Title: Passion, Pain and Joy
Author: Adam
Pairing: PK
Series: 1/1
Archiving: PKelite, PKSP, and Tom Paris Dorm Disclaimer: Tom, Harry the Voyager crew and Voyager belong to Paramount.
Warnings: Some sexual scenes.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The title says it!

Dedication: To the Elite web designers, Irina, Marty, Ren etc...
Beta‘d By Jeanette....

"Tommy, stop! You know I hate that." Harry groaned, trying to keep a straight face.

"Oh, so it‘s Tommy now, huh? Ever since we started dating you‘ve been getting very familiar with me!" Tom gave Harry his best smile after he finished, showing Harry that he was only joking.

"Well," Tom continued, pouting his lip. " What if I just put it there, and let it do it, itself?" Tom raised his eyebrows seductively.

"Don‘t try that pout on me Thomas Eugene!" Harry snickered; using Tom‘s middle name, which he knew Tom, hated.

"Why you little..." Tom never finished before he pounced on Harry. They rolled around for a short while, simply enjoying one another, and finally allowed some time to themselves.

Voyager had recently been damaged in a bad Ion storm and all of the crew had been working the minimum of double shifts. Unfortunately, Tom had been working more than most of the crew, the Captain included. He had his work at Sickbay as well as the helm, which was difficult with all the damage that had been done to both ship and crew.

But they had managed, and now Tom and Harry were both enjoying the relaxing programme of Tom‘s making, on the holodeck.

It was a grassy meadow, with several trees scattered around providing shade.

After the wrestling had tired them, Tom crawled over to a large tree, leaning back. Harry quickly followed suit and sat between Tom‘s legs, snuggling into Tom‘s chest, breathing in his musky scent of some Betazoid after-shave he‘d picked up a few years back. Tom in turn ran his fingers gently through Harry‘s hair, enjoying the soft purr that emanated from Harry. Harry turned to Tom, kissing him gently. They only had the program to themselves another hour before the entire family - senior staff - came along, and Harry planned to make use of it, and not fall asleep from Tom‘s gentle touch.

Tom was surprised by Harry‘s sudden rush of passion, But was certainly not going to turn it down. He opened his mouth allowing Harry‘s eager tongue entrance. Now, Harry‘s hands were not idle while this was going on, effectively stripping Tom‘s trousers from him, and then upon finding no underwear Harry pulled back from the kiss.

"Tsk Tsk! Aren‘t you a naughty boy!" Harry waved his finger cheekily.

Tom blushed crimson at Harry‘s words and immediately flipped them over, Harry landing softly on the warm blanket of grass Tom had just been occupying. Tom immediately set to work, stripping away Harry‘s shirt. Tom‘s tongue slowly ran a trail from Harry‘s neck. Harry looked up at Tom, desire shone in his eyes.

This was only there second time of making love and Harry couldn‘t compare it. The first time had been fast and frenzied. But this was what Harry had been really waiting for. The softer, gentler side of Tom Paris.

He couldn‘t describe the feelings he felt as Tom‘s tongue drifted down to one of his nipples, gently sucking on one, and then nibbling slightly, causing a loud groan from Harry. Tom slowly moved over to the other nipple, flicking his tongue over the erect bud before taking it in his mouth.

Harry‘s hands began to work again as Tom released his nipple. Harry shivered at the feeling of Tom‘s bare skin on his, and quickly emitted another groan to show his pleasure.

Harry managed to roll Tom over on to his back. He slowly copied what Tom had done, scattering a pattern of kisses up and down Tom‘s chest. Finding Tom‘s nipples were somewhat sensitive, Harry was careful, but couldn‘t resist and bit one, causing a yelp from Tom.

Tom looked at him shocked, but his shock turned into excitement as he realised Harry was playing with him. "Shall I go on?" Harry raised his eyebrows in question.

"Please!" Tom whimpered. The truth of how much he did want Harry to continue, was shown in his eyes. Harry answered with a soft but passionate kiss. Tom‘s hands wandered downwards, unnoticed by Harry who was busy suckling on Tom‘s nipple. Tom clutched Harry‘s crotch, tight enough for Harry to groan in ecstasy, but not too tight to hurt. Harry left Tom‘s nipple to scream.

"Ahhhhhh, Tom! Yes, more, please!" Harry begged. Tom managed to pull Harry‘s pants partway off when both Kathryn and Chakotay entered. They both blushed and began to turn when Tom spoke.

"No Captain...I‘m sorry. I guess we kinda lost track of time." Tom was speaking fast as he put his clothes back on. Both Kathryn and Chakotay had turned away, but Chakotay turned back soon enough to see Harry‘s firm and tanned butt-cheeks. He made a quick glance to Harry, which Tom blocked. Chakotay looked up in annoyance to see Tom grinning at him. Chakotay‘s blush went from simply red to beat red.

"Sorry about that Captain." Tom spoke again. "That‘s alright, Tom. We came a little early to set things up." Tom nodded at her happily and Harry came forward.

"I‘ll help you Captain."

"Thanks Harry, and call me Kathryn, or Ma‘am is acceptable, in a crunch." Janeway said, teasing Harry, reminding him of their first meeting. Whilst Harry and Kathryn went to get things ready, Harry gave Tom a quick kiss before leaving. Tom went over to Chakotay.

