Author: Adam.
Title: The reality Is?
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: P/K
Series: 1/1
Warnings: M/M relationship. M/M sex.

Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and any Voyager character in this story belong to paramount.

Summary: Difficult to say without spoiling.

"Where is he?!" Harry shouted at the alien.

The Dershokian had just beamed aboard to tell Captain Janeway about the recent incidents on the planet's surface. Voyager had been in orbit of Dershok 2 for a week. The planet's dense atmosphere emitted a natural field that blocked ship-to-planet communications, and progress reports such as these had become necessary.

Harry hadn't seen Tom in almost two weeks, and had become uncharacteristically short tempered. He snapped at fellow crewmembers who dared to speak with him, and nearly exploded at others who ventured to ask about Tom.

Harry lurched at the sight of the alien, who returned his gaze with a dark mixture of emotions. The alien's mouth turned downward in sadness; its eyes embellished in pity.

Turning to the Captain, the alien began. "I regret to inform you Captain that fighting broke out on the planet's surface." The alien paused briefly before continuing. "It was in the area that your crewmembers were drilling for Dilithium."

"And?" The Captain asked, the concern evident in her voice.

"I am sorry to inform you that Lt Paris was captured during the fight." The aliens pursed his lips, as if searching for the right words. "Several days after being captured, he died."

"Died?" The Captain barely managed to get out.

"Unfortunately yes. The camp where he was being held was taken over by the authorities two days ago. We will return the body if you wish?" Whilst the alien continued to speak, tears were flowing down Harry's face and his knees were buckling.

The alien looked at the young man's face, then turned to face the Captain. "Perhaps it would be better if we discussed this in private, Captain?"

The news was still too fresh for the Captain to answer, giving him only a nod.

(The Captains Ready Room)

"Captain, the young man crying out there," His hand pointing in the direction of the bridge. "Is he Harry Kim?"

"Yes?" The Captain answered. The shock now over, she spoke with a terrible sadness in her voice.

"Lt. Paris took several days to die. He was not allowed any medical treatment, so the injuries he received during the fight took a while to kill him. In that time, he made a friend. The alien gave me this," The alien then handed a pad to the Captain.

As the Captain began to read, the alien continued. "He wrote a letter to Mr. Kim in his final few hours. I have not read it. Nor has anyone else. Would you give this to him?"

"Of course!" The Captain stopped reading the pad as soon as the alien told her what it was. "I'll see to it he gets this.

"Thank you Captain. I am terribly sorry about this whole incident." With one last nod, the Dershokian turned and left.

The Captain forced herself not to show any emotion, and willed the sadness away just before entering the bridge. 'There will be time enough to cry later, Kathryn. Be strong. The crew nee...Harry needs you to be strong.'

Harry was still stood exactly in the same spot where he was informed that his lover of 9 months was dead. Chakotay had neither ordered him back to his post, nor reprimanded him, believing it was best.

"Ensign," Janeway began. "This is for you." She handed Harry the pad.

Harry looked at the pad, then back at her, then turned and left the bridge.

Janeway couldn't begin to imagine what he was going through. B'Elanna had died only three months ago, and it was only Tom that had being able to keep Harry from collapsing in on himself, and vice versa. She didn't know how he would survive the loss of his love.


Entering his quarters, Harry collapsed onto his sofa. His hands shook as he looked at the pad in front him and began to read. "Harry, I'm dead. I guess you know that if your reading this. I love you and I'll never forget you."

Harry couldn't believe it. The letter. It was so emotionless. So uncaring. Nothing like the Tom he had come to love.

With only his lover on his mind he entered the transporter room, stunning the operator stationed there, and beamed to the same co-ordinates Tom had gone. Without much searching he found the prison camp and looked through the wire mesh surrounding it. His heart leapt at what he saw. Tom.

Tom was there. Harry felt as though he hadn't seen him in years, and the pain of hearing of Tom's death mixed with adrenaline and fear made him forget everything but Tom, and he screamed out to him.

Tom spun around at hearing his name come from a voice he could never forget. His blue eyes shone with happiness for the first time since he had last been with Harry.

"Harry!" Tom screamed back. Showing all the joy he was feeling at seeing the man he loved more than himself.

"Tom I love you!" Harry was still screaming.

"Harry, Harry, Harry come on gorgeous." Tom kept saying, the voice closer than Tom himself was.


