Title: Resolutions can be a Good thing
     Author: Adam
     E-Mail: adam_brittboy@yahoo.co.uk
     Archive: PKelite and Tom Paris Dorm
     Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.
     Warnings: None except some innuendo and bits of
     Rating: PG-15
     Series: 1/1
     Summary: Something for the New Year.

     "I won't eat chocolate for a year!"

     "Too obvious."

     "I won't use the Holodeck more than twice a month."

     "What would you do?"

     "No sex for a year!" Harry said with a smile, already
     knowing the reaction he would get.

     "Screw that!" Tom yelled before diving from one chair
     to the one Harry was resting in, covering Harry's
     mouth with his in a heartwrenching kiss.

     "Mhnnhn nnnnt scchhhh gggggdddd iidddeaaaa" Harry
     tried to get out, though it was difficult with his
     lips undergoing what could only be describe as the
     'Paris Maneuver'

     //Never taught me this one at the academy// Harry
     thought, grinning slightly as Tom broke away.

     "Now," Tom began. "A resolution doesn't have to be
     something you do less of, or stop..." Harry saw where
     this was going, seeing the aroused glint in Tom's
     eye's which was only further evidence.

     "No, Tom."

     "Awww, please Harry. It's a good resolution. Can you
     honestly tell me that more sex each day would be bad?"

     "Tom, we can't do it any more. It's not physically
     possible. We spend every moment of our free time
     sleeping or screwing, and recently we haven't been
     doing much sleeping!" Harry argued, although he knew
     his argument was landing on deaf ears.

     "Aww, sure we can, Har." Tom leaned in close until he
     was whispering in Harry's ear. "The Doctor has this
     fantastically potent aphrodesiac, so that'll take care
     of the physical side. Then it just means we need more
     time. I'm sure 5 hours sleep is too much anyway, Har."

     Harry couldn't believe his own ears at what Tom was
     saying. Or even more that he found himself nodding and
     grinning along with him.

     He could barely move after a night of passion with
     Tom, now. How was he gonna make it with more sex and
     less sleep?"

     Tom put Harry's endless worries to the back of his
     mind for the moment as he leaned in for another, sweet
     and tender kiss.

     "I love you Harry." Tom, admitted clearly. Usually
     only saying the words when in throws of passion. But
     now there was no passion, only love. His clear blue
     eyes were staring into Harry's deep brown ones as he
     tried to show Harry through words, and through his
     eyes how much he meant it.

     "Oh, Tom. I love you too!"

     With that said, and the too men deleriously happy, the
     two men set off to the bedroom where they were
     determined to keep this New Years Resolution.

     The End.