Author: Adam.
Title: Time Gone By
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: P/K
Series: 1/1
Warnings: Male/Male relationship.
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount, as do the rest of the Voyager crew mentioned.
Summary: Tom's father comes aboard as they make it home.

After many years of, continuous struggles throughout the delta quadrant, the crew of Voyager, now seasoned with experience, had made it home.

After 9 long years on their own, they had been thrown all the way to Earth by Kes. The evolving Ocompan had given this final gift to the crew.

Tears had spilled throughout the ship, but these, unlike so many other times, were tears of joy, relief, and tremendous gratitude.

Most of the crew threw regulations out of the air locks for a few moments as shouts of triumph racked the ship. Tom left his station at the Helm, and met  his lover, Harry, halfway to Ops. Hugging in a fierce embrace that neither  wanted to break from.

Tom had told Harry what could happen when they returned, and Harry thought that Tom  was overreacting when he said that he might be returned to prison. Tom had continued for hours, only a few months after their relationship had become 'public', telling Harry that he'd been softened by Harry's love and affections. Tom couldn't handle prison or anywhere for that matter,  without Harry.

"We're home." Janeway had stated, as a view of Earth came to the view screen.

Chakotay, who had finally made his move for his Captain three years back, saw Janeway pinch her own arm. He laughed to himself. Chakotay himself had dreamed of this moment, and it was hard to believe it was now a reality.

He moved to embrace Janeway, regulations be damned. She leaned into his  embrace, and let out a sigh. A sigh which seemed to contain all the guilt,  self-hatred and pain she had built up over the years. All the anguish was
finally gone.

(Three Days Later)

The crew had been made to wait three days. The StarFleet space station explained that Voyager had been declared lost, and they  needed verifcation that they were,  who they said they were.

The crew of Voyager had learned patience, more than anything, from their stay  in the Delta Quadrant.

Fleet Admiral Paris, who had gone up from senior ranking admiral of  StarFleet, to an even higher position, was now one of three admirals that all others were junior to.

Tom had gulped when the admiral (never calling him dad or anything that  would connect them.) entered the Bridge of Voyager. He looked with no emotions as he gazed over the Bridge crew, and his eyes stopped on Tom. His
pupils contracted, and his posture stiffened.

"Thomas," The admiral had begun sternly. " You will come with me. No son of  mine is going to worm his way out of his obligations, or anything that he is ordered to do. Your remaining prison sentence awaits." The admiral smirked slightly as the look of shock hit his, embarrassing form he had for a son.

"Surely Admiral" The Captain had begun, looking at the already cold, closed  features of her pilot.

"Captain, you and your crew will be allowed on the planet and to your families within the hour. You can take as much leave as you see fit, and a new ship awaits you."

"What about"

"The Maquis," Admiral Paris continued as if Janeway hadn't even spoke. " Are nothing to do with the federation. They can retain their ranks in StarFleet,  leave or whatever they want."

With all that finished, he turned glaring at his son, who was being gently
caressed by a young man.

"Thomas, we're leaving, now!" He said again, sternly.

"Can I just say goodbye to Harry, please?"

He saw the looks Janeway and her First Officer were giving him so decided to be nice. Too nice, in his mind.

"You have two minutes!"

Tom pulled Harry behind the Ops console, trying to give them as much privacy as possible.

"Harry, he's never going to let me out of there. You remember the letters  we got before the alien arrays were destroyed?" Tom saw Harry nod and  continued. "I did get one, I know I told you I didn't and lying about that was one of the hardest things I've done."

He paused to wipe a single tear that had fallen. "It was him Harry." Tom indicated over to his father. "He said I was a failure, and if I ever returned home he would see to it I went back to prison."

"The Captain" Harry started but was stopped by Tom's finger pausing him.

"The Captain is not a Fleet Admiral Harry. She can't do anything. In a year, when everyone's forgotten me, he'll have already deleted everything that  shows I exist. He'llhe'll" Tom tried again, stuttering as some fresh tears  fell, as the reality of the situation began to hit him. "He'll make sure I never leave Harry! Ever! I want you to move on, you hear  me Har?"

"No Tom!" Harry shouted loud enough for the entire bridge crew to hear, and the pain in his voice was enough to make the admiral smirk once more.

"Harry," Tom pleaded. "I know in that pretty brain of yours you know what I'm saying is right. If he sees you as a problem he'll find some way to get at you, and then inform me about it. I may go through hell in that prison for the rest of my life baby, but  knowing that you've being hurt will kill me Harry! I wouldn't be able to go on! Not, without the knowledge you were out there somewhere, making a life  for yourself."

Harry was having an internal struggle but their time was growing short. Harry kissed Tom hard, holding nothing back, throwing every ounce of passion he had into the kiss.

Tom knew Harry was uncomfortable with 'public displays of affection' as Seven would say, so he took full advantage of his, most probable, last kiss. Adding passion to passion.

A cough pulled them out of the kiss.

"Time's up Thomas." The admiral motioned for the guards he'd come with. They moved forward, grabbing either of Tom's arms and began to pull him back.

Tom struggled, not wanting to leave Harry. Harry moved forward as Tom moved back, staying by him.

"That's far enough, Ensign." The admiral spat.

The simple connection of their hands broke. Tom gave one last, longing look into Harry's eyes, and was then pulled out of the Bridge.

"NO!" Harry screamed, rushing to the exit. It took Chakotay, Tuvok, and B'Elanna to hold Harry on the bridge.

Harry's strength, surprisingly a lot stronger than human, Klingon and Vulcan.

"Harry, we'll get him out of there!" Janeway reassured him. But Harry didn't hear. He knew what Tom said was right. They'd never get him out.

