Author: Adam.
Title: The Playful Pilot and Eager Ensign.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: P/K
Series: 1/1
Warnings: Male/Male relationship. Some more, mature description.
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.
Summary: A trip to the holodeck

'Meet me on the holodeck at 1900 hours' was all that was written on a note Harry had found upon entering his quarters after his shift.

Harry had no doubt it was Tom who had written the note. No one else would  have entered his quarters, and left the note on his bed, with an incredibly  skimpy plum-red pair of thongs.

Though Harry had being dating Tom for months, Tom still had the ability to  make him blush by the simplest acts, and this was one of them.

His question of what to wear was now answered, although he was not going to  walk all the way along the ship to the holodeck wearing just those.

Harry had a quick shower, and put on the red thongs. Grunting slightly at  the tightness, which showed everything Harry had to offer.

He put a pair of loose white shorts over the thongs, and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. Swinging the towel over his shoulder, he headed for the holodeck.

(Outside the holodeck 1900 hours)

Harry had arrived just on time, and he entered.

An incredible beach was laid out before him. The sand was warm on his bare feet, and a perfect white in colour. The colour of the ocean reminded Harry of Tom's eyes, so clear and perfect.

With thoughts of Tom, Harry began to walk across the paradise beach, in search of his lover. A warm breeze was blowing; a sweet scent of flowers was carried along with it.

Harry was already relaxing from his long day at Ops, and he hadn't even found Tom yet.

A splash caught Harry's attention. He headed towards the edge of the water. Trying to find where the splash had come from. He saw nothing but an open  stretch of crystal clear water.

He was about to turn when wet arms encircled his waist, pulling him back into the body; he had taken many hours in discovering.

"Like it baby?" Tom asked, his face so close to Harry that Harry could feel  Tom's warm breath hitting his neck, causing him to shiver.

Tom grinned, at the feeling of what caused the shiver and spoke again. "I  won't ask if you're glad to see me Har" Tom was about to continue when, for  the first time he saw what Harry was wearing.

A playful growl escaped Tom as he threw Harry carefully onto the sand,  before pouncing on top of him.

"I left you all you needed to wear Har!"

Harry flipped Tom over, so he was now on top. "You expect me to walk all the way here just wearing those" Harry was going to continue but stopped at  seeing Tom's grin.

"I love it when you get angry!" Tom lifted his head to Harry's ear and  whispered. Taking a long lick of Harry's ear in the process.

Harry's grip on Tom loosened just as he knew it would, which gave Tom the chance to switch their positions once again.

"Now, I think it's time we remove what's not needed." Tom slithered down Harry's body, making sure he got a quick suck of Harry's nipples on the way, and then reached the white shorts.

Pulling them down, he saw what he had replicated earlier. "Perfect!" Tom  admired what they looked like on Harry.

Discarding the white shorts, he sat up. Looking at the body before him. The sun enhanced Harry's already perfectly bronzed body even more. Accentuating  every curve perfectly. The obvious bulge that Tom began to grope only added to that perfection.

Tom's mind wandered for a moment, as he thought further on  what he'd discovered. What  would Seven say if I told her I'd found perfection?

He left that thought at an annoyed groan from Harry.

"I thought you were meant to help me relax?" Harry asked teasingly.

"Well," Tom began. "I could give you some help with that I suppose.

Tom leaned down to kiss Harry, but Harry rolled out from under him, allowing Tom to perfectly kiss the sand.

"Why you!" Tom said as he spat sand out of his mouth.

Harry was already running towards the water, attempting to get away from the equally aroused and playful pilot.

"I'm gonna get you Har!" Tom shouted, running after Harry. His mind already decided on what he would do when he caught him.

"Catch me if you can Tom!" Harry shouted back, not bothering to turn. If he  had, he would have discovered Tom, was only a few steps behind him.

Tom jumped and pushed both men into the water. The water was just above  Tom's waist when they both fell beneath the surface.

"Toommm!" Harry spluttered, coughing the few drops of water, which he'd  swallowed, back out.

Tom was at Harry's side immediately. He couldn't stop apologising. Some  tears had already started to fall at seeing he'd hurt Harry, and the old  memories of being a failure had even began to come up at this small  accident.

Harry had over exaggerated the coughing to get Tom back, but seeing his distressed lover upset him. So he quickly told Tom everything was fine.

Both men had gotten a little carried away, and after a warm, sensual kiss,  they headed back to the beach. Harry grabbed his soaked through shorts as  they left the water.

After another hour of just kissing, and cuddling, and the simple joy of  being together, both men stood and headed for the exit. Harry put his shorts back on, which were still wet, and gave his towel to Tom, who was wearing the same skimpy thongs as Harry, but his were a dark green in colour.

Tom knew, but did not tell Harry, that the white shorts were completely see-through and stuck to him. Showing everything Harry didn't want seen.

_What the hell?_ Tom thought. He wanted the whole ship to know how lucky he was  to have Harry. They all knew how kind, caring, loving and understanding he  was. Tom wanted them to know what a great body Harry had as well.

So, Tom placed a hand firmly on Harry rear, then stared at Harry's shocked  face, as if daring him to argue.

A jolt of love shot through Tom when Harry didn't object. He only leaned in  and whispered in to Tom's ear. "Wait till we get home lover-boy"

They walked through the ship, Harry wondering why he was getting appreciative glances from everyone that had walked by.

Upon entering there quarters, Tom told Harry what everyone had been staring  at, knowing, and ready to love every minute of it, who would be in charge of their love making tonight.

The End