Title: Never Known Love
Author: Adam
Rating: R
Pairing: PK
Warnings: Some strong language and adult situations.
Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and anyone else belong to Paramount.
Summary: Not yet.

Tom had being pacing back and fourth in his quarters for the last hour. He couldn't believe what he'd done.

He'd kissed B'Elanna; he'd actually kissed her. He didn't initiate the kiss, but he didn't push B'Elanna away and stop it.

I have to tell him. Tom thought to himself. The pain churning in his stomach, the guilt racking him.

Harry would be home soon, and he was going to tell him. He was going to be honest, and beg for forgiveness. He couldn't lose Harry. Not after everything! He needed him. Needed Harry like he needed air.

The doors slid open, and Harry entered. Harry's face was flushed, which seemed odd to Tom, as Harry had being on Bridge duty.

"Harry." Tom began as soon as Harry was fully in there quarters, and the doors had closed.

"Yeah Tom, what?" Harry asked, walking past Tom to the replicator, showing no interest in Tom.

"Harry, please, look at me!" Tom had not intended to cry, but the tears had already begun.

"Oh Tom. Cut the water works. I've had a hard day." Harry turned and headed to their bedroom, stopping at the entrance.

"You coming?" Harry asked, annoyed.

"Harry. please, just listen to me." As soon as the relationship had began Harry had taken the dominant role. On the outside Harry had let Tom retain the playboy-sleeps with everyone role. Not defending him once when Tom was
insulted because of that. He simply sat back, and enjoyed the show.

"Tom!" Harry shouted. " I just want you to get in here, let me fuck you, and then I want to go to sleep."

"Harry, can I just say." Tom was silenced by Harry slapping Tom hard across his face.

"Now get in there! If you're lucky you'll be able to walk tomorrow." Harry had made sure he never hurt Tom too much during sex, preferring to only really let loose the night before Tom's day off. So it wouldn't matter how hurt he was.

"Harry, I'm sorry." Tom rushed into the bedroom, shedding his clothes quickly for fear of being hit again.

He laid on his stomach, his legs spread across the bed, as he'd being told to do since they'd begun dating.

A shiver ran through him as he prepared for what Harry would do to him tonight. The shiver was not one a lover had in anticipating the night's fun with their other lover. This shiver was one, in hoping that Harry wouldn't be too rough this time.

Harry entered, a grin forming at seeing Tom's easy obedience. But then a look of disgust hit Harry's sweet exterior features, disgust at how Tom was so easily controlled.

Before they'd began, dating Harry had thought Tom would be fun to break, a challenge. But it seemed, once you got Tom's trust; he was vulnerable, and easily crushed.

That night, Harry had lost control. Tom's outspokenness earlier in the evening making Harry feel the need to make Tom pay. Tom had learned to take what Harry gave him, but that night Harry had being the worst Tom had known. Scratches were etched along Tom's back, thighs, and chest.

Blood was seeping from the torn hole of Tom's body. Harry made sure Tom moved when he was done with him. Making Tom lift himself up after the rough, consenting rape Harry had put him through. The pain making Tom's whole body shudder and fresh tears fall.

The stomach cramps were almost too much for him to bear this time, as he fell back down onto the now laying back Harry. Causing Harry to slap Tom hard, and push him off the bed.

"Go clean up!" Harry ordered. "Then come back here." Tom allowed a smile to lighten his features, even after the pain he was just put through.

The smile faded quickly as Harry continued. ".I'm going to make use of that talented tongue. If you make me come to soon you'll live to regret it! Remember, it's your day off after tomorrow!"

Tom simply nodded. His head hung low in shame. He had upset Harry. That must mean he'd done something wrong! Harry wouldn't be upset without a reason. I'll be lucky if he still wants me after what I've done Tom thought to
himself. I'm not worthy of someone like Harry

Tom was shaking constantly now as a new thought hit him. How am I going to tell him about B'Elanna? Tom cringed at the thought. If B'Elanna tells him first, he'll be even angrier, he knew I had a crush on her.

Tom resumed the pacing he had began earlier. Harry would be calling for him soon, and he still had to get cleaned up, Harry hated it when he was dirty. Oh God Tom thought. He's going to. Tom couldn't even finish the thought as Harry began shouting.

"You filthy slut! Get your ass in here, NOW!"

"I'm coming Harry." Tom called back as he practically ran in and out of the shower.

Harry was rubbing his renewed hardness when Tom re-entered their bedroom.

"If I come too soon you'll be sorry, whore!" Harry snickered.

