Title: Snapped
Author: Adam
Rating: PG-15-R
Warnings: Some bad language here and there, also
strong blood/rape-ish scenes. Violence.
Pairing: Hard to say..C/P but wants it to be PK.you
get when you read.
Archive: Of course Pkelite and TPD, anywhere else just
Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and Chakotay belong to
Paramount, and are only used by me for fun!
Summary- Pretty dark. Well, very dark. It's very much
in Harry's view, but it's a weird view. You have to
read it carefully and get into the way I wrote it to
really understand it. 

I see him standing there. Looking so tall, so strong.
He looks over at me, a smile lighting his face. I can
see it now, I guess I always could. 

I smile back, my warm gesture as fake as his. 

He hates me, I hate him. 

He got Tom I didn't.

But that's okay, everything is okay. 

The battle is his, but the war 'will' be mine. 


"Hey Tom!" I say, hiding the burning hatred boiling
within. His insepid 20th century shit that he will
drole on about all through lunch. 

"That's great Tom." I say, replying to his
'oh-so-interesting' chatter about a new piloting

I look at him, his mouth moving constantly. 

'I DON'T CARE TOM!' I want to shout at him. I don't
give a fuck about your interests. About what you love.
I don't care what's going on in your life. I do,
however, care who you're doing! 

I keep a smile on my face throughout his his
rattlings, whilst deep in my mind I concoct some
horrific way to torture him like he's torturing me
over such a simple thing like lunch. 

Neelix has made better conversations. 

There he is again. Chakotay. . . FILTH! Touches my
Angel. My incredibly boring Angel, yes. But he touches
him! Makes him dirty. 

My poor Tom can't see this. He needs to be taught. 

"Janeway to Senior officers, report to the bridge."
Came the shrill voice of our Captain, I say Captain in
the loosest sense of the word.

Minutes later we're all there on the bridge. Wondering
what she's got us into this time. 

".And if we continue on this course.anomaly will."
BLAH BLAH BLAH. Why can't she ever get to the point?
Do we really need to know every little thing? NO!

"So I'd like Chakotay, Lt Paris and Ensign Kim to take
the Delta Flyer and find the safest course through
this." She goes on minutes longer, trust me when I say
you don't wanna hear. 

But this mission has my mind working overtime. Is this
the opportunity I've been looking for? Could I get
away with it? I could try.

Minutes more and we're in the shuttle approaching the
outer rim of the annomaly. 

"Shiels to Maximum Harry. The Doctor said they could
withstand the high radiation levels, but only if kept
about 82%. Make sure they don't drop!"

"Understood." I reply in a monotone voice. Like I care
if he dies.

"Tom, I'm reading a dense asteroid field within the
gaseous cloud. Cut to maneuvering thrusters and be

"Aye Commander." Tom replies. I don't here any love in
that voice. Tom's unhappy with Chakotay, I can tell. 

The shields are dropping. Ninety-four percent, ninety,
eighty-eight, eighty-six. 

Maybe I should have put more power to the shields like
the arrogant prick said, but oh well. Who wants to
live forever? The shielding on the forward section
where Chakotay was seated was at it's weakest. Where I
was sat was nicely protected.

"Harry, are you sure those shields are above 82%? I'm
feeling a little hot, here. " Chakotay said. 

I waited a few seconds to respond, enjoying too much
the increasingly uncomfortable expression adorning his
face. Let's wait until it becomes painful, then I'll

"Ensign?" Chakotay asked, his voice becoming more
authoritive now. 

He turned and saw what I wanted him to see. My
concerned face looking back at his. "Several power
systems seem to have fused, Commander. The shield
power is dropping. Currently 80% and falling." I
continued, my voice every bit the ensign I was years

"Chakotay to Voyager." He activated the comm, his
panic increasing. No response. Did I forget to say I'd
cut the comms? 

"The comms have also fused Commander." I chime in,
enjoying the panic on his face. 

Tom, my Tom was coughing now. If he had stayed with me
everything would be all right. But he didn't. He fell
for that calm exterior. Who wants calm when you can
have the energy I could give him?!

"Tom, *cough* get us out of here!" Chakotay got out
inbetween coughs.