Moments later the prison, Tom and his entire surroundings vanished. Replaced with grey walls a soft bed, and a warm, soft body by his side.

"It's ok, Har. It was only a dream."

Harry looked around in the darkness, still unsure.

"Wanna tell me about it?" It was Tom's voice.

Harry did want to tell him. The concern showing in Tom's expressive eyes made him want to tell even more. But at the moment, all he wanted to do was be sure Tom was here with him.

"Make love to me Tom! Now! Please?"

"Harry, you know I can't say no to you, ever. But it's 3 in the morning. I have to be at wo...." Tom was cut of by Harry's soft lips on his. The searing kiss rendered Tom powerless to do anything more than groan and return the kiss deeply.

Harry pulled back to look at his work. Tom's lips were swollen and his face was flushed. Harry's gaze moved downward until he saw Tom's arousal, practically was making a hole through the sheets.

Harry eagerly reached for Tom's straining erection, only to be stopped by Tom's hand.

"My turn now." Tom said seductively.

A shiver ran down Harry's spine at Tom's words.

Tom slowly licked his way down the well muscled chest, stopping to suck gently at one nipple, biting it, and then licking the sore nipple until it could cut glass. He repeated the process on the second nipple, enjoying the groans coming from Harry.

Continuing his journey downwards, leaving bites and blotches on his way, Tom finally reached Harry's engorged cock.. Without warning, he went all the way down on Harry's cock, then pulled it out entirely before Harry could grab Tom's head to keep him there. Tom lapped at the pre-cum on the inflamed head and very gently scraped his teeth along it, knowing how much Harry loved this stage of their love making.

When Harry couldn't stand it any more, he pulled Tom back up and repeated what Tom had done almost totally. Harry bit Tom's nipples, then licked and sucked on them until Tom writhed with arousal.

Harry gradually worked his way down to Tom's fully erect penis. Instead of going all the way down on Tom straight away, he slowly sucked and nipped along the shaft until he was finally all the way down.

"Harry, I'm gonna come." Tom said, trembling to gain control.

Harry only sucked harder at Tom's words, loving every groan and gasp Tom made. Making sure his teeth were firmly under his lips, as he knew Tom didn't like any pain at this point, he pulled Tom almost entirely out, before suddenly going all the way down.

That was all it took as Tom thrust his cock deep into Harry's mouth releasing his essence into Harry's greedily sucking mouth.

Harry kept sucking minutes after Tom was spent, wanting everything he could get, until Tom finally had to pull Harry up to him. They kissed, Tom tasting himself on Harry lips as he stroked Harry slowly.

"Now my sweet, we still have a problem it seems?" Harry said with an evil grin. "I was hoping you could help me with it?"

Harry moved forward and sucked softly on Tom's ear. Nibbling carefully as he spoke. "I want," Harry stopped to groan as Tom squeezed on his cock hard. "I want to fuck you, Tom. Please?"

Tom put a finger on Harry's lips to silence him."You never have to ask, Harry. Never! I want you to!"

Hearing Tom agree, Harry sprang into action. He pinned Tom to the bed, and rubbed his cock along Tom's hairy chest, enjoying the friction.

"Now, Harry..." Tom pleaded, his cock now painfully hard again.

Harry didn't answer. He had already put two well lubricated fingers into Tom, stretching and loosening Tom's tight channel.

Tom bucked into Harry fingers. Needing, wanting more.


Harry moved into position, poised to take this slowly, but Tom's legs locked around Harry's waist and pulled him close. Harry's fully erect penis plunging into Tom's wanting orifice. Both men groaned at the sensation.

"God, Tom yes!"

"More, Harry!" Tom begged, bucking faster.

"Yes!" Harry screamed, thrusting slightly harder into Tom.

"Oh yeah.....oh yeah....." Tom gasped, his erect penis bobbing in time with Harry's thrusts.

Struggling to hold on a few more seconds, Harry reached for Tom's cock, and felt him ejaculate again. The contractions around Harry, pushed him over the edge as he released himself deeply inside Tom.

Minutes later, Harry rested his head on Tom's chest, the semen sticking them together. Both men were content, too tired to do anything but lay there.

"I love you Tom" Harry said before he let sleep take him.

"I love you too Harry!" Tom answered, placing a kiss on Harry's forehead moments before sleep overcame him.

The End