Author: Adam.
Title: I'm Still Alive!
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: P/K
Warnings: Male/Male relationship. Deals with disability
Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and any other characters mentioned belong to
Summary: Wait until I've finished it!
Betaed By: Ren and El


Part One:

"I'm coming Harry!" Tom yelled from the bathroom. He hadn't being able to hold anything down for weeks, but that's no excuse to shout at Harry! He chastised himself.

Harry had gone silent in the room, and a pang of guilt struck Tom.

"Harry, I'm sorry! You know I don't mean to yell."

Harry did the only thing he could in his current state to ignore Tom. He
closed his eyes, and desperately attempted to shut Tom out.

This had occurred a few times over the past few weeks. It always ended in tears from both men. Harry wanted to stay strong, but he also wanted to be comforted, and only Tom could give him what he needed.

When Harry's young, strong body had first began to decay into its present state; people who he had thought of as friends had treated him like a leapor. Everyone who he thought would have being there for him did everything they could not to be near him. Even B'Elanna, his best friend.

But Tom, Harry sighed for a moment thinking back to when this all began Tom had been like a rock, his support. Without Tom he really didn't think he could have survived everything he'd gone through.

Coming back to the present, he decided not to waste anymore time on this petty squabbling. He didn't have much time left in this life, and he didn't want to spend them not talking with the only person who had being there the entire time.

".please Harry." Tom continued. Feeling as if Harry had being somewhere else the entire time he'd being speaking. "I love you! Talk to me. I'm so, sorry!"

Harry's eyes flickered open, leaving the warm happy memories that were now, so distant. His brown eyes focussed onto the blue ones he loved so much. He blinked a few times, indicating to Tom that, he forgave him.

Blinking being the only way of communication between them now had not kept Harry any less-active in there conversations. At least, not at first.

As Harry was able to do less, Tom tried to encourage him to do more. But Harry seemed to resent Tom's efforts. Instead of becoming more active, he drew in on himself. Wanting less contact.

"Harry, I'm going to make you some lunch, and then we can do whatever you want. The holodeck? Some 20th century vid's? Anything you want."

Tom didn't wait for a response as he went about making Harry something to eat.

A few minutes passed, and Tom returned with a warm plate of Harry's
favourite foods. Tom always made sure Harry got whatever he wanted, usually meaning he got nothing, but he didn't mind. Harry's happiness was the only thing that Tom cared about anymore. Not flying, not working as a team. Just Harry.

But as it appeared Harry seemed to be getting more depressed day-by-day, Tom only struggled harder to make Harry happy.

In Tom's mind, the entire crew had failed Harry. He couldn't believe how they could not want to be around this amazing man. Not that he'd any longer allow them near him, even if they wanted to.

A bang brought Tom from his thoughts, and he quickly turned to see that Harry, had knocked the carefully prepared dinner to the ground, and tears were streaming from his eyes because of it.

"Oh Harry." Tom began rubbing away the tears that were running down Harry's cheeks. "It's ok sweetie. I'll clean this right up and get you some more! Don't be upset, please! You know I can't stand to see you upset!"

Tom continued with his soft words a few minutes more before Harry's heavy tears turned into sniffles.

"Now," Tom began again, in a brighter voice, attempting to lighten the mood. "Lets see about getting you something else to eat, ok?" Tom didn't wait for acknowledgement, as he went and re-ordered the same meal. Using their remaining rations, which Tom was going to use for a meal later, but he quickly dismissed that idea. His top priority was Harry!

Tom once again placed Harry's meal in front of him on a tray. Up until this point Harry had being feeding himself, he struggled greatly, but managed. Now it seemed that Tom would have to take over that job as well. Which Tom had no problem with, his only worries were for what that would do to Harry?

Tom didn't ask if he should feed Harry (not wanting to add any more
embarrassment to him,) and picked up the fork, and began to feed him. Occasionally wiping at Harry's chin when some didn't quite make it into Harry's mouth.