"So, Commander, I never thought of you as a voyeur." Tom laughed when he saw the blush remain on Chakotay‘s face.

"Don‘t worry about it Chakotay." Tom continued, as it seemed words had left him.

"I don‘t mind you watching, ME!" Tom emphasised the last word; effectively telling Chakotay that he meant ‚Do not look at Harry in that way.‘ "Understood, Lt." Chakotay acknowledged with a grin, happy that it was easily resolved.

(Thirty Minutes Later)

The party was in full swing. All the senior staff were there. The Captain, Chakotay, Neelix -not an official member- but accepted as one by the Captain. B‘Elanna was standing by Tuvok, obviously deep in a conversation.

The Doctor was over by the Buffet, handing out drinks with Kes aiding him.

"Now everyone." Captain Janeway spoke up, banging a knife against a glass to gain everyone‘s attention. "We all know why we‘re here today. We‘re here to celebrate several things." She took a breath before she began, also taking a sip of her wine. "Today we celebrate the end of double and treble shifts!" There was a cheer from the senior staff who had all been doing treble shifts.

Once the cheers quieted, she continued. "We are celebrating the reaching of the one-third way home!" Louder, hope-filled cheers were heard through the holodeck this time, full of energy, and life. "Also," Janeway continued one more time. "We are celebrating the fact that our newest couple have got further than sweet kisses." Kathryn teased. With that comment, everyone‘s eyes fell upon Tom and Harry, who blushed knowingly. Although Harry‘s eyes were barely noticeable, Tom‘s eyes shone out bright. After that, the party came into full swing. The staff enjoying winding down and relaxing after not doing so in a long time.

(Twenty Minutes Later)

Harry grabbed Tom‘s hand and pulled him behind one of the large trees. Hoping that it would provide cover. He pinned Tom against the tree and let his mouth attack his lovers. Desperate to once again taste his lover.

(Many Years Later)

A flowing stream of tears fell upon the large screen, which was held in Tom‘s hand.

He watched as the camera which they had set up at the beginning of the picnic 70 years ago play out. Himself and Harry making out, getting caught by the two officers. Tom having a few words with the commander, and some unseen footage for Tom, of Harry and Kathryn joking about ‚Tom‘s reputation‘ for kissing, being true.

He allowed himself a teary smile at that. His eyes filling with tears again as he watched his lover, so young and filled with life.

The picnic played out as he remembered it from his mind. What he loved was seeing the start of the picnic, where Harry didn‘t want his picture taken. Then both of them with all of their closest friend‘s, well friends weren‘t the right word. They were family.

"Oh Harry, what might have happened? What could have happened if..." Tom cut himself off from his thoughts, not wanting to continue.

Not wanting to relive what he in his entire life could not accept.

Harry had died. Died in one of the worst ways imaginable.

(After the kiss behind the tree)

Tom and Harry ran out laughing. Holding each other‘s hands down the corridor.

"Go back to your quarters and I‘ll meet you there."

Harry said, leaving no room for question.

"Will you be long?" Tom pouted.

"I‘ll be as quick as I can!" Harry stated. With that, they held a parting kiss; one which - was burned into Tom‘s mind forever.

Tom had run to his quarters, lowering the lights, and waiting patiently on the bed. He didn‘t remove his clothes, knowing his lover enjoyed ‚removing the wrapping‘, as Harry liked to put it. (Transport Room 2)

‚Right,‘ Harry thought to himself, ‚Flowers, check, lube, check, banana, and check,‘ Harry grinned to himself at the last one. Tom would see what he was going to do with that later...

He hurriedly checked the co-ordinates for Tom‘s quarters, not wanting to take any longer than he needed.

"Energise!" Harry commanded the computer and then seconds later began to materialise beside the bed. Tom was about to jump up to great Harry when he heard the scream. Harry was been torn apart. His atoms were being scattered.

"Harry, god no!" Tom screamed. "Paris to Torres!" Tom screamed.

"I‘m here Tom, I thought you‘d be occupied by no..."

She was cut off by a wail.

"B‘Elanna, Harry‘s been killed. The transporter is tearing him apart! HELP ME! GOD HELP ME!" Tom screamed again.

B‘Elanna was already almost at the transporter room, Janeway, Tuvok and Chakotay following B‘Elanna‘s quick pace.

"B‘Elanna, do something!" Chakotay screamed. "I can‘t do anything. Harry‘s gone. His patterns been lost."

(Back in the present)

Wiping away tears, trying to rip away memories of what could have been. What his life might have been like. Tom stood up, ending the recording. He felt a warm hand holding him. He looked up and saw a hand caressing his face. Leaning into the touch he suddenly heard a loud noise.

"Tom, come on, wake up!" Harry screamed into Tom‘s ear.

"H-Harry?" Tom asked, confused. Please don‘t be another dream. Please, not another dream, Tom kept repeating to himself.

"Tom, I‘m sorry. I guess I pushed you against the tree a little too hard." Harry lowered his head in shame. Putting a gentle hand under Harry‘s chin, he lifted it so he could look into Harry‘s brown eyes. "Everything‘s fine, Harry. I‘m with you. Everything‘s fine!

With that, Tom pulled Harry forward for a breath-taking kiss.

The End