Title: Never Known Love part 3
Author: Adam
E-mail: adam_brittboy@yahoo.com
Pairing: PK
Rating: R
Warnings: Some strong scenes and language. Disclaimer: Tom, Harry the crew and Voyager belong to Paramount.
Summary: In part 1
Archiving: PKelite, Tom Paris Dorm Beta‘ed by: Thomas D.

Tom set about clearing up the quarters, which were in complete disarray.

He shivered constantly as he picked up his scattered, torn clothes from the floor and put them into the replicator.

Harry was still unconscious from the knock Tom had given him to the back of his head and Tom couldn‘t stop thinking about which Harry would wake up. The Harry he knew and loved. Or the.other Harry.

After the quarters were clear, Tom put on some loose fitting boxers not daring to put on anything else in case it angered Harry.

Sitting beside Harry on the bed Tom gently stroked a lock of hair from Harry‘s face.

"Oh Harry" To spoke, a quiver in his voice. "I love you, no matter how you treat me, I love you. I can‘t stop, and I don‘t want to!"

Harry began to stir and Tom jumped back slighter, his body beginning to rack with shivers.

"H-Harry." Tom spoke, trying to hide the fear he felt.

"Tom?" Harry spoke like his Harry.

Thank you! Tom thought with joy.

"Tom, come here."

Tom eagerly moved closer, wanting to be there for his love.

Not prepared for the punch, Tom fell onto the floor with a thud.

"I don‘t know why my head is hurting, why you have those on," Harry pointed to the boxer‘s Tom had slipped on earlier. "..And why you aren‘t still spread out on the bed, but you bet...T-Tom?"

It was Harry, HIS-Harry.

"Harry, its Tom, are you okay? I‘m so sorry honey, please forgive me."

"Why‘d you hit me, Tom?" Harry asked, a little fear showing in his eyes mixed with confusion and hurt.

"Oh, Harry!" Tom quickly moved forward and hugged Harry close. This time he received a swift, and painful punch to one of his newly healed ribs.

"Don‘t ever hold me like that again Tom!" Harry roared, moving closer to Tom‘s face Harry continued. "NEVER!" He said the last word almost in a whisper, but it caused Tom to shake to his very core.

Confused Tom didn‘t know what to do or say and just waited for instructions.

"You will.Tom, why are you over there?" Good Harry once again came to the front and Tom still didn‘t move. For all he knew he‘d be hit again by the time he got close.

"Tom.are you okay? Talk to me, please?!" Harry begged.

"I-I have to go Harry." To quickly slipped on some loose fitting trousers and an off-duty top.

Rushing out of their quarters Tom quickly headed for the Mess Hall.

"TOM!" Harry screamed through there quarters.

How dare he go anywhere without me agreeing to it!

Harry thought.

"Time for punishment, my love!" Harry growled throughout his quarters, and then quickly headed into the hall. "Computer!" Harry spat. "Location of Tom Paris?"

Geron and Delaney were passing at this moment and both grinned to each other. "Ah, young love!" Jenny Delaney said quietly, so Harry could not here.

"Lt. Paris is on Deck 6-Mess-Hall." The computer said, crisply.

"Harry quickly headed to the turbolift, fuming with Tom for becoming increasingly disobedient.


Upon quickly scanning the Mess Hall it didn‘t look like anyone was about. He sat in one of the dark corners of the Mess-Hall and stared out into the stars to just get lost in the vast emptiness of space.

A shiver ran down Tom‘s back as he heard the Mess Hall doors open. He knew it was Harry. Something inside him told him it was Harry.

Staying as quiet as possible Tom tried to sink further into the darkness.

"Tom, I know you‘re in here!" Harry said venomously, as he walked through the Mess Hall. "Come-out, come-out wherever you are!" Harry said in a singing voice, teasingly.

This just made Tom sink even further down into the chair.

"Show yourself now Tom, and it‘ll be easier on you! Hide and you will be punished." Repeating what he had done earlier Harry continued.

"I‘ll give you until five Tom!"


Tom shifted silently not knowing what to do, fear, confusion, and a mix of other emotions all intermixed.

"TWO!" Harry shouted this time. His voice continuing to grow in volume.

Tom began to sit further up as Harry continued to look around the Mess-Hall, still unsuccessful in spotting Tom.

"THREE!" Harry bellowed, continuing to look all-around him, annoyed at not yet seeing Tom.


Tom heard and new if he was going to get away easy he had to move now.

Beginning to stand, Tom started to walk into the main area of the room.

"FIVE" Harry almost screamed, smiling wickedly upon seeing Tom.

"Well-well, my little slut is smarter than he looks." Harry laughed, evilly.

Just as he was about to move forward and slap tom a noise came from the kitchen.

"Well-hello gentlemen. Here for a late-night snack?"

Neelix asked hopefully. Wanting to cook up something.

"N-no, Neelix. Tom stuttered.

Neelix nodded to tom and then turned towards Harry.

"What about you, young Mr. Kim?" "T-Tom...why did you hit me?" Harry asked.

NOOOOOOO! Tom screamed to himself.

"What?" Neelix asked, quickly moving to Harry and checking the slight traces of blood in Harry‘s thickhair.

"Tom, why did you do this?" Neelix asked angrily.

"I-I‘m sorry." Tom managed to get out before runningaway once again.

"Are you okay, Harry? Would you like to go to Sickbay?"

"No thanks Neelix I‘m fine." Harry spoke clearly. "I‘m about to have a little talk with Tom."

With that Harry walked off in the direction Tom went, once again asking the computer of Tom‘s location, and he smiled happily when he discovered he was back inthere quarters.

Neelix, left in the Mess Hall sighed. He always thought Harry seemed the one who recently was a little harsh. He‘d seen several kicks under the table from Harry to Tom, but maybe it was really Tom?