Once he was finished, Tom leaned in and gave Harry a well-done kiss.

"I love you Harry!" He spoke with no reservation.

Harry could only blink in response, but it was good enough for Tom, as he leaned in for another love-filled kiss.

The sat and watched movies for a few hours, Harry, nestled snugly against Tom, until both men were tired.

Harry was lifted gently in Tom's arms and carried into their bedroom.
Securely wrapping the covers over Harry, Tom left the room and switched the lights off.

For Tom, although tired still had another shift in Sickbay and a training
session in the holodeck for advanced level pilots.

He hated to leave Harry, but had no choice.

Tom enjoyed his Sickbay shifts. The Doctor was the only person who hadn't treated Harry like a Tarellian when he discovered Harry's condition. He had helped them both greatly, and sometimes allowed Tom to sleep most of his shifts.

"Ah Mr Paris." The Doctor greeted Tom brightly, as the exhausted young man entered sickbay. "It's nice to see you are finally here!"

"Sorry Doooctor," Tom yawned as he spoke. "I was just putting Harry to bed."

"It looks to me as though you're the one that needs to be in bed!"

"Doctor, not now. I've had to rearrange my shifts with three different
people in order to spend more time with Harry, meaning I get about two hours sleep. I appreciate your concern, but I can manage. We've all had long nights."

"Agreed, but.Tom," The Doctor tried a more informal approach. "How many nights has it been? Five? Six?"

"SEVEN!" Tom corrected harshly.

"Exactly. I will be forced to inform the Captain if this does not end

The Doctor wasn't prepared for what came next. Tom completely broke down in to a fit of sobs.

The Doctor, always bragging about how complete his programme was, moved close to Tom, and comforted him, until the tears died down.

"What's wrong Tom?"

"It's just.just." Tom began to stammer.

"Go on!" the Doctor urged.

"I love him so much, and I'm losing him bit by bit!" Tom stopped as fresh tears fell down his face before he continued. "I mean I try. I try so hard to make him happy Doc! I really do!"

"Uh huh." The Doctor didn't want t stop Tom from getting this anguish and pain and confusion out. He needed it.

"It just seems like the more I do the sadder he gets. I'd do anything to swap places with him!  He knows that."

"Tom, have you ever thought you may be doing too much?"

Seeing Tom only stare at him, his swollen eyes, looking expectantly, he continued.

"Harry is still a smart, capable young man. Though his body has failed him, he is still the same man. He still has the same feelings and thoughts."

"I know that!"

"But do you Tom? You just said you've being doing everything you can for him."

"Yes! Of course!" Tom agreed.

"Try letting him manage by himself." Seeing Tom still didn't understand and was ready to argue he quickly continued. "Not everything Tom. Just little things that you really don't need to do for him. Try it Tom. You'll see it will make a difference."

Tom grudgingly agreed with the Doctors idea. Prepared to try it out for a day or so.

He only hoped it would work. He couldn't bear to see Harry close himself off more than he already had.


Part Two:

Tom came home exhausted from his long shift, training with the more
experienced pilots, who seemed to ask the most pointless questions. Some, causing Tom to lose his patience and snap at them.

Upon entering his quarters he checked the time, and saw he still had a few hours before he had to be at his bridge shift.

Too tired for a shower, he stripped down to his snug-fitting, black, silk
boxers. Making sure he didn't wake Harry, he silently crept into bed behind Harry, wrapping his arms protectively around Harry.

Seconds before he fell to sleep he whispered 'I love you' to Harry, and fell to sleep.

(An hour later)

Tom was woken an hour later by Harry's frantic movements.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Tom asked, struggling to hold back a yawn.

Continuing to struggle, Harry faced Tom, using what little arm movement he had left, and his eyes to show Tom.

Through this simple, but effective for of communication Tom quickly realised Harry had, had a nightmare. Tom gently stroked Harry's cheek, after he discovered the nightmare had been about him. Harry had dreamt Tom had died and he was all alone with the people who didn't want anything to do with him.

