Title: An Underestimation
Author: Adam- paris130@hotmail.com
Pairing: PK
Rating: PG-13
Archiving: PKelite, PKSP, Tom Paris Dorms, and Elisabeth‘s site.
Series: 3/?
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.
Warnings: A developing relationship between two males.
Summary: Tom‘s at Harry‘s house.
Beta‘d By Ren

Both Tom and Harry‘s mother walked silently for a few minutes, unsure on how to begin.
"You have a beautiful garden.Mrs Kim." Tom said. Thinking a compliment on what was so true, would be a good way of starting.

"Thank you, Tom. You‘re very kind." Harry‘s mother stopped and stared at Tom for a moment, something seeming familiar about him. "This is probably going to sound strange." She began, attempting to give an explanation for her staring. "Have I seen you somewhere before?" Tom gave her a knowing nod.


"I‘ve been on the news a lot. My name is Tom.Paris." Tom said, head down, as if ashamed of who he was.

"Oh." Was all Harry‘s mother said, suddenly remembering the name Paris. The name Paris and the starfleet family attached to it was known throughout Earth.

"Mrs Kim." Tom began again, forgetting her interest at who he was. "Could you please ask Harry to talk to me?" His blue eyes pleaded with her as he spoke.

"Well, Tom. That‘s up to my son. If he doesn‘t want to talk to you, that‘s his decision, I can‘t make it for him." She said calmly. "To be honest," She continued. "I am very interested what seems to have upset my son so much in the short time he has been gone. Could you explain?" Tom jumped from one foot to another, nervous about what Harry‘s mother would think of him after he told her.

"I‘m very popular Mrs Kim. Hang around with all the rich kids, who have high ranking, important family members. I never realised what we were like until today."

"Go on." Mrs Kim urged after Tom paused.

"I.I use my looks, and my name to get people." He said, blushing fiercely. "Get people?" She asked, knowing what he meant, but wanting to see how he would put it.

"I make love to them, and then find someone else. Usually, with the new cadets.I saw your son yesterday," He indicated to the house where Harry was. "I knew I wanted him as soon as I saw him. He looked sweet, innocent, handsome." Tom‘s voice began to get quiet.

"Go on." She instructed.

"I went over to ask him if he needed help. I thought I saw him looking me over, so I thought he liked me, although he had speeded up when I approached him. He was stuttering when he talked to me, which made him seem sweeter. My friends were watching so I asked him to invite me in, so that they would think I‘d have him." Tom spoke the last words quicker and quieter than the rest.

Mrs Kim knew what he had said, and although upset at how this young man had treated her son, he was obviously embarrassed, and upset about it all. "Well," She began, but Tom continued no-longer looking at her, but focussing on memories. Just speaking the events, which occurred. "I was shocked when he pulled me towards my friends, after he smiled at me. I thought I‘d won him over. But I didn‘t want him near my friends. At first I thought because he would tell them I couldn‘t get him, but later I realised it was because I knew they would make his life hell if he said something wrong to them."

Mrs Kim remained quiet, wanting to hear what her son did. "He called us all spoilt, and said he didn‘t want me, which hurt me more than I thought it would." Tom said, pain in his voice. "Then later on my friend played a mean joke on Harry. You see, Jessica has a crush on me, and felt threatened, because I told them to leave Harry alone. She recorded him talking to himself in his room, saying how he had fallen for me." His voice continued to get quieter. He cursed himself for his pale skin, as his blush was seen and watched by Mrs Kim.

"She put it on the main view-screen, where all the cadets could see it. Then Harry saw it, ran here, and I followed him. That‘s it. I‘m really sorry Mrs Kim."

"Oh Harry." His mother said in sadness. "He was always quiet, and was worried people would play tricks on him, or make fun of him when he went to the academy. I doubt he‘ll even go back now." She continued on in despair. Her words ‚I doubt he‘ll even go back‘ caused a pain in Tom‘s stomach he was surprised to feel.

"Please Mrs Kim. Let me talk to him? I want to say sorry." "Well Tom. I don‘t think you would be able to," Tom‘s face fell, causing Mrs Kim to quickly continue. "If I was indoors, but if I had my back turned and I was working in the garden, and you were to sneak in." Tom got the hint, a smile appeared on his face, as he ran back to the Kim residence.

He went from room to room, and found Harry his back towards him, facing the window.

"Harry." Tom spoke quietly.

Harry‘s head spun around and he glared at Tom with cold eyes. "Get out!"

"Harry, please." Tom continued, slowly moving forward, towards Harry.

"I said get out!" Harry shouted.

"Please Harry, don‘t be mad at me. It‘s hurting me here." Tom put his hand on his heart as he continued to advance.

Harry looked at Tom‘s face, and saw Tom‘s hopeful smile, but in his anger he saw it as a knowing smirk, the hand on his heart only put their to mock him. "Yeah right." Harry scoffed. "You expect me to believe after one day of seeing me, it hurts when I don‘t speak. You, the high almighty Tom Paris hurt by me, the loser Harry Kim?"

In one swift move Tom pounced on to Harry. Pinning Harry‘s arms with his own at either side of Harry‘s head. Leaning down slowly, so he could give Harry a chance to struggle or move away, he headed for Harry‘s soft-looking lips.

Harry wanted to move away, but his arms wouldn‘t comply. He saw the beautiful man move closer to him. His eyes showing passion and need, his lips looking sweet and tempting. He needed to see if those lips were as sweet and soft and warm as they looked.

Their lips met and sparks flew between the men, as the kiss grew more intense.

Harry needed more from Tom, more out of the kiss. Reaching down he squeezed one of Tom‘s nipples, causing Tom to groan. Harry saw his chance and quickly slipped his tongue into the inviting mouth.

Harry pulled closer to Tom, needing the warmth from Tom. His tongue explored Tom‘s mouth. His tongue battling for dominance with Tom‘s own. Tom pulled back, his eyes showing the want and need, of Harry‘s own. "Harry, are you sure?" Tom asked, his voice husky. He wanted.needed this so badly, but needed Harry to want it as well.

"Tom, anyone ever tell you, you talk to much?" With that he pulled Tom‘s head back down and resumed the intense kiss.

A voice broke both men from the kiss once again.

"HARRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!" The voice screamed.

It was Harry‘s father.