Title: Trouble Causing Pain
Author: Adam
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: PK
Warnings: None really.
Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and Voyager belong to Paramount.
Summary: It's in the title.

Tom exited the Turbolift, his new and always by his side, Dog.

Harry had recently acquired him a very close species to an Earth Dog, a Labrador would be the closest comparison. He'd picked it up from one of the few friendly planets they had recently stopped at.

The golden dog, had it's tongue hung out of the side of it's mouth, his shiny coat, and prominent teeth it's most noticeable features.

Upon seeing Tom enter the bridge, with his dog, Harry grinned. Recalling the night only two weeks ago when Tom had come home from his shift, to meet a big ribbon wrapped box, with scratching coming from inside.

Tom had moved slowly to the box, all the time staring at Harry's sunny smile. As soon as the lid of the box was loosened, the animal pounced, hitting Tom's chest, and pinning him to the floor.

The dog had ferociously licked his face, and sat down upon Tom. Harry had to admit he was surprised. The dog had not exactly liked him. Preferring to growl more than lick.

Harry, shuck his head bringing his mind back to the present. "Tom, now is not exactly a good time." Harry said indicating the dog who was now sat, at Tom's feet. Trouble, which is what Tom had named his new pet, growled when
Harry indicated him.

"I just wanted to see you. We haven't had much time together recently and I wanted to." Tom attempted to move in for a kiss, but the dog at his feet held him back from getting close.

Harry grinned at how the Dog had being keeping Tom from him. Harry was truly amazed at how quickly the dog had bonded to Tom, and Trouble, had really lived up to his name, separating them in bed, keeping Tom's attention on
him, and away from Harry. If Harry didn't know better, he'd swear the dog wanted Tom for himself.

Tom would never admit it, but he was close to the dog, and couldn't live without him anymore than he could live without his arm or leg, or Harry himself.

"Think we could make use of the Captains ready-room?" Tom asked. Harry had being covering the night shift again, hoping to get command credits, and Tom didn't see the point, unless you got a few perks.

"Harry." Tom continued to plead.

Harry blushed slightly, noticeable through the golden skin. It was obvious to tom that Harry wanted to do something in the spur of the moment, against the regulations, but that little thing that Tom could step around, rules, were holding Harry back.

No problem Tom thought to himself. A few words of my lusty thoughts should get Harry to forget all the rules

"I've being having this fantasy about me and you Har." Tom began his manipulation.

"Yeah." Harry gulped.

"Yeah," Tom continued. "I want you laid out on the Captains table, in those hot green briefs you've got and hid at the back of the draw." Seeing Harry eyebrows raise Tom placed his famous Paris grin, on his face. "Yeah Harry, I
know about them. I replicated some dark blue ones to match. I know you like it when I wear blue!"

Harry couldn't believe Tom was saying all this to him, and not too quietly, on the bridge. Sure it was the night-shift, and only a few people were on the bridge, but still.. Harry looked in Tom's eyes in shock, seeing how ready Tom was to follow through on his words.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose. Heavy metal beams began to fall and Sparks shot everywhere, and the ship shuddered.

"Red Alert!" Harry screamed, but the ensign at Tactical was under a fallen beam.

Another ensign followed Harry's commands and raised the shields. Putting the ship in red alert.

"Tom?!" Harry's head swung around to where Tom just was. He saw Tom running towards the back of the bridge, chasing Trouble, who, despite his fierce appearance, was a very nervous dog inside.

Harry saw the beam fallen directly above Trouble, and so did Tom, as Tom dived to move Trouble out of the way. Harry had frozen. The shock at seeing what was happening, locking his knees in place.

It only lasted seconds, but the damage had being done.

To Be Continued