Both Harry and Tom were bitter at how just about everyone had acted from the beginning. Tom knew B'Elanna, Chakotay, even the Captain felt very bad about how they had acted. But now they wanted to make it up. But Tom would not allow them to be near Harry.

He didn't want any more hurt to come to Harry.

"Harry, I'm going to get you some water, and something to help you sleep, ok?"

Harry found the strength from somewhere to grab Tom's arm.

Even through this weak contact, Tom could feel the shivers racking Harry.

"It's ok honey. I'll be right back." However, Tom did not leave. Feeling
that the grip did not loosen, he remained where he was.

Minutes later, the grip still remained, so Tom decided Harry could manage without the medication, so he laid back down, and pulled Harry into his chest. Spooning against him.

"It'll be ok Harry." Tom spoke reassuringly, stroking Harry's hair.

Harry relaxed into Tom's embrace, and minutes later, was peacefully asleep again.

Tom didn't go to sleep again. It was pointless with less than an hour
remaining before he had to be ready for his shift. He continued to hold
Harry in the tight embrace for another half-hour, but then carefully removed his arms, and got ready for his shift.

Taking a much needed shower, he got changed and was just about to get his first drink in two days when Harry awoke. Leaving his drink, he went to see to Harry. First helping him shower, then helping him get dressed. When Harry had  only his top to put on, Tom stood back and indicated Harry should do it.

Harry looked perplexed at Tom, who was, for the first time, not helping him.

Harry suddenly felt a pain in his heart. Maybe he's tired at looking after me? Maybe he wants to be with someone else! Someone who can do things for themselves and love Tom back the way he deserves to be loved.

The self-loathing and hatred came in full force, as Harry dropped the top and laid-back on the bed. Curling, as best he could, into a fetal position.

Tom saw the internal struggle that had occurred in just the last minute, and the way Harry fell back as if in acceptance of something, scared Tom to his core.

"Harry, come on." Tom tried again. Giving the Doctor's suggestion one last try.

Harry wanted to do things by himself. He really did, he'd tried at first.
But every time he had not succeeded, he felt he had failed Tom, and that hurt more than anything.

Not wanting to try again, Harry shut his eyes, locking Tom out.

(Minutes go by)

Tom decided to let the Doctors idea drop. Picking up the top, he raised
Harry's arms and pulled it down over Harry's head.

"I have to go to work now Harry. But I have a break in a few hours. So I'll come back and we can spend some time together, how about that?"

Harry simply wanted to be with Tom all the time. He knew it was selfish, and that Tom had to work, but he just wished they could stay together all the time.

"I love you Harry?" Tom said, expecting a reaction from Harry, to show he loved him to, but all Harry did was curl up further, blocking out the
outside world.

All the way to the bridge Tom was chastising himself for what he'd done. Over months, tom had allowed Harry to totally depend on him. Then, suddenly he makes Harry do something by himself that, he'd have to struggle to do anyway.

"Are you with us?" The Captain asked, an hour into Tom's shift. She had repeated an order three times, and although she still felt bad for his situation, she couldn't allow favouritism.

"Yes.course laid in Captain.I'm sorry."

"Don't let it happen again Mr Paris." Tom had being thinking about Harry all through his shift.

Tom nodded in acknowledgement, and continued his work.

(Captains ready room)

The Captain was pacing the quite large space of her ready-room, as she continued to think about the Tom-Harry situation. Beginning to gather her thoughts, she commed the Doctor.

"Yes Captain. Is this important? As I'm conducting a rather important
experiment at the moment which needs my attention.

"Doctor, yes this is important, and I will require your full attention." She
said sternly.

The Doctor nodded, and went out of view of the screen for a moment.

"Alright Captain."

"This is about Lt Paris."

"Go on." The Doctor said, making sure he didn't tell her anything without her specifically asking.

