Title: (No) Looking Back
Author: Adam
E-Mail: adam_brittboy@yahoo.co.uk
Pairing: PK
Rating: PG
Warnings: Well if youíre on the list none I can think of.
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount, but this story is my idea.
Summary. Itís a weird one, thatís all Iím gonna say!

Dedicated to: Ren + Akira. To Ren; For all her hard work, friendship and kindness. To Akira; For all hisfantastic stories, great feedback and kind comments.

It had been eleven long years since the death of my love. My beautiful, devoted and best of all roguish darling.

But weíre getting ahead of ourselves arenít we?

Letís go back. Back to a little under 12 years ago, when everything was how it should have been. Captain Janeway in command, Neelix poisoning the crew and Seven intimidating young ensigns.

Oh, and TomÖwell Tom was the biggest slut on the ship to put it bluntly. Oh, donít get me wrong. He is every bit the sweet guy Iím making him out to be but remember, not everything is as it seems.

***Just under twelve years earlier***

The gentle hum of the engine purred through the ship, a soothing vibration that only captains and pilots felt.

Tom was senior officer on the bridge this shift. If only he hadnít been. If only it had been the Captain, Chakotay or evenÖeven me!

A distress call had come in from a nearby planet, and Tom, ever the gallant gentlemen charged to the rescue. Taking the ship to yellow alert and quickly arriving at the planet. Still not waking the senior bridge crew.

He was young, irresponsible. It wasnít his fault. He didnít knowÖhe couldnít have known what was to happen.

The rescue which consisted of Tom, sigh I know, stupid, but thatís Tom for you. Anyway, he beamed down with only a phaser to defend himself. The distress call had been a simple request for medical aid. But without knowing the problems nothing could be sent.

So Tom wandered aimlessly through the dark and murky caves, hoping upon hope that he ran into one of the Ďapparentí in distress aliens.

Oh, I know what youíre all thinking now. Cue the alien right? Well, youíd be right.

Turning a corner Tom came face to face with a 7ft giant, built tall and surprisingly bulky. Its hair was long and pearly white, matching itís eyes.

Seems beautiful huh? Well, Iíd agree...but then as always with aliens somethingís got to give. That thing was the alienís stained red fang-like teeth. Not a pleasant face to look into after a nightmare huh?

The Universal Translator did a good job with most of the conversation they had, but some parts remained sketchy.

Tom discovered the medical aid was for something, to him not urgent. But to them it was of paramount importance.

ďGet back here Mr Paris!Ē A stern voice spoke over the Comm line. It was the Captains. Who else could pull of authority, layered with anger and a subtle hint of humour? If any of you even think the Doctor then...

Anyway, back to this. The Captain commanded Tom back. Which was immediately argued with. Now, this may turn
out into a debate, but the Captain was tired, annoyed at not been notified, and concerned for Tom, her pet project. Not a great combination as you may see.

At this point the Captain ordered the view screen, and I, as Ops officer immediately complied.

Seeing Tom, all dirty and flushed from the confining caves gave me shivers, but I somehow managed to hide them from the bridge crew. Although, Tuvok did raise an eyebrow. Whatís up with that anyway?

The argument went on for a few moments longer until the Captain raised her hand calling for silence. Immediately everyone was, and then she informed Tom she wanted him back onboard.

It was at this point that Tom turned fully into the viewscreen, looked the Captain directly in the eyes and then...

Oh, is that the time?

Computer, save personal log.