Author: Adam
Title: Star Crossed Lovers
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: PK
Series: 1/1
Warnings: M/M relationship. Major Character Death.
Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and any Voyager character in this story belong to paramount. As does, the general idea of this story.
Summary: It’ll spoil it to tell.

Star Crossed Lovers

"I love you. I love your beautiful jet-black hair. Your sculpted cheeks. I love to look into your chocolate brown eyes. But I must say goodbye."

"I love you, dear, sweet, innocent Harry. My best friend, my confidante, my lover and my soul mate. You were all of these, and now I find living without you impossible to bear."

"No Tom, you can't!" Harry awoke again from his unconscious state. "I know I won't make it out of here, But I know you can. Don’t do this!" Harry begged to his lover, whose mind was made up.

"Harry." Tom looked into Harry’s eyes, showing all the emotions going through him. Though their relationship had been short, Harry had thought he had seen everything there was about Tom. He knew now that was not true. He saw the determination, and the acceptance.

"I know what my life was like before Voyager. I know what my life was on Voyager without you in it. Anywhere you are, I want to be. I will not be parted from you. It took me my entire life to find you, and death will not part us!" Tears had formed in Harry’s eyes hearing this. Hearing how much he was loved.

Another volley of spasms shot through Harry’s body, showing Tom that there was not much time.

Opening the Med-Kit, Tom filled a Hypo-with a mix of compounds, from nethrol to gedumon. Making sure he got the right amount so he would die with his lover and not before, leaving him to die alone on this planet. Tom placed the Hypo to his neck and released the compound.

The pain, the situation, and then finally Tom injecting himself with that poison was too much for Harry, and he once again collapsed.

The drugs had almost run their course on Tom, as he began to take in Harry’s body. His lovers body for the last time. Lying down beside him, wrapping his arms securely around Harry’s waist, Tom drifted away into an eternity of endless sleep. His last words spoken so softly they could barely be heard.

"Goodbye my love."

Harry awoke to see a ceiling. A gray ceiling, Sickbay Harry said to himself in joy.

"Tom? Tom!" Harry shouted, rising to a sitting position.

"Ensign Kim! please lay back down." Seeing the Ensign needed answers, he quickly commed the Captain and Commander, who arrived minutes later.

Not needing to ask the Doctor the problem, they went to Harry’s side.

"Where’s Tom?" Harry asked. Tears had filled his eyes, and were flowing down his sculpted cheeks.

"Harry, you were dying. Your shuttle had crash-landed on a barren world after it was caught in an ion storm. Do you remember?"

"Tom, please. Tell me where he is!" The Captain saw the desperation in his eyes, and decided he needed to be told now. Not prolonging the pain any longer.

"He’s dead Harry."

"No!" Harry screamed in denial.

"Yes Harry." The commander took over. "He died by your side on that world. He thought you were near death, which was correct. So he took a lethal mix of painkillers. Which acted more as a poison in their mixed state." Stopping to wipe a few tears that had fallen, the Commander took a breath before continuing.

"The poison was painless, and acted quickly. He died, his arms wrapped around you, and let the emptiness take him."

"No! It’s not fair! I should have died! I was hurt! It should have been me!" Harry wailed. "It should have been me." Speaking more quietly now, as if the energy had just been drained from him.

Two Days Later

There were standing orders from the Captain and Commander to leave Ensign Kim alone.

Harry had not eaten or slept for two days. The guilt slowly, eating him away a piece at a time.

Finally, at 0300 on the third day, Harry decided what he must do. The Decks were empty. Everyone was either in their quarters asleep, or at their stations. He made his way to sickbay, easily made it to the area of Sickbay where the stasis chambers were, as the Doctor was not online, and opened Tom's chamber.

Stroking gently at his pale lover's face, Harry ordered a site to site transport to his quarters.

He gently laid Tom in his bed. Then moved in beside him. Kissing Tom’s cold, lifeless lips, then gently kissing him on his brow line. Which a week ago would be furrowed with hesitation and expectance, but now was there was nothing.

"Oh Tom." Harry began to cry again. "You were right. Even death cannot separate us. We’ll be together soon. As it should be."

Setting the Phaser he had prepared, he placed it at his heart, and shot. The pain came quick, and went just as fast. Meaning death would arrive any second.

Moving forward, Harry placed his arms around Tom’s waist, and placed his lips upon Tom’s and then joined Tom, in his eternity of slumber.

The End