Harry had manipulated Tom. Telling him it was fun to call names. But only for him, to call Tom because Harry didn't like it. Tom had done what Harry had asked without hesitation, happy that he could please the only person who had ever loved him.

Tom worked on Harry for another two hours, until Harry finally fell to sleep. Tom moved up the bed and pulled Harry to him. Breathing in Harry's scent. He kissed Harry lightly on his head, before pulling away.

He'd gone to sleep beside Harry at the beginning of their relationship, and quickly learned, after some of Harry's 'instruction' that he shouldn't do that. So he moved to where he had being told on the floor beside their bed.

Harry had quickly discovered much to his delight that Tom did anything he was told. He was so incredibly vulnerable and could be taken control of so easily, that Harry was almost disappointed.

The next morning Tom woke up to the feeling of being kissed. His eyes opened wide when he found he wasn't dreaming. Harry was kissing him, which he hadn't done in such a long time.

Grabbing Tom's sore butt, Harry pulled back from the kiss. Watching Tom struggle not to wince at Harry's rough treatment, of the still very sore area.

"Mine!" Harry growled possessively.

"Yours." Tom winced as he spoke.

"Come on, we're meeting B'Elanna for breakfast." Harry pulled up and brought Tom with him.

"B'Elanna?" Tom asked, first curious, then, as memories flooded back panic struck.

"Do we have to?" Tom almost pleaded.

"Tom!" Harry spoke in that don't-start, tone of voice.

Tom knew he shouldn't, but he had to risk it. Rubbing himself suggestively against Harry he spoke seductively.

"Maybe you could make love to me again before our shift?" Harry was Tom's first lover, despite the rumors that had gone around when there journey had begun. Tom thought everything Harry did was right. Not having a base of reference.

Harry had being pleasantly surprised when he discovered this. Realising he could have more control than he initially realized.

Harry couldn't believe after last night Tom wanted more, but Tom was usually horny in the mornings. *But still* Harry thought. *After the fucking I gave him last night I'd think he would want at least a days rest.

"Tom!" Harry once again shouted. Grabbing Tom's sore butt to demonstrate Tom couldn't take another of Harry's sessions.

"Get changed, now!"

Tom did what he was told and quickly got changed.

They headed for the mess hall side by side. Tom wanted to hold Harry's hand, wanted to show how much he loved Harry, but Harry had quickly told Tom no, and Tom had accepted that.

"Morning B'Elanna." Harry spoke in his usual, good-boy ensign voice.

"Morning Harry, Tom." B'Elanna greeted. Looking both men up and down, and noticing Tom wince as he sat. She grinned at this. Quickly answering to herself why Tom would be wincing.

"You boys have fun last night?" She continued to grin.

Harry answered. "Yeah B'Elanna, we did actually!" Harry had spoke rougher than he should have, considering he was in public. But acting one way to Tom and a different way to everyone else was difficult, so sometimes he slipped slightly.

"You okay Har?" B'Elanna asked concerned.

"I'm fine B'Elanna." Harry answered instantly.

B'Elanna realized why Harry was upset with her, but seeing Tom was still sat by him, Harry must have forgiven him.

"Look Harry, about what happened." B'Elanna began. Tom made a face behind Harry, begging her not to continue. B'Elanna simply thought Tom didn't want to bring it up again, but B'Elanna needed to let out her feelings, and apologize.

"Go on." Harry, said, curious.

"Well, I know thinks it was him as well. But it was mainly me, I kissed him." B'Elanna finally admitted, feeling good to have gotten it off her chest.

"You.kissed.Tom?"" Harry laughed inside. Finally realizing why Tom had not wanted to meet B'Elanna this morning. He could use this to his advantage. Make Tom think he was devastated.

"Oh Tom." Harry began loud enough for the entire mess hall to hear. Including the Captain, Commander and Tuvok that were sat at a table in the corner.

"You cheated on me.with B'Elanna.how could you?" Harry started the fake tears, struggling not to laugh as he let the fake sobs loose.

He ran out of Sickbay leaving Tom to face a lot of annoyed, but not surprised looks. It was as if, they were expecting Tom to cheat.

(Bridge Shift)

Harry had already told the Captain in front of the entire Bridge crew that he wanted to do his shift, and not let the ship down, though Janeway had urged him to take the day off.

Tom had being getting murderous looks all day, even off the Captain, as Harry just sat back, in his rarely used Ops chair, and watched the chaos he had caused.

Oh, he was shocked at the discovery, but excited at Tom doing this, knowing what would happen to him. He had a lot planned for Tom tonight, and it was Tom's day off tomorrow. Oh Thought Harry we're going to have a lot of fun tonight.