Title: Men In Tights
Author: adam
E-mail: adam_brittboy@yahoo.co.uk
Series: 1/?
Rating: PG
Pairing: PK
Warnings: None yet.
Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and everyone mentioned belong
to Paramount.
Summary: An off take from an episode of TNG.

It happened in a flash. One moment it was business as
usual heading a warp six for the Alpha quadrant and
then suddenly Q appeared, and then disappeared with
the rest of the senior staff.

"Where the hell are we? Q!" Janeway said in that
no-nonsense voice of hers that just demanded

As if on cue (no pun intended) Q appeared.

"Hello Captain Kat!" Q greeted her, his outfit
puzzling not only Janeway but all of the bridge crew.

"Q, why have you brought us here? I want us back on my
ship right now!"

"Well-well mon Capi'tain I would be more than happy to
grant your request after we've played a little game."

"We don't play games." Chakotay spoke up.

"And what a boring little life you must leave Chaky!"
Q answered.

"It is illogical to believe that you would honour your
agreement with us after continuously lying to us in
the past."

"Oh Tuvok, I'm hurt. I promise you Captain, as soon as
the game is complete you will return to your ship."

"Harry?" Tom shouted out. He'd been searching the
nearby area for Harry as the rest of the crew argued
back and fourth with Q, with no success.

"Why should we agree to your terms?" Janeway asked,
not really registering Harry's absence at that point.

"Because, if you do not your precious ensign Kim will

The crew stood in silence for a moment a wave of fear,
anger and frustration felt from all. But somewhat
stronger emotions were coming from Tom.

"You'd kill him? FOR WHAT? Fun and games?!"

"Oh Tommy boy, no. You see I've given this game a life
of it's own. It's up to you how it will end."

"You can't do this!" B'Elanna raged.

Q moved forward, past Tuvok, Janeway and Chakotay to
the distraught young man.

"You are the key. When it comes down to it only you
can save him, Tommy. Or should I say," Q spoke louder
now so all the crew could hear. "Robin."

Over at the castle

"This is ridiculous!" Harry argued. "Computer end
program!.computer arch.Kim to bridge." Harry tried
several times to locate where the holodeck controls
might be, or to try to wake himself up with no
success. This was real.

"I assure you this is quite serious, Harry." Harry
looked up in shock when his real name was used.

"Q! Typical, I should have known you'd have something
to do with this, what do you want?!" Harry asked,

"Nothing but to play the game. You star-fleet need
some fun, and I'm here to help you with that."

"FUN?.FUN?!" Harry repeated. "You think I'm having

Q watched on in amusement as the young man paced the
room. "You are, for this scenario Lord Kim. I don't
really think you'd suit a dress, but not to fear my
dear Harry. Your 'knight in shining armour' should
come to your rescue soon."

"My what?" The anger still evident in his voice,
although he was calmer now.

"Well, Tommy boy of course." Q said as if shocked that
he didn't know himself.

//Tom? He couldn't know.//

/He's a Q you idiot, he knows everything!// Another
voice in Harry's head argued.

"Don't worry, Harry. Your feelings are reciprocated,
and I just have to see how much our dear, sweet Tom is
willing to sacrifice for his love. Let's see if he's
really become the man his father always wanted, shall
we?" Q asked with a laugh before vanishing, leaving
Harry still deep in thought.

To Be Continued