent, due to him growing up there. He had a light stutter when he was nervous; most of it now eliminated due to much of his childhood spent doing intense speech therapy.

Although he was embarrassed, and put his head down on the rare occasions that he stuttered, the girls and many men around him found it extremely cute, and it made him even more wanton.

(The Kim‘s garden)

"I knew I recognised his face!" Harry‘s father finally said in realisation. "The only son of Admiral Owen Paris. The newest one of the great Paris line, and, by the look of what I saw in Harry‘s room just now, he‘s the last in the line."

"What did you see in Harry‘s room?" Elisabeth asked, curious. She knew she shouldn‘t ask, but loved to know as much as she could about her youngest son‘s life.

"Well, I saw them.making out." Rupert said, making his wife laugh at the ancient way of putting what they were doing.

"And." She continued to dig.

"Well, you know how Harry‘s always been about bringing people home? I shouted his name, and.oh honey, you should have seen it. The poor boy was laid back dazed, and Tom fell off the bed after losinghis balance." "Rupert!" She smacked his arm playfully. "That was mean of you!" "I know, I just wanted to see if they were kissing because of ‚the moment‘ But after looking at Tom‘s embarrassed face for a few minutes, and Harry‘s gaze at Tom, I knew it was more than that. So I left them and came to look for you."

"Let‘s go back inside. See if we can find out if they are playing out lust, or are going to officially become a couple."

"I wonder what Harry‘s sisters will say when they see Tom? They‘re both coming home soon."

Elisabeth and Rupert both went inside, and heard the heavy groans coming from Harry‘s room, and thought it best to leave them, at least until Harry‘s sisters got here.

(Over an hour later)

The groans were still continuing to come from Harry‘s room, when Elisabeth saw not only Harry‘s two sisters, Anne and Grace, but Harry‘s two brothers as well, Sebastian and Christian.

Only Harry had gone in for Starfleet, while the rest of the family pursued various careers.

Anne, three years older than Harry, became a reporter for ‚Federation Today‘ Grace had always wanted to work with animals, and gone to work at the ‚Multi Planetary Animal conservation unit, located in what was once Japan. Sebastian always wanted to build and create, and he became a terraforming scientist. Travelling to dead worlds and creating life. He was seven years older than Harry, but still looked as young as he had ten years earlier.

Finally, Christian, the diplomat of the family, had become one of the key junior diplomats in many, history making treaties and settlements. Some of which had been the Cardassian neutral zone treaty, and the peace-treaty settlement between the Federation and Tholians to mention a few.

Mrs Kim was surprised to see all of her children coming today, considering the recent Sub-Space message she had got from Sebastian saying he wouldn‘t be back for a few months.

She rushed to the doors and greeted her children, calling for Rupert to come and see them.

"Oh, I‘m so glad to see you all!" She said in between hugs and kisses. "What are you all doing here?" She asked, finally separating herself from Grace, who‘d been the last to get one of her great mother hugs. "Well," Anne began. "I was coming home with Grace and Christian on a transport from Starbase 12. Sebastian was there, after a project was cancelled due to discovering a few microbes of life on his recent terraforming planet. So we all decided to come home for a few weeks." "That‘s great kids." Rupert said as he came in and began to hug all of his children, who he saw too little of.

They all turned to the hallway when a few loud groans were heard, then looked back at their parents curiously.

"Harry‘s here with his new friend from the academy." She looked closely at Sebastian before she continued.

He had always been a big flirt with anyone who could help with his career. She was wondering how he would react, when the quietist, youngest and most naïve of the family had got together with one of the most influential families in the entire Federation.

"Who‘s his friend?" Grace asked curiously, before her mother had time to answer.

"I think you‘ll know him, or at least have heard of him. His name is Tom Paris."

Sebastian‘s jaw dropped in shock. "Tom Paris as in, son of Owen Paris?" He asked his throat going dry.

"That‘s the one." She said, humour in her voice at her son‘s reactions. "Wow!" Anne sighed. "Have you ever seen Tom Paris? He is so hot, has the most gorgeous eyes, and you ever see that butt?" Anne was saying the usual girl talk to Grace, who was nodding knowingly. Both girls seemed to have forgotten their mother was there as they continued to talk.

"I could never stop thinking what it would be like to feel that hair. It always looked so soft." Christian exclaimed.

"Do we get to see him then?" Anne asked.

"Harry!" His mother called.

The groans stopped and Harry head poked out of the door.

"Yeah mum.oh hi everyone." He said, after seeing his brothers and sisters.

"Can I see you all later?" He asked, desperate to get back into his room. "Har, you‘ve got all night to get back in your room." She said, grinning knowingly. "We want to see you."

"And Tom!" Sebastian added.

He was happy for his little brother, but if he could steal Tom away, he would. Tom was everything he had always wanted to be. "Come on sweetie." His mother urged.

"Okay, I‘ll be out in a minute." He went back in his room, and the rest of the family moved to the open conservatory.

The Kim‘s began to talk on how they‘d been, what had happened, none of them really interested much, all waiting for Harry to enter with his ‚guest‘ After about 5 minutes, Harry‘s mother was going to call for them again, when a slightly dishevelled Harry and a very dishevelled Tom appeared at the door.

Harry‘s lips were swollen slightly, his hair sticking up in various places. Tom stood by Harry, his lips were also swollen, his face was flushed red, showing more prominently on Tom‘s pale features. His blue eyes were almost completely covered with Tom‘s dilated irises. His unruly hair was even in more disarray than usual. The shirt he was wearing was being held closed by Tom‘s hands, as the buttons were now scattered around Harry‘s bedroom floor.

"Mom, dad, everyone, this is Tom."