Title: Till The Day My Life Is Through
Author: Adam
Rating: PG
Pairing: PK

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Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters. 'This I Promise You' sung by N-sync Belongs to Jive Records.

Warnings: MCD

Giving up hope could possibly be the most upsetting thing of all to a their lover.

The constant uphill battle for life can be a terrible thing, but finally
giving up, allowing death to claim you is not something that persons other half can accept.

They have gone to far, fought to much, given themselves in order for their mate to keep on going, continue the fight. to stay with them. Not let them face life alone, which without them would become bleak, desolate and dead.

They had first met each other a year or so before. An instant connection bringing them closer together than they at first, thought possible.

For what I've been blessed with in my life,
There was an-emptiness in me.
I was imprisoned by the power of gold.
With one kind touch you've set me free,
Let the world stop turning,
Let the sun stop burning.

One of the two saw something in the other. Something worth his time, care loving and commitment. Something that he decided, he would embrace fully with his kind and generous heart.

As the days, and weeks and months past the connection grew in strength.

A trust that had always been there, but not fully used was coming into play. The pair began to share thing's.deep feelings and thoughts about themselves that they, in some cases had never shared with anyone.


This of course was the outcome of the sharing, giving and learning about one and other. A love so pure and sweet that is transcends time.

Nothing will hold it back! Not jealousy, not death.nothing.

There will always be something to bring the two together.

They are linked.Inseparable.

And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through,
This I promise you, baby

Their love was perfect. They laughed they cried, the shouted, they insulted, insinuated, everything bad and good that could be done, was done.

But like all perfect things in life, the perfection did not last long.

His brown eyes that had forever shone brightly were now fading. The lips which could utter such beauty, and love were withering. The face that held eternal youth was growing strained. Exhaustion quickly took him now. His once agile body now becoming frail and week.

The blue-eyed man, who had felt such complete love and devotion to this sweet-soul, let a solitary crystal-clear tear escape his eye.

When the visions around you
Bring Tears to your eyes,
And all that surround you
Are secrets and lies
I'll be your strength
I'll give you hope

The beauty which was Harry Kim stared into his best-friends icy-orbs that had shown him so much love in the short time they had being together that it hurt to look directly into them.

Harry's strength was ebbing away, day by day. Taking him away from Tom a piece at a time.

Harry laid back on the bio-bed where he had being for it seemed only an instant.

The times that he had, had with Tom seemed to encompass him. Memories of Tom, of them, been together, all memories good and bad ran through Harry's mind.

They caused a smile from Harry.

He remembered in flashes his many arguments with Tom. Arguments, which seemed so distant and insignificant now but then, were so important.

The good memories flowed for only minutes in real time, but for an eternity in Harry's mind.

He could still feel the joy and pleasure of their first kiss. He had bit
Tom's lip in his excitement, into which Tom's response had been. 'A moment you've made sure will be etched on my mind until the end of time'

Harry had playfully punched Tom's shoulder at his words, ducking his head in Tom's shoulder as he blushed. He was deeply flattered and had a feeling of completion inside him, which had not been there before.

But how all too soon the memories had ended.

The good times had come to a halt.

Harry was feeling the defeat. Sad to be taken from what he had being missing his entire life. Being taken away by his own week body.

Wishing, wanting, pleading to just be given a little more time.

Harry shook his head, coming out of his reverie.

Looking up, he saw his life.

His Tom.

Tears were now freely escaping Tom's cloudy blue-now grey eyes.

"Oh, Tom.my sweet Angel.don't cry honey we'll be together again."

I've loved you before,
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never
Will you hurt anymore

Tom placed his hand on Harry's week and fragile one-which was, tenderly stroking Tom's damp cheeks.

Tom kneeled down, continuing to hold and stroke Harry's warm, life giving hands.

Moving in to Harry, he placed his lips against Harry's.

They shared a tender, warm and final kiss to end the saga which both men had gone through in the short time together they had being given.

I give you my word
I give you my heart
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow
Forever has now begun

Speaking almost silently, just above Harry's now cooling lips Tom began, continuing to hold the stiffening hand which no longer gave away warmth of comfort, only proof that Tom's sweet love had been taken.

"Let them tell me that love's not worth going through." Tom paused, allowing tears to fall and his breath to steady. "It all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart the only dream that mattered has come true. In this Life I was loved by you."

The End