"I had to repeat an order three times on the bridge today. His eyes are
bloodshot. He's become physically thinner and paler."

"I am aware of this captain." Taking an un-needed breath the Doctor went on. "Lt Paris has dedicated himself to the care of Ensign Kim. Because of there obvious feelings, and Harry's close contact to Tom over the past few months, Harry has become dependant on Tom. Meaning Tom does nearly everything for Harry."

The Captain looked shocked at this news, but that was quickly replaced by a certain amount of frustration of not being aware of it.

"Why did you not inform me Doctor? I knew about the situation with Harry, I know I could have handled myself better when I first found out, but it's too late for that now. I am going to relieve Mr Paris of his duties for the time being."

"An excellent idea Captain. I think both Mr Kim and Mr Paris both need a break."

"I'll inform him now. His shift is just about over anyway."

The Doctor nodded in agreement, and turned to go back to his experiment. The Captain left her ready room to inform Tom.


Part Three:

Tom was still in shock as he entered their quarters. He'd been in shock
walking off the bridge, in the Turbolift and all the way back to his

The Captain had relieved him of duty for the time being. At first he thought it was because of his concentration, but the Captain had quickly explained that it was instead a reward for all the extra shifts he'd being pulling lately.

"But when I call you back for duty," the Captain continued,  "I want you
back 200%."


"Harry." Tom called out, not expecting an answer. He just wanted to let
Harry know he was home.

Heading into their bedroom, he saw Harry in bed still asleep. He seemed to get tired more easily now and slept for much longer.

Tom went to the side of the bed, crouched down, and stroked a few, loose strands of hair back. Then moved forward and kissed Harry's forehead gently.

"Harry, come on. Wake up sweetie. I've got something to tell you!" A simple murmur was what Tom got in response, as Harry's eyes fluttered open.

"You'll never guess what just happened Har?" Not waiting for a response, he continued. "The Captain relieved me of duty. I am going to be off duty until she says I should come back. We can spend more time together!"

A sweet smile was Harry's response, and Tom took that as his cue. Leaning in, he took Harry's mouth in a passionate kiss. Only stopping when both needed to breathe.

"So come on honey. Let's start our" Tom was cut off as the comm chimed.

"Lieutenant Paris to the bridge!"

Tom sighed in exasperation. Moving back he gave Harry an apologetic look, and began to leave.

Harry's eyes followed him all the way to the door, and all the way back to him, as Tom suddenly turned and rushed back. Pulling Harry in to an intense kiss.

"Keep that thought Harry! I'll be back as soon as I can. Get some more rest!" This time he did leave and was at the bridge a few minutes later, wondering why he'd being called back.

(The bridge)

"Captain?" Tom asked in confusion as he entered the bridge.

"Mr Paris, I have some news which I think may concern both you and Ensign Kim."

Janeway saw Tom's eye's brighten at Harry's name mentioned, and she now had his entire attention.

"News, what news?"

"There's a planet we will be stopping at within the hour. They contacted us just a few minutes before I contacted you. Informing us we could stop there for supplies. In exchange for some tricelleron, they are prepared to give us advanced medical technologies. Their technology, from what we've seen, is remarkably like our own."

"You mean there could be something that could help Harry?" Tom asked, the excitement coursing through him.

"Yes. That's a possibility. That's why I only called you up here. I don't
want to get Harry's hopes up if nothing will help." She paused to consider if she should ask, finally deciding she should. "I need to know you won't inform Ensign Kim."

Suddenly, Tom's first genuine smile in months vanished. A bitterness entered Tom's voice as he began to speak.

"Don't tell me how to take care of Harry, CAPTAIN!" Every word was spoke in disgust, and spat at the Captain in hatred.

Knowing how much sleep he'd been having, and what he'd been going through the past few months, she decided to let what he'd said, and how he'd said it, slip, for now.

"That will be all, Lt."