He wasn't giving up on Tom. But he knew if he tried to get Tom out, he would fail. Then the admiral would find some way to get to him, and Tom would be devastated.

Harry couldn't stand that.  So he did what Tom asked.

He lived a full, rich life. The years passing as if in seconds. Harry joined Janeway's new crew. Most of the old Voyager crew did. B'Elanna, Chakotay, Tuvok, and even the Doctor, (who had being decided sentient) and Neelix were

The only thing missing was Tom. It ate at Harry daily. Everyone felt the despair Harry felt. No one could do anything though. The Admiral, was just to powerful, he had connections everywhere.

So they carried on with life, as they knew Tom would want. Harry never met anyone else. There was no one that could come near him now. Tom was the only thing, ever on his mind.

The years continued to pass, the crew began to leave one by one, as old age took them.

The Captain had died first, Chakotay died the same week, of something the Doctor diagnosed as a 'Broken Heart'

They stayed on the ship however. No longer any deep space missions. They had no mission; they went where they wished. The ship was old and the crew  unimportant to StarFleet, so they went on simple cargo missions.

Tuvok, Captained the ship. B'Elanna, Harry's only connection, to a world out of his own died, after her battling halves finally declared peace, and old age claimed her. She had been a beautiful, fiery, and intelligent woman up until her death. The Klingon temper never leaving her.

Harry had been at her side in Sickbay when she died. The last words from her lips were to Harry. "Never lose hope."

Harry decided to leave the ship after the death of B'Elanna. Not having the strength to see another friend, what few remained, die.

At the age of 97 Harry settled on a quiet world, in an unimportant region of the Federation. Only a few colonists lived on the planet, scattered across the continents.

The Doctor had advised Harry not to live somewhere, where proper medical care would be far away, with his old age and 'regdaer syndrome' which had progressed to it's final stages. But Harry had been adamant.

Being by himself meant no more hurt, except that which he would create by himself.

(Months Pass)

It was the night. The final night Harry had to live. He had lived a life he hoped Tom would have being proud of. Although nothing, after he had being ripped away from his lover was ever happy anymore.

His soulmate had been snatched away, and to this day, Harry had not recovered.

Harry, laid back in his bed, preparing for the eternal dark which would take him, when a familiar voice brought him from his peace.

"Miss me Har?"

It was Tom. Tom, after all these years was at the side of his bed.

_Wait_  Harry thought to himself. Was this a dream? Was he dead? Only Tom could  answer.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" Tom asked, a glint of humour in his voice.

"Tom" Was all Harry could manage.

"Yeah baby, it's me." Tom reassured Harry.

"But how, where?" Harry was talking as if disorientated, which was exactly how he felt.

"That b*s*ard died about ten years ago. The coward was using alien devices in the end, struggling to stay alive. About five years ago, with him now dead, they released me. I've being searching for you ever since."

"Five years" Harry cried out. Sobbing at the  time they could have  had, that was wasted.

"It's alright baby. I'm proud of you. You made your life did what I asked.  I'm so proud of you baby, and I love you."

"I love you too, Tom." Harry spoke his weak voice, getting weaker.

Tom was stroking Harry's hair soothingly, making Harry purr in contentment.

"No!" Harry suddenly burst out, with his dying strength. "It's not fair. We
should have had more time. We should have had a life together, been happy!"

"We will be, my love." Tom said softly.

Seeing Harry's eyebrows furrow in confusion he continued. "I'll meet you in  death my love. We'll be together for an eternity, never parted! Never  again!"

"But," Harry struggled.

"Shuuuushh" Tom quieted Harry, leaning down kissing him gently.

"I'm dying Tom. I'll be gone so soon."

"Oh Harry!" Tom finally gasped out, in sadness. He'd being struggling to be strong for Harry. Give him a shred of happiness before they'd have to part once more. But soon after, to rejoin again, this-time forever.

Harry felt his eyelids begin to get heavier. He was starting to leave.

Tom brushed the, now-grey strands of thick hair out of Harry's eyes, looking into the brown, chocolate depths.

"We'll be together soon." Tom reassured Harry.

He moved in and kissed Harry, softly. Harry had died long before Tom ended the kiss that he didn't want to end.

Tom vowed to join his lover soon. Unknown to Harry that Tom's death was also minutes away as well.

He lay beside Harry, pulling the still-warm body against him.

He kissed Harry's forehead, and rested his head upon Harry's. Closing his  eyes as he followed Harry, to their long waited, and deserved eternity  together.

The End

Hey everyone? Tell me what you think, ok? Here's the optional sequels,
incase you don't like sad endings.

"Hey Harry!" Tom shouted from there quarters onboard Voyager.

Tom had sent Harry to the replicator five minutes ago for some whipped cream, and fudge-ripple pudding. They'd being beginning to enjoy their two-day vacation, and Tom had suggested something different.

Harry's eyebrows had not gone as high as Tom would have thought, and Tom chastised himself on teaching Harry too much.

He'd being lying in bed, naked and humming whilst he waited. Harry was leaning against the replicator in a daydream.

Tom had finally lost patience and began calling for his lover, bringing Harry quickly out of the sad/happy scenario he'd played out in his head.

"I'm coming Tom!" Harry shouted back, picking up the food from the  replicator and taking it into there bedroom, meeting an irritated pilot, his blue eyes alight with annoyance.

Harry rubbed some whipped cream on to Tom's nose and licked it off. "There  now!" Harry said. "Better now?" Harry continued as though talking to a  child.

"Much" Tom agreed. "But" Tom paused for a moment, leaning in for a kiss. "Let's leave the food until later."

"I thought you wanted" Harry's words were drowned in a kiss, as Tom's mouth  covered his.

The End