Title: Right and Wrong (Insanity)
Author: Adam
E-mail: adam_brittboy@yahoo.co.uk
Pairing: Well.kinda PK.has C/K-C/P implied
Rating: R-ish
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Paramount
Archive: Pkelite, TPD, anyone else please ask! J
Warnings: Strong language, violent scenes.quite

Where exactly is the line between sanity and insanity?

I'm sure that somewhere, in some medical text there's
a whole novel about it. But that still doesn't answer
my question.

The Doctor couldn't answer me, and now his program is

I thought maybe someone who had thousands of races
worth of knowledge may know. She didn't, and now
Seven has come up close and personal to the not so
pleasant, vacuum of space.

One by one I went through my friends, hoping upon hope
to find the answer to my question. 

Why was I killing my friends? 


I don't know. 

Why were they making me so angry?!

They shouldn't have made me so angry! Tuvok did that;
and all the Vulcan strength, logic and calm in the
galaxy couldn't save his worthless life. 

Let's move on. 

Why did no one stop me? I ask this question again. I
wanted answers. 

Poor Chakotay. I really thought he would be able to
answer my questions.

So peaceful, so soothing.

I had him before killing him. 


I was going to kill him anyway, he should thank me! I
know he wanted me. Lusted for my young, supple body.
Wanted me for my youth..my stamina.

I had to admit he was a good fuck, so warm, so

He groaned like he was born to do just that. 

I remember every detail with crystal clarity. 

His full lips parted as release overcame him. His
brown eyes staring into mine as I neared completion,
fucking him without preparation. Fucking him I watched
him take it, love and acceptance shining in his eyes.
What I remember most though was, first shock, then
confusion that crossed his face as I plunged a shard
of glass directly into his heart. 

I came then. 

His last painful breaths bringing me the completion I

I almost felt something for a moment.Guilt perhaps?
But it was gone as quickly as it came. 

Bending down I tasted the blood that had flooded his

It was then that I knew. It was all worth it.

The lifeless shell I left there to rot. 

The beautiful body, which was moments before a
compliant, writhing vessel to be taken was cold now,

With the thick blood still covering my lips and chin I
moved through the ship. The anger was building again. 

I don't know why. I just needed answers. 

Then I thought of Neelix. 

That was fun. 

I actually think he enjoyed being gutted by his own
kitchen knife. Kind of poetic if you think about it.


Someone would thank me someday for how I killed
Neelix, I was sure about that.

Now what?

Ah, yes!

The Captain. My sweet Kathryn. 

How did I know she would be in her ready room? Why did
I take a phaser with me, fire, and watch, as she died
a most painful death? As she was vaporised from the
inside out. 

Ah well. Everyone has to die, right?

I was growing sleepy now. Transporting directly to
engineering I found the half-breed waiting for me. 

The ship was on alert. Finally they'd figured out it
was me. I did not like the look she gave me. Like she
thought it was wrong as I released my friends one at a

She hit me. 

Vicious bitch! 

After everything I'd just done for them!

Watching her burn alive after opening a plasma coil
was no great strain, I can tell you!

My golden boy was still alive though. I'd forgotten
about him. 

I couldn't kill him could I?

Did he deserve the release I was offering? Maybe I
should've just stopped then. But, been the
kind-hearted guy I am I decided to help my friend out.

"Harry!" He begged as I moved towards him. 

I'd found him alone, crying over the bloody remains of
the Commander.

Hmm, and I thought the bitch was his taste? Should I
tell him I fucked the commander until he bled, and
that he still begged for more? That he begged until I
took the life from him?

I told him. 

It was fun.

I really couldn't understand some people. I told him
I'd do the same for him and he acted as if I'd burned

Gee! Some people, I tell you!

Anyway, despite his rude and strange behaviour I moved

His quaking body put up no fight. Not that I expected
one. My golden boy would never hit me. He remained
pliant as I took him. Taking him harder than I took
the commander. 

Hey, it was the least I could do!

Don't get me wrong, the commander was sweet. Tight,
incredibly tight, and the heat.but Tom. It was virgin
territory all over again!

He squealed like a pig as I fucked him. He bled as
well.all over my cock. He thrashed about, begged for
more. So, almost like Déjà vu, I picked up the
bloodstained piece of glass Tom had removed from my
sweet, Commanders paling body and plunged it into Tom.

I wanted to say sorry.that feeling of guilt came

As his blue eyes closed it felt as though my life was
starting again. I felt clean. 

It was time to start again. 

The End