Tuvok raised an eyebrow at Janeway's simple dismissal of Tom after his actions. But did not say anything.

(Back at Tom and Harry's quarters)

Once again entering their quarters, Tom headed for the bedroom, where he knew Harry would be.

"Hey sweetie I'm back. No, nothing important." Tom answered, after Harry raised an eyebrow in question.

"Now, I have to go to Sickbay in an hour, but we can do a lot in an hour, now can't we?" Tom said, raising both his eyebrows suggestively.

They spent the next hour just kissing and holding each other. Both men content with the feeling's, this simple act created.

Regretfully disengaging from what only could be described as 'a sweet

"Now, I will be back as soon as I can. If I'm going to be longer than an
hour I'll comm you. The replicator will give you breakfast, which I've
already programmed. Just tap the button at the bottom. You chair is here. Want me to help you get into it?"

At Harry's shrug, Tom carefully helped Harry get into the chair, then one more peck on the cheek and Tom left.


The alien technology was already there when Tom arrived. Laid out across a few bio-beds and medical trays. Most of which, were small gadgets that only a Doctor, would know how to work.


"I'm here Mr Paris." The Doctor said excitedly. He stood up from behind a bio-bed.

"Doctor?" Tom once again asked. This time the question was the Doctors excitement.

"I think I may have found something that could help Ensign Kim."

"What?" Tom gasped, unable to believe it. They had tried everything they could to help Harry, even some experimental techniques, all of which had failed.

"That was my reaction at first as well, Lt."

"You mean he could speak again?" Tom asked. Not even considering anything more than that.

"More than speak Mr Paris. If I am discovering what these technologies can do, correctly then"

"Just make sure you are, Doctor!" Tom said. His voice holding nothing but seriousness.

"Of course. If you would help me here."

(Minutes later)

"Doctor, if you are right, and in fact these technologies can help Harry,
how long."

"How long until we would see results? That was one of my first thoughts

"AND?" Tom shouted, after several seconds of not receiving an answer.

"We would see results within a few days." The Doctor finished, his voice
calm as he continued to look through the equipment.

"You mean, I could bring Harry in today? And perhaps by tomorrow we would see results?" Tears were streaming down his face. Not of sorrow, but of joy.

"Yes. If you bring Ensign Kim in at 1600 hours, then I will have everything sorted out, and we can begin.

Tom ran out of Sickbay. Although he was sleep deprived, this news could change both his and Harry's lives.

(Tom and Harry's Quarters)

Tom's bright mood ended quickly after entering their quarters. Harry was near the replicator, but he was laid on the floor beside it.

"Harry, Harry!" Tom screamed. He ran to Harry and picked him up in his arms, carrying him to their bed.

"What happened Harry?!" Tom said in anger and hurt. He was so afraid that he wouldn't be there to help Harry one day that he was shivering in fright.

Tom's anger went in a flash, as he realized he was upsetting Harry.

He knew what he could say to brighten Harry's hopes, knowing too well what this would further do to Harry's self esteem.

"The Doctor has some new technologies Harry. There's a chance they can help you!" Tom didn't say they could cure Harry fully incase they couldn't.

For the first time since Tom had entered he focused in on Tom. Searching his eyes to see if he meant it.

As if reading Harry's mind, Tom nodded to the unspoken question.

"Where going to sickbay at 1600. That leaves us a good twenty minutes for some fun." Tom grinned, as he crawled across the bed towards Harry like a cat hunting prey. His back arched, and eyes glued on his intended target.

Harry almost expected Tom to pounce when he was directly above him. But all he did was lean down, place his lips softly on his own, and proceeded to show where his reputation for KOTDQ (Kisser Of The Delta Quadrant) had come from.


Part Four:

After spending some 'quality time' together, Tom and Harry slowly made there way through the cold hallways of Voyager.