"Can't **cough* Chakotay. Asteroids *cough* have
blocked our entry path **cough*"

"Harry, can you **cough* do something?" 

It was then he noticed me really. Not coughing not
worried, but smiling. The evil glint in my eyes is all
he needs to know it's me who's doing this. Then came
the realisation, why I was doing it. Then, best of
all.. the knowledge that I could easily make sure it
all looked like an accident. That no one would ever
know what happened. Oh yes, the fear, frustration and
anger on his face was worth all the pain I'd gone

"Don't worry Commander. In a few minutes I will
suddeny find a way to strengthen the shields, and get
a weak signal through to Voyager. Then, as your
decaying muscles are being burned away leaving you
twitching with pain, and crippled I will take what was
once mine. What should have always been mine!

Tom will enjoy riding a real man for a change. I
wanna get to him whilst he's still warm. I gotta tell
you I don't fancy the idea of fucking a cold corpse. A
still warm corpse.now that I can do!"

Chakotay turned away from me when I finished, looking
at the man I really think he loved. Tom was coughing
up blood at this point, all of it dripping down his

Tom turned to look at me as Chakotay stroked his chin,
the betrayal in his face enough to make me feel bad.
Well, almost enough. 

The pain racking his body quickly took precadence over
his feelings and he let out an agonising scream.
Chakotay never though. He had for, seveal seconds,
struggled to tap at his console, hoping he could
perform miracles. But all too quickly the radiation
grew stronger, his fingers freezing up. 

It was facinating to watch. I could clearly see
Chakotay having major problems with his limbs, pain
all over. Whereas Tom's main pain seemed to be his
lungs, and.oh, and now his head. The radiation
attacking his brain. 

Wow, that was a loud scream. Blood coming from my
baby's nose was not a good look for him, but he was
still hot. 

Aww, will you look at Chakotay, breathing his final
breaths out. 

"T-T-T-Tom.L-Loooove yoou." 

Well, if a final declaration of love isn't just the
soppiest thing I've ever seen. 

Tears dripping from my baby's face. Now, is that for
his slut buddy's last words or the pain in his head? 

Wow, my Tom is bleeding from everywhere now. Ears,
mouth, nose. 

He looks at me now, his bloodshot eyes pleading with
me. There might be a chance to change my mind.
Resucitate Chakotay. I don't think so. 

I shake my head, almost feeling sorry for the
desperation, turned acceptance on the rebel's face.

Just die for Christ sakes! 

Ah, there we go.

Raising shields back up to maximum, and purging any
remaining radiation I quickly move forward. Taking my
love in my arms.

"Poor Tom." I say, stroking the hair out of his eyes.
I wipe at the blood from his mouth, and bringing it to
mine. Even his blood is sexy. 

I lick around my sweetheart's mouth, tasting the
despair in his blood before delving into his still
warm mouth, fighting with his dead tongue. 

"Want me to take you Tom. Show you what you've been
missing?" I ask, hearing his answer despite the
silence in the shuttle. 

"Okay baby, I knew you still wanted me!" I smile at
him, quickly stripping him of his clothes and taking
his mouth into another kiss. 

I took Tom, tearing into his tight passage over and
over. It was still so hot, so perfect. I couldn't help
myself. I had to thrust harder. Take him faster. When
I felt the blood dripping out around my cock I
stopped. His lightly haired ass was smeared with
blood, cool blood. His body was cooling now.
Everywhere except where I'd been against him. 

"I'm sorry, Tom, but I can't keep fucking you. I'm not
sick, you know. Fucking a cold corpse is sick!"

I throw his body down and decide to change my plans.
Transporting both men into space, watching as my
baby's bloodied body is pulled into an asteroid and
disappears forever, along with that monster Chakotay!

I manage to clean up everything within the shuttle,
allowing myself some contact with the radiation to
make it all believable. 

I returned to the ship, went to the bodyless funeral
of my two friends and mourned with the rest of the

Poor Tom. I'm sorry Chakotay let us both down. If he'd
only told me the shields needed to be kept above 82% 
you might be alive now. 

Forgive him. 

The End