"It's going to be okay Harry." Tom said, giving Harry's shoulders a gentle squeeze. Harry was in his chair, being pushes along by Tom. Although Harry could manage to get into bed by himself, it took an incredible amount of strength, which Harry didn't need to use now.

They finally reached the doors to sickbay, both men holding their breaths as they entered.

"Right on time gentlemen." The Doctor greeted them.

Seeing their obvious unease the Doctor began to speck to stop the silence. "Mr Paris, if you could assist Mr. Kim to one of the bio-beds, whilst I prepare."

"Yeah Doc, sure." Tom answered. Seeing how the Doctor was attempting to break the unease, and he was great full for that.

As Tom assisted Harry to get on the bio-bed, the Doctor quickly got the new pieces of technology they had acquired, and brought them in on a tray by the bio bed Harry was now on.

"So, Doc.How long will this take?" He asked, keeping a firm grip on Harry's hand.

"Well, I think it should take a few hours. I have to modify the technology for Mr. Kim's physiology as I work." The Doctor answered, calmly.

Tom paused before he asked his next question. After a few seconds of
indecision Tom finally began to ask, the hesitation still evident in his

"When will we know if the technology was successful?"

"I am unsure. For the aliens this technology came from it would have effects within twenty minutes, our time. But humans are quite different, so we should know if it works or not within two hours."

"Can i."

"Stay?" The Doctor finished for him. "I'm afraid not, Lt. But I'll call you
when I'm done."

"Okay Doctor." Tom answered, the unease had jumped after discovering he couldn't stay, but the Doctor was right.

"Would you mind." Tom began but was embarrassed to finish.

"Oh, of course. Let me know when you're done. I'll be in my office."

Tom simply nodded and the Doctor moved away. Once Tom saw he was out of hearing range, he began.

"Harry, I love you so much. I know everything is going to be ok. I trust the Doctor. But remember, if nothing changes, I still love you. I won't think any less of you! You are my Harry, and I love you anyway you are!"

Harry used his eyes to show what he was feeling for Tom, and Tom leaned in for another, this time more soft kiss.

"I have to go now Harry." Tom said disengaging himself from their kiss after he ran out of air.

Tom turned and left. Fearing if he turned back he wouldn't be able to leave again.

The Doctor watched Tom leave, and hoped as much as he could that this new equipment would work. More worried for Tom about the outcome, than Harry.

(Two Hours Later)

Tom had being frantically pacing his and Harry's quarters for about two
hours now. He couldn't sit down. Couldn't work on reports, he'd even tried going to the holodeck, but he found everything so empty without Harry there to share it with.


Tom didn't know who that could be at his door. The Doctor said he would comm him once he was done.

"Enter!" Tom almost shouted, impatiently.

He did not expect who entered. He gave Chakotay a perplexed look, and indicated him to sit down.

"What can I do for you commander?" Tom spat out. He was tired, and
irritable, but most of all worried for Harry.

"Lt...Tom, I wanted to begin by apologising to you, and Harry for how I
behaved when I first found out Harry's situation."

"It's a little late for that Commander!" Tom began to pace again as the conversation heated up.

"Tom, calm down, please! I just wanted to apologise, and say I will be here for you both from now on."

Tom was enraged. Despite how little food, drink, or sleep he'd had, he was still ready to fight the entire ship for Harry.

"You mean, now it may be possible Harry could be cured, and he won't be an inconvenience for you any longer?"

"No Tom, you know that's not true."

"Do I really commander?!" Tom's face was now flushed, and he directly in front of the Commander now. "How would I know that? Maybe because you haven't being here one day to say hello to Harry. You know, Harry looked up to you as a role model. You don't know how crushed he was that B'Elanna his best friend, and you, who he thought of as his mentor didn't want to know him any more!"

"I never knew." Chakotay answered, shocked.

"I don't suppose you did, considering you have never being to visit. NOT ONCE!!!"

"I think it would be best if I left for now, but I'll be here to talk, for
Harry, or yourself!" Chakotay didn't wait for a response, nor did he expect one as he got up and left.

Tom decided to leave the Chakotay discussion until later. He had bigger things to worry about.

Not a minute after that thought and Tom was commed.

"Lt Paris, this is the Doctor. Please come to Sickbay."

"How did everything go Doctor?" Tom asked, but the Doctor had already turned off the comm channel.

He ran out for his quarters, never stopping until he was outside the Sickbay doors. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself, and then entered.

His mouth fell open as he entered.


Part Five (Final Part )

Tom's mouth remained hung open, until Harry walked over and shut it for him.

"I know!" Harry answered what Tom must be thinking. "I can walk again Tom. I can TALK again!" Harry shouted, the revelation still new to himself.

"You mean."

"YES! We can have a normal life again Tom! I can love you the way you deserve to be loved!"

"Oh Harry!" Tom finally managed to speak again.

He didn't say anything else after that, as both men moved into a passionate kiss.

It was Harry that quickly advanced the kiss, wanting to show Tom how much he loved him. Needing Tom to know.

He slowly worked his way down Tom's neck, nipping and sucking along the way. He stopped at that soft spot, just below Tom's ear, making Tom grown out in pleasure.

"Harry, you don't have to do this for me." Tom paused to let out a grown as Harry found another particularly sensitive spot. "You should rest first!"

Harry took a few seconds away from Tom's neck, admiring the spot, which would soon have a bruise there, proving Harry's mark. "I want to do this Tom! I need to do this for you, please?"

"But.*groan*.where in.*groan*.sickbay, Harry!" Tom finally managed to get out.

Harry was back at work, and continuing to move down Tom's body. He'd already removed Tom's top, and shirt underneath, and was eagerly sucking at one of Tom's nipples.

He sucked greedily, first one, then another, causing Tom to get louder with his groans.

He argument of where they were, now forgotten, Harry, began to move quicker, and more roughly, which he knew Tom wanted.

Harry bit down hard on the nipple he'd being carefully sucking on, and then he carefully laved the sensitive nub with his tongue.

Tom's hands were holding Harry's head against his chest, as Tom began to purr with contentment.

(Other Side of Sickbay)

The Doctor was about to rush from his office as he heard a groan from the main part of sickbay, but when he saw where and why the groan had occurred he made a quick 180 turn, and headed back into his office.

"Computer." He began embarrassingly. "Allow no entry to sickbay and
deactivate the EMH. Reactivate and allow entry to sickbay only if there's an emergency, if nothing occurs reactivate me in two hours."

The Doctor vanished after his commands were executed, leaving the only sounds in sickbay as groans coming from two men in there love making.

(Main area of sickbay)

Tom was now completely naked, his trousers and custom-made black, silk boxers were strewn about the bio bed they were now, laid on.

Tom had managed to remove Tom's medical gown, and he grinned after seeing that was all he'd being wearing.

"All this for me?" Tom said, his voice full of playfulness.

"You'll have to work for it! Harry answered, in just the playful mood.

"Don't worry honey." Tom began, flipping Harry over, so he was now
underneath him. "I'll do overtime if I have to!"

After that, the glint of humour remained, but the talking ended as passion took over.

Tom quickly worked his way down Harry's bronze, silky-smooth body. Pausing to give Harry's dark nipples the same attention Harry had given his. Licking them, but nipping gently instead of biting. Knowing Harry liked the more gentle approach.

Once both of Harry's nipples were erect, dark buds, Tom began to move lower.

Licking hungrily at Harry's naval, enjoying the groans of approval he was getting, as he then continued to his goal.

He passed Harry's erect member, loving the groan of frustration it elicited from Harry. He nipped the inside of Harry's thighs, careful he only sucked gently as Harry began to buck uncontrollably, as this extremely sensitive part of his body was manipulated.

"Oh Tom!" Harry spoke breathlessly. "You don't know what you're doing to me!"

Tom looked up into Harry's eyes, to see Harry's brown orbs staring back down at him the intense feelings of love passed between them. Harry's blue eyes glinted with love, and excitement. "I think I know what I'm doing to you!"

Tom took another moment to look over his lover's body. Harry's chest was rising and falling with excitement, sweat glistened on every inch of his perfect, bronze skin. His cock was pointing directly up, glistening on the top.

Tom couldn't wait another second as he bent down and pulled the entire length of Harry's rock-hard cock down his throat. Not stopping until he reached the sparse pubic hair. He held Harry's thighs tightly, knowing Harry was already incredibly turned on, and after many times of being bucked completely off the bed by Harry at this point, he found a firm grip was useful.

"TOM! MORE! PLEASE BABY, I NEED MORE!" Harry begged. His senses overloading with pleasure.

Tom continued to suck hard, loving the feel of Harry's hard shaft in his
mouth. Harry's pre-cum was sweet, and addictive. Tom had missed Harry's sweet seed. It was like an elixir, one that he'd gone without for far to long.

He could feel the pulse throbbing along Harry's shaft, and it only urged Tom to suck harder. Harry's body stiffened as he reached orgasm, Tom held on hard to keep from being bucked onto the floor.

Tom continued to swallow Harry's hot release, continuing to grip on Harry's thighs

Minutes later, Harry finally fell back onto the bio-bed. Exhausted. But it
wasn't over yet.

Tom crawled up Harry's body, like a lion with its prey.

"We're not done yet Harry!" Tom said, bringing Harry back from the light doze he had entered.

"Tommm." Harry drawled.

Tom was already prepared to be entered. Harry had fingered him, his fingers slicked with a cream on a nearby shelf, he was prepared, and Tom wanted to take advantage of that.

"Harry." Tom whispered. "I want you to fuck me." He whispered again.

Harry's eyes shot open to see Tom's cerulean eyes glinting above him.

Harry flipped Tom over with an energy and quickness even he was amazed at. Covering Tom's face with kisses, he moved down Tom's body the same as he had earlier. Nipping and biting his way down.

Tom's cock was standing proudly erect. Harry grabbed it tightly, causing Tom to jump in surprise at the erotically rough treatment. "Whoops!" Harry spoke teasingly. "Looks like this things about to go off!" He indicated to the enflamed head of Tom's cock, before he bent down and licked the way from the bottom, all the way across the head, and then, pulled the head gently into his mouth, never breaking eye contact from Tom.

Tom's eyes rolled back at the feelings Harry awoke in him.

"Harry...please...fuck me...NOW!" He finally shouted.

"Your love" Harry continued to pause to lick the sweet drops of pre-cum that continued to emerge from Tom's cock.

Harry moved into position, pulling Tom's legs to his waste. He entered Tom's tight passage in one go. Not stopping until he felt them joined completely.

"OHHH HARRY!" Tom screamed out in ecstasy.

Harry had quickly become hard again after hearing Tom's request to fuck him. Another orgasm was approaching already. The feeling of being inside Tom always brought him close to orgasm instantly.

Harry began to slowly thrust in and out, increasing the pace, at Tom's

Tom had locked his legs around Harry's waste. Pulling him in faster and faster, all the time both men continued to get closer and closer.

"Harry." Tom's orgasm hit him and his back arched. Harry felt the
contractions around his cock and Harry quickly followed Tom in to an almost painful pleasure.

Both men, spent and exhausted fell into a deep sleep, waking up hours later in their quarters.

Silent words passed between them as they took in how much there lives had changed.

Harry was pulled securely against Tom; his waist securely locked in Tom's tight embrace.

"I love you Tom!" Harry broke the silence; they had being in for hours,
moments before he fell asleep once more.

"I love you too Harry!" Never far behind, Tom followed Harry into a sweet slumber.

Both men ready to begin their lives again. Understanding how lucky they had being, and now read to live every moment to the fullest.

The End